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Marshmallow Days [English], by Edogawa Roman

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Adorable, right? ^_^

A young adult (or end of highschool, hard to tell) man spends quality time with his “sexfriend onee-san”. First studying, and then what they love best, sex, this time it’s lotion play followed by casual sex in day clothes.
The girl has an adorable face, she knows she’s the slightly older one, her face is brimming with confidence and self-satisfied naughtiness, the pride to give and receive rapture with someone you appreciate…
And, icing on the hentai cake, we have a legit vanilla conclusion, because in the hentai world sex usually precedes love declarations ;)

The art is good, with tolerable black bar censorship and an agrealle, restful style… Enjoy! ^_^ And thanks to our dear N04h, Herzer and Alexey! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Okasare Love Romance (“A Fucked Love Romance”).

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Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi (“White Clover And Love Letter”) [English], by Hamao

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Glasses = erojoules++

That was super cute =)
A plain and not so attractive teen girl (not very busty, glasses, plain haircut) receives with a “yes, me too” the confession of a classmate, and, of course, sex follows. Technically, nothing big, I know, but the way the characters are introduced, we get to love them, sympathize with them, very quickly. That’s quality vanilla for you, making us want to cheer on new lovers :)

The drawings are bursting with talent (even the boy looks handsome and realistic), the girl’s got a realistic-looking body (a bit like Cuvie’s girls, I think), even with the regrettable whiteout censorship, this was top-tier hentai. I didn’t see it coming, the girl’s body was even “moving”, she didn’t have a pornstar body, no slutty attire, she was just her, a plain normal girl… but under the drawing pen of a skilled artist, in a touching story, then she became beautiful and hot…
Enjoy, friends, enjoy! ^_^ And thanks a lot to CrowKarasu! :jap:

I slightly retouched the pictures (beforeafter.)

By the same artist, I also share Candy Drop, Ookami-san To Hitsuji-san, Satisfaction, Lilith, Sister Typhoon, Love Peak (re-edited version), Sunshine Next Door, and A Kiss on The Scarlet Rose.
Those abovementioned works are also available as a huge pack with everything gathered together.

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Kaku No Kozukuri [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Gessyu

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A beautiful story, somehow wasted by an unsecapable plot hole

Shoukaku and her husband (the Admiral, naturally) dream of having a baby, an onsen honeymoon will be a new opportunity to try and make their union fruitful. Putting aside the very pleasant vanilla side of things, with mutual love and dreams to raise young kids, I was slightly (no sarcasm, only slightly) annoyed by the original canvas, it is clearly said in the first page of the manga that shipgirls have no eggs to fertilize and yet Shoukaku and her husband are *still* thinking things will somehow work out. Guys, I don’t know, just adopt a kid, no?
Ah, sorry, I disgress. Anyway: vanilla, WAFF, beautiful feelings, and intense sex, with a bonus for those of you with lactation fetish :)

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release! :jap:
I ran a retouching on the pictures, to fix white pollution in the dark surfaces and, more importantly perhaps, adjust levels and the global gamma impression, to bring more impact and visibility to the drawings. I was tempted to use much stronger settings, hardly resisted the urge. Sorry, though, I forgot to make a before/after set of pics.

By the same artist, I also share Kocchi Muite Darling.

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Futarikiri No Natsu (“Secret Summer”) [English], by Syou

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So pure! So adorable!

Futarikiri No Natsu is an adorable yuri hentai manga, featuring two young hischoolers (from the look of it), an athletic pettanko in swimsuit (tanned, tanlines!) and a more reasonably shaped braided female friend (wet shirt, only miniskirt, and of course, eventually, naked.)
There’s no scenario to mention, they’re by the pool, it starts with kissing and becomes naughtier, fingering, sixty-nine, tribadism.

Besides the sheer quality of the drawings, what struck me was the innocence of the first times, when all is pure and dazzling, it felt really fresh ^_^
NecroManCr is the one to thank for this release, bravo! =)

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Akiko-San To issho Volume 18, + a repack of the volumes 1-18 of this great MILF series [English, 639 pictures], by Mitarashi Kousei

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Oh god. That ass is a gift from God to us unworthy hentaiers

How many times is Mitarashi Kousei going to reboot this series now O_o
First there were the volumes 1 to 15, marking the history of hentai with the best MILF series ever. Then came the volumes 16-17, with a reboot showing how Yuuhei and his aunt met as adults and became lovers (and ate Akiko-san’s legendary jam later). Until this week with the volume 18 and a new reboot :shock: (Not to mention the older Sweet Jam, thanks to Loplop for reminding me in a comment!)

As always in this fine, fine series, the drawings are good, Akiko-san’s butt and breasts are amazing (DAT ASS! HGNNN!!), it’s excellent happy sex with love. This is something I cannot qualify properly, in this series, it has a heart-warming dimension… how to say… Akiko-san, before being a super-fuckable MILF, is a woman whose mere presence offers human warmth and soothes the soul – and you give her the dick as a form of “thank you”.
My great, great thanks, for this release, are for Desudesu and Niagatrats (everything till volume 17) and Moroboshi Yuumei (volume 18), thank you! :)

I hope you may enjoy it, and may MILF love   never end :twisted:
Side note: I very faintly retouched the pics in this volume 18, cleaning surfaces + levels.

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Sumata In Love Play [English], by Narita Koh

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That quality of hentai, I don't even care anymore about the censorship

I can’t stop smiling :) A big, wide, idiotically happy smile :)
This share is full of loving, caring, plans for a future together, and WAFF. And sex, too :3

We follow two youngsters, who will have at last their first time, after a whole year only practicing sumata, rubbing the dick between the thighs or above the slit. The girl is super cute (busty, tanned, with tanlines), the drawings are pleasant, and communication is key, all along. My only grip would be the huge blur-mosaics censorship, but vanilla hentai of that quality, I’ll take it any time, even censored like that :D

Thanks a lot, a whole lot!, to our dear NecroManCr!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Houkago No Osananajimi.

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Secret Love [English], by Kusui Aruta

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A beautiful climax, for a beautiful h-manga :)

Here is a fine vanilla hentai manga, about the “almost impossible” love between two highschoolers and childhood friends, also ojou-sama and butler. Love confessed, lust no more in check, cuteness, loving, intense sex, good art, there’s everything I love in this, and more =)

We owe this release to Samwais, Zed, Zedward, Amalthea, L412D0WZ, Manchewable, Cadenza, Freudia and HayateKBL, from Team Koinaka. Thank you! :)

By Kusui Aruta, I also share the nice and decensored Another Dimension, Houkago Himegoto, Yuki Rika, Hosi Zora, Juujunyoukan Wa Iranai Ko Nanka Ja Naindesu, Kuishin-nee Banbanzai, Mami-san No Hon Kakko Kari, School Idol To Deaeru SNS Ga Arutte Hontou Desuka ? Enkou Shoujo Erichika Hen, Renai Holic 0-3 (warning, outdated, I ought to share an updated version) and Love Hiyori 1-4.

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