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Hitomi-chan Chi No Ofuro Ni Iretara [English], by Asahina Hikage

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Time for a being crowned Arthur joke

Ah, bloody hell. What a waste. To girls whose bodies were made for godly hardcore sex, with hourglass figures, splendid boobs and welcoming pussies – and it is wasted by the choice of young shotacon, damnation!! :evil:

Well, it’s up to you guys, really. Like shota? Go for it! Tolerate shota? Go for it! Dislike shota? Cast a look at the gallery just in case at least, lol.
Thanks to Amoskandy for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Akapenguin and Asahina Hikage, I also share a pack of 3 works (Haitenaino Erina-sama + Moon Freak + Moon & Jupiter Freak), Venus And Mercury Freak, Oneechan Chuuihou Hatsureichuu, Shota Teitoku To Nyuukyo Time, Venus and Moon Freak, Jupiter And Mars Freak, Takao And Kashima Freak, Shimei Shite Mo Ii Desu Ka Tadokoro-chan and Shibu-rin Ga Low Angler Ni Nerawareta You Desu.

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Nigakute Amakute Tsurai Toge (“The Bitter, Sweet, and Painful Thorn”) [English], by Gentsuki

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Ah, really, to hell with the censorship, it's the only bad thing here!!

We start on the wrong foot (an apparently lame yandere haughty sister loving to dominate and humiliate her not-so-smart brother) and end on the right foot (no more tsundere pretence and embarrassed excuses, love and mutual care), it was a nice ride =)
Let’s add this is served with very good drawings, Gentsuki confirms the impressions I got with older shares, we’re in the Great Artists zone, the mangaka delivers top quality every time :)

N04h, Herzer and Alexey are behind this release, thank you once again for the steady flow of excellent hentai they’ve been bringing us! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Henai Heroism and a pack of 2 works (Sanae-shiki Miko No Oshigoto 1 + Exclusive Maid Sakuya’s XX).

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Nemuri No Aizu [English], by Ohkami Ryosuke

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No rest for the wicked :D

It’s one of those shares where the very notion of any willing suspension of disbelief becomes moot: deal with it ;)
In Nemuri No Aizu, a young adult woman temporarily accepts to host two family teenagers, and the horny primates they are very quickly play doctor with her when they believe she’s asleep. I cannot fully tell when they stop believing she can *still* be sleeping, though ^^;;

The drawings are freaking amazing, generous, well done, slightly disrespecting anatomy, cheerfully excessive, not too censored… It’s good dope :twisted:
We owe this release to, Svines85, BlossomPlus, Dynellen, Cyrukus, Raflcaptar, Slobber, Gangasta and Darporfe, from B.E.C. Scans, thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, whose name I’ve seen written as Ohkami Ryosuke and Ookami Ryousuke, I also share Hazukashii Chibusa (“Embarrassed Tits”), Love Hero 21, Love Hero 22, Sexual Time (206 pictures), the great Chichimonogatari (199 pictures, it’s a sweet read !), TS Ryuugaku-Ki chapter 1, TS Ryuugaku-ki chapter 5 and Kano Kare Konpurekksu.

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Onee-chan No Stocking [English], by Shinooka Homare

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Go for it, brother, go for it!! We're rooting for you!

Hehe, I like shares like this, when the female lead goes totally overboard, over-analyzing everything and letting her crazy imagination run wild, and yet she remains earnest and tries to do well ^^

What else to say? It’s got a comedy-based intro (not full-volume comedy, regrettably, only before sex begins ^^), with foot and nylon fetish, followed by more conventional vaginal sex, enjoy, and may wincest comedy hentai triumph yet another time ^___^

Peganuss, Vilis and Herreis, from Hennojin, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share By the same artist, I also share Anta wa Atashi no Ottoman (“Little Brother, You Are My Ottoman”), Non-Stop Kinugasa-san and a pack of 5 works (Idolize volumes 1–2–3–3.5 + Stomomo Nyuukyo Dock.)

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Marudashi x Sister [English, 242 pictures], by Nakani

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There will be faps. I can guarantee it.

Woah :D :shock: :woot:
Boys, girls, tentacular aliens, here is one of the weirdest quality hentai tanks I saw in a very, very long time :)

The theme is generic and senario-free: wincest. Little sisters who love their older brothers, send signals, do weird stuff, and eventually get their dick and happy a ending.
But every detail goes against the usual norm. There is permanent super strong sexual tension; body language replaces verbal communication with mixed results; both boys and girls almost contstantly display striking facial expressions: shocked, frenzied, incredulous, mesmerized… :shock:
Mind you, I don’t say that’s shite, no, to the contrary, this is extremely original and refreshing, come on, check it out ^_^

Graphically, it’s nice, I don’t have much to say, blame my poor vocabulary, sorry. Little censorship mostly, and two chapters (“Imouto No Oppai Ga Marudashi Datta Hanashi vol. 3-4”, I was already sharing them on Hentairules) are uncensored.

The lists of credits won’t be short. Part of the manga was first translated from Japanese to French by Katsuragi Misato, helped by Complotiiste, Crimsontaka, Pairedebottes, Nanostructure, Alexandress, Rexremingod, Aredan, Rattle_Snake, Supertriskel, Halotrial3, Kouroxxx, Jujusteco, Freyjawion, Vankw. Then, the French part was translated from French to English by Bakapi. The other chapters were made by Bia Bia-chan, Wehasband and Izur, and Wenhui and Desudesu. Thank you very much, to all of you! ^^ :jap:

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GyaruImo [English], by Nikusoukyuu

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I want to highlight I didn't decensor shit from the picture, it came as is ^^

And now, something (not so) entirely different :D A comic in which a brother hypnotizes his tsundere twintailed sister, has lots of sex with her while having fun disgusting her with his vile presence the rest of the time (and yet, he may be a lazy ass, he’s not a straight failure of nature or an ugly toad), and in the end a certain SFX and representation of moitness are here to show us the sister’s attachment to her brother will soon stop being just unconscious.

The drawings have a pleasant side (something about the eyes reminds me of ShindoL, wouldn’t you agree?), without too much (semi-transparent grey bars, sometimes no bar at all) censorship… It’s worth a look I think, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks to N04h and Herzer for this one :)

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Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou (“Big Sis Is A Worrywart”) [English], by Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou [English], by Kurokoshi You

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Good stockings can cost a lot, heh, better keep it a fantasy

Some stories are so simple, reading them must take less time than enduring my uselessly lengthy post descriptions :D
Here, it’s a sister with her stepbrother, she wants him badly, and, eventually, at last, goes for it. It’s cute (although, to be frank, the art isn’t as good as past releases by the same mangaka), with moderately annoying thick black bars and a healthy nylon fetish :3

It’s a release we owe to Dynellen, Crystalium, Amalteha, Cadenza, Freudia, HayateK4L and [email protected], from Team Koinaka, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share In-Suru (227 pictures, Tanu Chichi, Hanayome Sakari, High Risk Game, Twinkle, and, last but not least, Yuudachu (“A Sudden Evening Rain”)

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