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Pack of 3 [English] works by Tear Drop

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I can hardly understand why that girl wasn't the #1 selling point of the To Heart game

I gathered here three full-colour works by Tear Drop, they’re not brand new, sorry I’m late in sharing them, it’s MHM who reminded me of their existence :)

Those works are:
12.30 On A Summer Day
8.45 On A Summer Day
Winter Hot Spring
Technically, they are To Heart doujinshi, but in my mind they’ve gained the status of an original series, there are enough volumes starring the same characters (Tomoko aka Iincho, the class prez, an adorable megane with braids, and her BF Fujita) in vanilla situations for me to like them even though I never watched anything of To Heart ^^

You’ve got pleasant full color art (vastly ruined by excessive censorship, sigh) ingrained with a diffuse feeling of WAFF, we’ve grown to love the hentai version of those characters, so more is always welcome :)
Thanks to Tigoris Translates, the Anon person who commissioned him, and MHM!

By Tear Drop, I also share Weekly Island (uncensored, and glorious ! IIINCHOO !), Physical Education (also Uncensored, and reedited into higher resolution), C2 (repacking two works formerly known as Connect and Re-Connect), Aqua Blue volumes 1-2, and Charm

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My Wild Girlfriend [English], by Mushi

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Nobody could

I love vanilla shares like that :)
In My Wild Girlfriend a gyaru with a cute, lovely and slightly tsundere side to her lives for a few days with her boyfriend, the time it will take for him to recover from a wound on the hand; until then she’ll be helping him with his daily life. The two cute teenagers managed to wait until they were in the shower to behave like unstoppable horney monkeys ^^

Fair warning: there is whiteout censorship, this is an unforgivable crime against hentai of that quality, there’s nothing we can do about it. But other than that, it’s superb, drawn very well, and finely arousing. The girl’s brown skin and super slutty underwear were totally worth it in my opinion ;)

Thanks to Angoose for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share, to this day, Junjou Bitch Love Rika and CatwOoOman.

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Tomodachi (“Friend”) [English], by Ichiro

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Yes. Yes! YES!!!

It’s a simple setup, two childhood friends, male and female, they’ve already had partners before but they’re currently free, and, well, would you believe it, let’s give it a rehearsal, etcetera… Nothing new under the sun, sure, but it’s giving off great WAFF vibes, and it’s drawn with quality art, with a delicate care for ecstatic expressions on the girl’s face all along, and very little censorship :)

I’m tagging this as vanilla and all, although the feelings of love weren’t vocally voiced out, I think they were obvious enough for everyone. Enjoy! ^_^
Thanks to Alexey, N04h and Herzer! :jap:

By Ichiro, I also share Chiamane, Nekomimi Planet and Hokenshitsu No Sensei + Knockout.

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Haru O Maneku Suzu (“Ringing In Spring”) [English], by Tokiwa Midori

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No worries, this is no waste, men have unlimited ammo in hentai. And look at the girl's adorable face! ^__^

Oh boy. That. Was. AWESOME!! :D :kickass:

We’ve got:
– Quality art, original, intense, well done in all regards, without too much censorship (black bars, we can deal with that)
– An original story, taking a break from how typical nekomimi hentai goes, bursting with gentle, touching mutual care, even after lust took over
– And icing on the hentai cake, an adorable, surprising, funny and heart-warming conclusion, I’m still giggling about it :)

I can’t recommend you enough to read Haru O Maneku Suzu, if you haven’t done it already :)

Release credits are for Dynellen, Yuzuru Katsuragi, RO, EcchiNeko (a fine nickname for a share such as this one!), Freudia, Constipat8, Canine (seriously, do those guys chose this share because it matched their nicknames or what?!?), Rotoscopic and Nero, from Team Koinaka, thank you very much!! ^__^

By the same artist, I also share Nepenthes.

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Sorako No Tabi: the Complete repack [English, volumes 1-8 + Atmosphere booklet, 302 pictures], by Otaku Beam

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Freckles spotted. I repeat. Freckles spotted. INITIATE BONER!!

I don’t share every day sweet hentai repacks like this one: here is the COMPLETE Sorako No Tabi series (apologies, I had forgotten to share it in due time, but here we go ;) ), a series combining exquisite art, an interesting story, and an undefinable touch making us feel strong empathy and liking for the characters.

