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I’m Gonna Make You XXX [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, by Kotonoya

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Me: meh, eyepatches aren't sexy. Me: imagining the girl with a blinfold. UHHNGGNGYEH!!! - Conclusion, I am not a logical person.

I enjoyed the first volumes of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga series (don’t ask me about the anime, I never watch them), just once series every ten years lol), it was romantic comedy with a silly mafia highschool setup. Eventually, it turned into shonen battle stereotypical shit, but the beginnings were nice :)

Here, this is one of the characters that appear later in the series, a girl called Chrome, and somebody I forgot, a villain of sorts who became an ally at some point… Ah, right: it says he’s called Mukuro.
Doesn’t matter. What we have is HIGH quality drawn hentai, with excellent drawings, and feelings of tender mutual love. For a doujinshi, not an original manga, but the parody of something, we reach impressive quality levels, I must say, I was positively impressed. Very good job.

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Toaru Inaka Joshikousei No Yuuutsu (“A Certain Countryside Highschool Girl’s Melancholy”) [English, Uncensored version!], by Toruneko

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STOP! It's hammer time!

Ha ha haaaa… FUCKING AWESOME! It’s the kind of share that leaves you with a gigantic smile on your face, a feeling of elation in your chest, and this absurd joy inside you because fictional characters reached true happiness =)
(Oh, and it also leaves you with a massive boner, side note.)
Even in terms of rhythm, the mangaka did a fine job, you think it’s “only” porn, then it becomes fucking good porn, and then, BAM vanilla bomb in your face. I dig this.

Boys, girls, here is the Uncensored version of a share from 2015, Toaru Inaka Joshikousei No Yuuutsu, brought to you buy Ibuyfineart, who commissioned our dear JB Random for the decensoring, and additionally to 5AM Translations for the original scanlation :) I’ll allow myself a pat on the back, as I’m the one who helped Ibuyfineart contact JB Random ^^;;

This share itself belongs to the Anoko To Iikoto tankoubon (an amazing vanilla+WAFF tank with splendid art and a focus on thick eyebrows, I’ll add), so, in addition to the present single-share links, I went and updated Anoko To Iikoto with a now decensored third chapter, please don’t miss the manga if you haven’t read it yet, this is vanilla and eyebrows gold ;)

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Sorako No Tabi volume 6 [English], + the volumes 1-2-3 and 6 repacked together (145 pictures), by Otaku Beam (AKA Ootsuka Mahiro)

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That page left me gasping for air

A bit of weird-sci, a bit of quality sex, here comes a new Sorako No Tabi volume ^__^

We’ve got the quality drawings I love, sensible, adorable, artful and giving a pleasant hand-drawn feeling. The heroine (an Alien here to collect semen samples and study mankind) is the same cutie, blushing a lot, taking the lead, beautiful with her ponytail, her hourglass figure, her thick eyebrows and her freckles (must I even mention her boobs? :D ). And the quality mood is also there, it’s not just about feeling good, but also understanding each other, and becoming a happier, a better person in the end…
I can’t really call it vanilla (no love, only mutual liking), but I’ll gladly tag it as WAFF, considering the smiles, the joy and the good ending :)

Thanks a LOT to Tigoris Translates and his anon. commissioner for this release!
And, for the volumes 2-3, The Elegant Succubus, Kyuuri and Kusanyagi :jap:

I must honestly warn you, there would be more to the Soranko No Tabi series, if I were OK with lolicon. There’s even been a volume 7 released alongside the volume 6, that I won’t share for this reason, just like the volumes 4-5 not in my repack: you’re grown ups, find it yourselves if you don’t have the same objections as me.

By the same artist, I also share Spiritual Lunch and Stay By Me Zenjitsutan Fragile S.

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HA PI BA! [English], by Shijou Mako

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I cropped just above the fugly censorship bars ^^;;

I wasn’t too thrilled with the graphical aspect in this manga, too many black censorship bars in my eyes, and an art that isn’t that much above average, however I felt warmed inside by the story. A boy and girl who took too long to confess to each other are framed by their friends and left alone, alcohol is drank, and freaking finally, there, they confess and do the thing ^^
I won’t call this a crazy badass release, it it was decent enough, I think :)

Thanks to N40h and Herzer for this release!

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Akiko-San To issho Volume 01, in its gloriously UNCENSORED, RE-TRANSLATED and HIGH RES version, + a repack of the volumes 1-20 of this great MILF series [English, 705 pictures], by Mitarashi Kousei

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Akiko MILF best MILF

MILF lovers, rejoice, with a slight delay on my end (sorry about that!) here is the latest release by our dear Belldandy100, Akiko-san To Issho volume 1!
– Now decensored.
– Now in quality high resolution and good-looking scans.
– Now with a good translation and edited, done by Belldandy100 himself.

View yourselves the difference: original versionnew version. (The images weren’t retouched or resized, it’s the genuine old and new versions, simply cropped at the same points for comparisons. Click to view them in full-size, check the numerous differents and not just the genitalia…)

Thanks a LOT to Belldandy100! ^_^ And (as I share a full repack too), release credits and thanks for the past volumes are for Desudesu and Niagatrats (everything till volume 17), Moroboshi Yuumei (volumes 18-19) and Vilis and Kusojijii from Hennojin (volume 20) :)

I hope you may enjoy it, and may MILF love never end :twisted:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Sensei Dake Ni (“Only For Sensei”) [English], by Kiiroi Tamago

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This combination of love, domination and blindfold play was very arousing, I felt :)

Just because a girl has slightly threatening eyes, she imagines she’s got Sakadko’s face. Fortunately, she has her boyfriend who’s there, to tell her how cute she is, and prove it to her with words and actions.

I know, it sounds trivial, but when you’ve got a complex about your body, it’s blissful luck when the one person you love is loving you, the things you dislike included. In my eyes at least, it turned something that could have been just average, into a full-fledged quality vanilla read :)
The rest is sex with love, with blindfold play, in a dominant/dominated setup. The drawings could have been better, but, let’s say, they’re good enough :)

Alexey, Potato, Tester and Dabor, from Hennojin, are to be credited for this one, thank you! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share Zutto Mae Kara.

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Oshikake Youko-sama (“Assertive Fox Spirit”) [English], by Herio

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Her face! Her boobs! The expression on her face! There's only in hentai we've got this amazing combination of talent and skill to make anything fapworthy.

One grade above the kitsune, there is the female fox goddess. A youko who elects a promising and (still) pure young male as her partner.
We’ll have giggles, vanilla, warm and fuzzy feelings, and pretty decent sex :)

There’s a little detail I enjoyed a lot. The youko, she wears a choker-type necklace. HNNNG!!
Thanks a lot to Ingloo, from Scans For Humanity! ^_^

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