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Pack of 2 [English] wincest works by Oryou: Boku Wa Imouto To Tsukiaenai + Watashi Wa Onii-chan To Tsukiaitai

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The few persons with whom I talked about it confirmed, they too have vivid memories of the first time they fingered a girl. First time you put a finger inside is kind of magical. I don't speak about one's own arsehole you filthy pervs.

Ah, the sweet delish of a little sister. Totally impracticable in real life, where your standard little sis would see no issues with unplugging your life support device to recharge her smartphone. No, a hentai little sister: caring, in love with her onii-chan, adorable, small and tender :twisted:

I gathered here two sequentials works by Oryou on this topic, in reading order:
Boku Wa Imouto To Tsukiaenai (The siblings’ first times, the thrill of growing tension and then the line is crossed)
Watashi Wa Onii-chan To Tsukiaitai (They’re now confirmed lovers, no need for restraint anymore, open ending about their future giving me hopes for a sequel some day)

The drawings are sweet, not too censored (thin black lines in small numbers) and there’s a sense of cuteness all the time, it was quite enjoyable, I hope you guys too may love it :)
Thanks a lot to Frogstat, from Chikanji Translations, and KKyunlations! :jap:

For more, please see The list of Oryou’s shares on HentaiRules..

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Bergamo [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls series, by Shiokonbu

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Look at that art! LOOK AT IT! The control over the fine details, the sheer talent, nothing is wasted, everything is made to shine. That, my friends, is true talent.

Wow :shock:
I’m amazed for three reasons.
First: the art is splendid, the female MC, Rin, from The [email protected], has a splendid butt, lively breasts, and an honest (pouting, passionate) beautiful face, let’s add to this quality screentones work giving quality volumes, it was top tier hentai.
Second: Rin is having sex with her brother, not with her producer! It’s fresh!
Third: this is quality vanilla, mutual love, cute moments, optimistic prospects for a bright future, this is so heart-warming! :woot:

I really hope those of you who had not seen this doujinshi yet will enjoy the read :)
I’m not sure who released it, thanks to whoever it is! :)

By the same artist, called Shiokonbu or (it’s his circle) Laminaria, to this day, I also share Let, Mitigation – Wars End, Koi No Kazamuki, Hiina Asobi, Ikoku Na Retro, Lily Ties, Acid Lover and Koi Maguwai.

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Pack of 3 works: Matsuri One Shot + Matsuri Zenpen + Matsuri Kouhen [English], by Mashira Dou

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When I exported the cropped image to jpeg on my disk, it FUCKING BECAME BLUE. Damn, I hate, I hate so much indexed colours with their weird palettes.

I gathered here three separately released parts of a same series.
Spoiler-free summary: netori and netorare, forbidden love temptation between stepsiblings.

Spoiler-rich summary, those works are:
Matsuri One-shot: apparently, it’s after that one that a “developed” version was created, made of the two follow-up volumes,
Matsuri Zenpen: the “true” first volume, setting up the plot details, starring a brocon stepsister whose love is rejected (footjobs don’t count) by her stepbrother, as he has a realistic approach and doesn’t want to leet teenage emotions destroy everything his parents and family have built. Dejection and the immature desire to jump into harm to punish those who love and care for her make her fall into the arms of the school’s fuckboi.
Matsuri Kouhen: not really a conclusion in my opinion, but praiseworthy developments. The sister and fuckboi, while having lots of sex, reconsider several times why each of them feel attraction and what they’re really seeking in life. In a twisted way, they mature more than they evolve. As for the brother, in the end, he too shows not only a clear mind (he had it from the start, remember, he rejected a free hole when it was offered), but some form of empathy and courage.

At first I thought this would be yet another netori + netorare story, blank and boring. But then to my surprise, the characters showed some personality, some intelligence, and refused to stay true to the caricature of stereotyped personas they seemed to have. They matured, questioned themselves, became a bit less dumb…
So, yeah, in my opinion, this is quite worth a read :)
– provided, last warning, you understand you’ll have netorare/netori.

We owe those three releases to Xenegenesis (the one-shot), and CoNTRa and N04h, thank you very much! :jap:

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Kaa-chan To Nee-chan Ga Hidoin Da Yo (“My Mom And Big Sister Are Cruel”) [English], by Qdou Kei

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The expression on the mother's face was great. Sigh, yeah, just yet another boring day in my boring life.

