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Osananajimi To Imouto (“A Childhood Friend And Younger Sister”) [English], by Tachibana Omina

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The image looks a bit choppy, possibly, that's because I pushed contrasts past over the safety limit, to reduce the effects of the poor printing and of the censorship, just for that picture

Does it still count as incest, if you’re inside the body of your brother’s girlfriend? Fuck yeah!! Wincest rules!! :twisted:

For once, Tachibana Omina presents us a manga in which there are only two women instead of a dozen, two women who switched bodies but have a threesome anyway with the man they fancy. It’s original (I don’t remember having seen this combination before, body swap, threesome, wincest, nothing fucked up), and it’s bloody well drawn even despite the whiteout censorship, we can trust such a great mangaka on that :)

Release credits are for the fine Team Vanilla members, namely this time: LWMD, Freudia, HayateK4L, Canine, The Joy, Katyusha, RO, Amalthea and Axalon, from Team Koinaka. Thank you very much! ^_^

Do you want more harem? Check the list of Tachibana Omina’s shares! ^^

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Love Poro Style [English, 203 pictures], by Yuuki Homura

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I had a certain difficulty finding a suitable image, most of my favorite pics would have suffered too much from being shrunk so hard to fit inside the top of a blog post.

I’m a huge fan of Yuuki Homura’s unique style, a combination of actual hardcore hentai (as required by the market, heh ^^) and of genuine, highly praisable art: not just pornographic drawings, but more than that, art filled with soul, with inspiration, with affection towards the characters, giving us strong aesthetic feelings in many of the the non-sexual pages.

So, you’ve got it all, the artistic side, especially noticeable in the first chapters (one chapter = 1 story), the heart-warming WAFF coming from all that vanilla (only one chapter has rape and an underage char, a weird oddity in this vanilla volume, pages 123-138), and the quality hardcore sex, with almost invisible censorship :twisted: Compared to other volumes by the same mangaka, this one with have subtler drawing traits, a bit more oriented towards the artistic side and a bit less towards the crude hardcore part, I felt…

I hope you’ll have a great time reading it, me, I did ^^ Thanks a LOT to Biribiri, Job Trunhit, Afro Thunda, HurpDurp, PureEnergy, Axalon!! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Pipiruma (206 pictures), Ane Zukushi (196 pictures) and White Canvas (more ero than pr0n). All of those mangas are made of AWESOME vanilla =)

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Kyousha Full Course 6 [English], by Naoya

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Wish I were there :3

Do you like paizuri?
– if yes: excellent for you, as this volume is made of 100% paizuri action with 0 pages wasted on any form of scenario whatsoever, woohoo! :twisted:
– no: move on, there will be nothing of interest for you in this share :d

SMDC and Anonymous: thank you! ^_^

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Egoist [English, 164 pictures], by Drill Murata

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Not my kink, but, eh, to each his own, right?

Nineteen years: that’s the time between the Japanese publication of Drill Murata’s Egoist, and the release of an English translated scanlation! Respect :shock:
Egoist starts with a domination story arc, a youg man establishing dominance over a schoolgirl and her mother, then focusing on the mother to train her into complete selfless obedience; and then these are random chapters with happy consensual worry-free sex.

Honest warnings:
– The manga shows its age: low resolution images, poor picture quality (and yet, I ran a minimal retouching to improve a tiny bit), a drawing style that must have been old-school even before it was published…
– Let’s mention the poor translation work, this was a passionate amateur’s job: English isn’t his mother tongue, he lacks the fundamentals of proper editing (I giggled ^^) and there was no proofreader to miraculously save the job. I don’t want to look like a bastard, I AM grateful, and I appreciate all the work it has been, this is a personal achievement and a generous endeavour, truly. But I fear you guys, the future readers, may live it as a personal ordeal, it’s far from current-day quality standards.

Cannot unsee bonus. Look at the ears. Drill Murata fucking can’t draw them, they look like rodent giant round ears :lol:

By Drill Murata, to this day, I also share Kurikyun 5 chapters 1-6, Apron Love (230 pictures), Playing Around With My Brother’s Wife, Female Teachers (231 pictures), Ikumade Piston (208 pictures) and another hentai pack.

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Imojiru Mara [English], by Baksheesh At

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Who needs a working suspension of disbelief when there are tits

If I had one reason to rant, it would be this shares nukes from orbit any form of willing suspension of disbelief the reader might have. Other than that, there’s a light comedy feeling, very well drawn sex, and a cute sexy female MC with lovely boobs and eyebrows, so all in all, I think it’s a good read :)

The story, btw: a sister with a mature body but a retard’s IQ doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her (boobs too huge for her bras, and she’s lactating because hentai), fortunately her dear brother is here to milk her ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and dick her (me : ^___^).
It’s been released by BSN, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist (you may call him “Gold Koman Sex”, “Baksheesh AT” or “Bakushishi AT”), to this day, I also share Devil Mako, Romancing Saga, a pack of 2 works (Daitensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid + Ganso! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid), Besshitsu Shidou + Tokubetsu Shidou and Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! + Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka!.

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Tsundero [English, Uncensored, High Resolution reedited version, 234 pictures], by Takeda Hiromitsu

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Me fapsta

If you don’t own a lubricant tube or some lotion, at this point, your dick is going to blame you. *cough*

Boys, girls, my dear perverts, here’s a fantastic update: Tsundero, the masterpiece by Takeda Hiromitsu, comes to you in a brand new version
– now in FULL HD pictures :woot: (formerly, the pictures were between 1120 px and 1600 px max),
– in maximum quality (formerly, it was a mixed bag of sources, some of them very poor)
– and it is FULLY DECENSORED too :kickass:

Long story short, Tsundero kicks hentai ass, again, by 2018 standards :twisted:

How to describe Tsundero, there are so many good things? I could talk about the rarity of a 100% happy sex complete hentai manga with more than half mutual love (don’t expect touching romance, though, allright? ^^). I could talk about the incredible orgasmic faces (reminding me a bit of ShindoL). Mention how cool tsundere girls are. Or mention the pleasant comedy scenes. The titfucks of heaven. The instant-kill nanobikini. The “woops” faces. And dozens of other good things! – Just read it :) :) :)

Release credits, for this new version, are for Mysael (who played a considerable role, commissioning the scanning of a high res max quality version, reediting the old translations onto the new scans, and decensoring the whole volume, no less than that!! :shock: ), Progste, Desudesu, YQII, PureEnergy, Slobber, Axalon and Hentaicore, thank you so, SO much! ^___^

(MOAR! Don’t miss The list of ALL my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu! )

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Intimate Step-siblings [English], by Misaoka

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I'll leave the younger sis to you. BUSTY ONEE SAN HERE I COME

As written on the first page: “If a step brother comes to a home with sisters, in these ages…” Well, yeah, totally :D

Long story short, you have a petite daring younger sister, an inexperienced lovingly busty elder sister, and a quality stud in the middle, all of that served with good drawings (me, when the two sisters French-kissed, I was all YAYYYY ^^) and very little censorship :twisted:
It’s been released by InsanePraetor, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Ro~zuma (“Lotion~Wife”).

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