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R.E.I.N.A [English], by Hiten (A.K.A. HitenKei)

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Awwww =) And the nylon, hnnnnng =)

In the real world, when you’re a male teen and a girl is throwing you signals she’s interested in you, you completely miss 90% of them and don’t dare correctly understand the remaining 10%.
In the hentai world, the girl sends a few signals and then takes your dick out to avoid any misunderstanding.
We should learn from the hentai world :D

Joking aside, here’s a sweet love and sex story between youngsters here. The girl has a bit of trouble with the “total oblivious” male childhood friend, and so she must make the first step (please forgive the terrible attempt at a footjob joke). The rest is quite good art with little censorship, vaginal sex, blushing faces and timid smiles, with a few very good-looking wallpaper-grade bonus artful non-sexual full-color pages in the end. Cute =)
For this heart-warming release, my thanks go to Jay, Grey and Arufa, from the Scrubs Team! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share M.A.N.A..

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Pack of 3 [English] works by the hentai mangaka Miyabi

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Maximum arousal from this picture. Damn, Miyabi is good.

I gathered here three works by Miyabi that have been released relatively lately. I’m sorry I must use this term “relatively”, but non-internet life has been pretty busy and complicated for me (no tear-causing drama, but far too many complications or things to take care or) so I fell behind in both tracking new releases and sharing them. Those three works feel good to read, give us a smile, and cater to more fundamental body needs thanks to the high quality drawings ;)

These works are:
Junai Lyricism Toranoana Tokuten (“True Love Lyricism, Toranoana bonus booklet”): that’s a final bonus to the still not entirely translated Junai Lyricism tank by the mangaka Miyabi, some of my past single-chapter-long shares belong to this manga. Eventually, the whole manga will be done, we can only be patient. This is also a bonus story coming as an addition to Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge.
Kanban Musume (“Trademark Girl”): a popular waitress in love with her boss and having secretly sex with him at the workplace. She knew what she wanted and got it ^^
Yokujou (“Passion”): fireworks, a young beauty wearing a yukata, and sex drawn with godly skill

By the same artist, I also share Joujou Shoujo Etcetera (“Pure-hearted Girl Et Cetera”) (203 pictures), Kagami, Present For You, Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge (“My Beloved Mister & My Beloved Runaway Girl”) and Kanojo Ga Nekomimi Ni Kigaetara.

Those works were released by Metaphrastes and Cedr777, from Triple Seven Scans, thank you! :)

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Shounen Teitoku Ga Otona Ni Naru Made (“Before the Teenage Admiral becomes an Adult”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Rokusyoku Mikan

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Nylon, hot girl and smiles. Loving that combo

It’s a cute share, here :)
We’re in a story in which the Kantai Collection Admiral is secretly in love with Atago (blonde, meaty, busty) and wants to keep her sheltered from harm, she misunderstands it as denying her usefulness and pouts, and the poor Admiral has no choice but to confess his feelings to make things right again.

The admiral may look like a shota despite being supposedly 16yo, but the childish one was Atago, until at last things became sexual and she regained the lead :3
The story provided the heart warmth, the drawings provide the erojoules, there’s sensibility, intensity and skill, with only little censorship to stain it. I call it great stuff :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to Herreis, Satoshi and Vilis, from Hennojin Scanlation! :jap:

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Koi No Souguu [English], by Kasuga Souichi

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That girl would deserve a full tank for herself

Furious blushing. Twintails. Miniskirt and thighhighs. Declaring mutual love. And we’re only on page 1 :D

Okay, okay, you get it already, two highschoolers are in love and have lots of sex ^_^
I was melting thanks to the vanilla, however I regret I must also warn you, there is thick and regular censorship bars, enough to severely get in the way and, quite possibly, make the art unfappable. I’ll let you decide, me, I liked it for the feels :)

I have no idea who I should thank for this release, would someone know, please?
By the same artist I also share Ai No Katachi, Igokochi No Li Honey, The Center Of My World and Honey And Miki’s Feelings, in every case it’s overflowing with love and cuteness, with delightful vanilla for us to enjoy =)

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Pack of 2 very NICE hentai works by the mangaka Mikokuno Homare [English, 136 pictures, retouched version]

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I gathered here two VERY pleasant works by the hentai mangaka Mikokuno Homare.
In both cases, we have two very close youngsters (case one: childhood friends, case 2: brother and sister) who see their “growing more and more intimate” stage not interrupted by a surprise change of sex (case 1: switching bodies, case 2: the man becomes a woman, is briefly both – futa time! – and is back to being a man in the end), courtesy of a naughty and kind angel.

Usually, I feel ill at ease with gender bender. Not managing to really like it, feeling bothered to be presented as “hopefully” arousing a former boy.
This time, there were no such awkward feelings, thanks to the quality storytelling: the characters were loveable, they deeply care about each other while properly understanding each other, the change didn’t mean drama or havoc, and the readers are guaranteed warm and fuzzy feelings, and smiles. Big, big smiles :)

Those two works are:
Iyo to Makoto No Jijou (“Iyo And Makoto’s Situation”)
Yuzu To Takehiko No Jijou (“Yuzu And Takehiko’s Situation”)

Side note: I ran a retouching on those two works. Working on levels, on surfaces, on hints of what was printed on the other side of the pages, and on background pollution. I don’t claim I did great, I had to choose how far to go before it would be too much, but I believe it’s bringing a valuable improvement. Here’s a before/after comparison, the images are best viewed in full-size without fitting-to-screen: beforeafter.

We owe this release to Cygnus, thank you!
By the same artist, I also share Osananajimi.

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Shikomiko [English], by Saji-pen

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Please don't let the censorship deter you from enjoying that one, it's a really good h-manga share

Here is a pleasant vanilla hentai share, starting from comedy premises, growing into a friendly “I’ll punish you with sex”, culminating into a love declaration. Nothing unusual in the childhood friends niche, but quality and WAFF-generating all the same =)

Graphically, there’s the bad (whiteout censorship on dick) and the very good (the female genitalia were very detailed and almost censor-free, a healthy meaty female body, good facial expressions, no screwups with anatomy.)
I think I can safely recommend it to anyone this time :D

NecroManCr is behind this release, thank you!

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Kocchi Muite Darling [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the kantai Collection game, by Gessyu

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Oh boy, that's some ploughing right now.

There’s a cute, a lovely vibe to this share, it’s this kind of manga in which we can’t help but sympathize with the female lead, smile at her misconceptions and cheer for her :)

In this one, taking place within Kantai Collection, Kongou lacks confidence in her breasts and fears her beloved Admiral will leave her for better-endowed girls. Hentai oblige, Kongou takes breast-enhancing pills that actually drive her super horny and make her lactate for a while.
Long story short, the Admiral arrives and guess what happens ;)
With a maximum WAFF conclusion.

I freaking LOVED the drawings. They have an almost artful feeling, look hand-drawn (this should be obvious, I know, but with computer-assisted drawings now, name it, tablets, PC, retouching, I feel many mangas lose a bit of soul and feel less authentic), and Kongou’s boobs are awesome, even if I didn’t care for lactation, boy, her body, her face and boobs, YUM!

Thanks a LOT to whoever has released it! ^_^

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