Plot twist proposition: the male MC’s father actually joined the French legion and has no intention of ever coming back. In this share, a male teenager lives with his sister and mother, and calling them “evil slave driver bitches” would be a significant understatement.
They work him to the bone, so eventually the boy comes up with a plan. To sexually punish them… A plan that worked well for a few pages, but – as expected – backfired, and then the fuckalot party began, to the (relative) detriment of the boy ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

It’s light domination, not enough for me to tag this as femdom, partly thanks to the way the mangaka put comedy bits to lighten the mood, fortunately. As for the art, the two women have striking faces, nice bodies, the only issue would be the whiteout censorship. Check it out?

Mikocon, and Shinri and Januz from Januzhentai, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Haha No Himegoto (“Mother’s Secret”), Kaa-san No Ijou Na Aijou chapters 1-2 (“Mom’s Abnormal Affection”), Okaa-san To Issho and Mama Wa Omitooshi.

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Ai Ga Nakutemo Ecchi Wa Dekiru (“Even If There Is No Love You Can H”) [English, 217 pictures, Uncensored!], by SugarBt

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That image taken from the two chapters, the best in the whole manga, because they were not based on rape and the girl had thick eyebrows

Wow, that was an intense manga :shock:

Basically, the girls in Ai Ga Nakutemo Ecchi Wa Dekiru enjoy being pushed around and treated like meat, either immediately, or after they’ve been forced and made to cum senseless.
This is pretty OK in the two first chapters and one of the later chapters (pp. 147-166), made of quality sex without love but with near-tsundere liking. But this is much less OK in the rest of the manga, in which the “let’s rape her until she likes that” theory is put into practice.
Half of the girls are ojou-samas totally unaware of the dangers of the outside world, it didn’t help them, true, in 3 of the chapters that was not rape only because the girls were too oblivious about everything sexual ^^;; ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And graphically? That was a slap in the face: the drawings were SUPER intense, super hot, crude, detailed, very, very, very well made :shock: You’ll have mostly vaginal sex, with a bit of oral, anal and paizuri. A good number of you won’t like the stories, but at least check it out for the art, you don’t see hentai like that, and uncensored, more than a handful of times a year.

We owe this release, scanlation and decensoring, to ObsoleteZero, helped by Nairie in the first chapter, and the commissioner, Imuya. Thank you very much! :)

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Kininaru Anepai [English], by Hakaishin

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It starts well (a brother is a huge perv, his sister catches him in a situation where there’s no excuse) and continues even better (the sister is a bigger perv). Ah, those cheeky, slutty smiles she has all along! :D
So, yeah, the usual follows, a healthy paizuri, and then vaginal sex, technically a first time but you’d think they have years of experience already.

Mind you, the sister might be a hottie (bakunyuu, twintails, cheeky smile? Yiss!), there’s also whiteout censorship, it leaves a lot to guesswork, which is sad.
This release comes thanks to SMDC Translations, thank you!

By the same artist, to this day, there is also Yawaraka-sensei.

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Inmoralism [English, 216 pictures], by Gemu555

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Damn, that face. THAT FACE! It's only with hentai that I would be able to fap to a face alone.

Let’s get that out of the way: do you see any reason it’s called INmoralism and not IMmoralism? Bad Engrish, I’d say, but maybe I’m missing a smart pun of sorts… Ah! Maybe immoral acts INside the family circle?

Here comes a VERY good complete tank, entirely about incest, most of the time between brothers and sisters, with a tiby bit of daughter/father and niece/uncle too, with either only mutual attraction and good vibes, or actual love. You won’t get dramatic or super emotional waves, but the story canvases are original and decent enough to not bore us at once, it’s not bad with wincest!

And then… ah, the drawings, damn, they were GOOD! The women are either almost plump and busty with crazy hourglass figures, or pettanko (near loli frankly). Splendid asses, and on top of all: extremely well done faces, round, blushing from lust, with really erotic eyes. Dayum :twisted:
Censorship stays reasonable (two or three medium-sized bars), you’ll mostly have vaginal sex.

We owe this release to Doujin-Moe, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist I also share Yu~Waku Every Day (“Temptation Every Day”, 217 pictures). Additionally, Gemu555 is part of the Kachuu Musume circle, and if you make a search for that name on Hentairules you’ll have plenty other results (mind you, I sometimes wrote it with only one c, “Kachu”, by mistake).

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