The story: aliens took female human appearance to investigate mankind, gather information and collect gene samples, in preparation of the unavoidable (two pages: 1, 2) collapse of our civilization, for reasons that will only be disclosed in the final volume. I regret to say I would agree with the catastrophic vision: we breed like rabbits while damaging more and more the environment and consuming finite resources at a growing pace: pretending this is sustainable is a lie, hoping a “soft landing” is possible is (sadly) not very convincing. But sorry, that’s just me rambling.

We follow two of these investigators, a total babe and a loli, as they sleep with multiple men. Besides the sex itself, their gentle, caring nature, allows those men to live better lives afterwards. I can’t insist enough on this “vanilla” dimension, the sex is intense, but the after-sex is soothing, healing the soul, you feel warmth inside your heart… :)
And the the ending… The ending! Tear-jearking, beautiful, moving, oh, SO MOVING!!! T_______T
The drawings match this intimate and heart-warming impression, it’s skillful, delicate, detailed (not too censored, woot!), and pretty intense when it matters :twisted:

You’ve got 8 hentai volumes, and “Atmosphere”, a non-hentai short volume providing a bit more background info.
Release credits are, for the volume 5, to Almond, Peppermint, Patamon and Shinju from Yuri-ism, for the volumes 2-3, to The Elegant Succubus, Kyuuri and Kusanyagi, and, for everything else, to Tigoris Translates and the Anon who commissioned him. Thank you, thank you very much!! :)

For MOAR, please see The list of Otaku Beam’s works on HentaiRules

Just a bit of whining, sorry about that: at first I hesitated about making this repack, because the volumes 4, 5 and 7 star a loli female MC. Eventually, I went “fuck it” and shared it all, because it’s totally worth it. About that, I want to thank my internet friends, like Zathael, who told me about those volumes and helped me decide to make that complete repack.

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Pack of 3 works by Otaku Beam: Stay By Me, Stay By Me One More, and the conclusion of the series, Stay By Me Period [English, 79 pictures]

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Me, while reading: "Woohoo! An image without a censorship bar, I'm SO going to use that one as a big preview pic :D"

Stay By Me Zenjitsutan Fragile S, that I shared two years ago, was a beautiful, touching story, about a highschool girl lost in this world, not knowing where she could stand, who rubbed herself, physically and metaphorically, against a hard-boiled adult man, and became a more confident, more mature version of herself.

But that’s not all there is to the Stay By Me series, there are 3 more volumes, the last of them was translated just a few days ago. Those 3 other volumes still star the same girl, but with a shota during two volumes, the shota becoming a fine old enough youngster in the third volume, with the highly predictable and equally pleasant vanilla conclusion :)
Their titles, in reading order:
Stay By Me
Stay By Me One More
Stay By Me Period (if you’re allergic to shotacon or need vanilla to survive, read that one and fuck the two previous volumes)

There is Otaku Beam’s fine art, detailed and artistic, not too censored, mutual liking growing into mutual love: it’s something I am quite glad to share, I hope you guys too will enjoy this read :)

Release credits for those volumes are for: Kanso, Happiestmerchant, and TigorisTranslates, thank you! ^_^

For MOAR, please see The list of Otaku Beam’s works on HentaiRules

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Irui Konintan Gaiden [English, retouched], by Yukibuster Z

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No need to be a furry to fantasize about pulling on that fluffy tail while hammering that fine, fine ass from behind

Here is a new entry in Yukibuster Z’s “Kitsune vanilla” series, made of Irui Konin Tan, in which a man marries a kitsune and falls in love with her (in that kinda order: this is Japan), the present share (second in story order), and of Irui Konintan Yukemuri Douchuuki in which they visit an onsen together.
In this thirdly released (but second in order) episode, the female MC is, to put it plainly, in heat, and wants her husband’s babymaking dick, which he provides, period :D

As before, the art is gorgeous, I can’t get enough of this fox woman, with her bountiful body, with only a bit of censorship, and the heart-warming feelings of mutual love, awwww =)
I had a gripe with the quality of the images, though, no idea if the printing was bad or the scanning was wrong, so I ran a retouching to minimize the problems, you can make yourself an idea with this close-up before / after comparison, every page was plagued like that. I couldn’t correct more the defects or else lines would have started to fade into oblivion.

Thanks a LOT to coNTRa69 (who fell for kitsune vanilla, despite a history of “different” commisions, huhu ;) ) and N04h for this release! ^_^

As I wrote above, by the same artist, to this day, I also share Irui Konin Tan and Irui Konintan Yukemuri Douchuuki.

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