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Natsu No Owari Ni Ijiwaru Nee-chan (“My Mean Elder Sister At The End Of Summer”) [English], by Agata

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Just another normal day in a normal hentai world family ^_^

With a pleasant air of comedy and carefree spirit, here’s a story in which a sister shows the joys of sex to her younger brother.
Shotacon, smiles, energetic sex, a slightly plump woman taking the charge, we’re with the Agata fundamentals, I hope you may like your read ^^

We owe this release to Desudesu and Kraid42, thank you! :jap:

Side note, I won’t share with you the official, the original version, because as I got it it weighted 143 MB for 20 pictures in 3000 px high resolution.
Me: Ah, come on, seriously?. How about 32 MB instead, with just a harmless recompression? :roll:

By the same artist, I also share Mama X Paco (228 pictures), the HILARIOUS Secret Olympics, Dick Training Quest – Little Hero’s Conception Journey, Koushuu Yokujou Ane No Yu (“Steamy Bathhouse”, featuring dickzilla), Sannen Bitch-Gumi Kodomo Sensei (“Senior Year Sluts Get a New Kid Teacher”), Naisho No Kakurenbo (Uncensored version) and OneShota Volley Shigoki Heya de Mou Tokkun.

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Saikin Itoko No Yousu Ga Okashii (“My Cousin Has Been Acting Strange Lately”) [English], by Kamizuki Shiki

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It would have been even better without the censorship, sob.

With a drawing style reminding me the mangaka Hyocorou (a slight creative disrespect for body proportions through funny perspective effects, emphasis on action rather than accuracy, faces not exactly into ahegao but expressing bursts of uncontrollable pleasure), here is a nice share, showing wincest between two cousins. The girl makes the first move, and she also adds spice to the story, endlessly denying that she came, thus ensuring her partner is riled up good and keeps on screwing her until she gives in and confesses her love and pleasure.

I’ll tell you, if it weren’t for the whiteout censorship, I’d have deemed this an exceptional share. Still very good :D
Enjoy! And thanks to whoever released it ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Kitsune No Yomeiri.

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Bokutachi No Ai No Katachi (“The Shape Of Our Love”) [English], by Nimu

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As I always say, it's lucky I don't have a sister, because hentai would have made me end up having weird thoughts about her ^^;;

Another victory for wincest :D
In The Shape Of Our Love, a brother and sister who have been lovers for a long time (honest warning: the page 1 is about their first time many years ago and qualifies as loli, deal with it) but managed to steer clear off each other outside of their home.
The manga is about how they stopped resisting and *also* enjoyed their love at school.

I can’t call this faptastic, but it is well done, the drawings are good and convey (mostly correct anatomy, big breasts, headband, bloomers, school uniform, rubbing my eyes the correct way lol), I believe, a great liking for the characters, it shows, somehow :)
Enjoy the wincest! And thanks to Samwais, Palaxius, Cadenza and Freudia, from Team Koinaka ^^

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Neteiru Imouto ~Ijiru Ani~ (“Sleeping Sister”) [English], by Yahiro Pochi

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Daaaayum! Yahiro Pochi really has a knack for those meaty girls :3

Being stereotypical doesn’t mean it’s bad, only that it’s economical in terms of brain cells and of non-sexual plot pages :D
Meet our two main protagonists here, a tsundere sister mascarading her onii-chan crush into an ever-stingy attitude, and her older brother who uses his otaku habit to resist his wincest needs. They are going to become lovers, at last =)

Yahiro Pochi’s drawings are excellent once again, the girl is meaty, lovely, makes great faces, and there’s not too much censorship (semi-thick black rectangles), haaa, it was a pleasure to read :twisted:
We owe this release to Brolen, Svines85, Neet and Dynellen, from and for B.E.C. Scans, thank you! :jap:

By Yahiro Pochi, also going under the Popochichi pen name, I also share So Lovely Irrumatio (224 pictures, quite nice), Seigeki No Soma, Ecchi Shiyo, This is Harlem, Valentine Repeat, Amachichi Korikori And Paku, Love Rem Kara Hajimeru Sourou Kaizen Seikatsu, Tadashii Majutsu No Asobikata (“The Right Way Of Playing Magic”) chapters 1-3, Fude Koi, a pack of 4 works, Ano Anaru The Netorare Manga We Read That Day, KamiPai, Lovematio Sena and Lesson Minchi.

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Sister’s Supplement [English], by Sagano Yuuji

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I manage to be jealous of fictional comic characters, when it comes to knowing how a paizuri must feel T__T

Here’s a simple manga, in which a teen age brother comes home to find his sloppy elder sister waiting for him, and calm, relaxed, pleasant sex takes place.
The highlights would be the quality paizuri times (plural form!), and the nice art from beginning to end, nothing spectacular but still good :)

Release credits are for Tech, Von, Wayne, CellTF, Axalon and Nozo, from the Facedesk and (now late) Phoenix Syndicate groups. Thank you! :jap:

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Shishunki Calculation (“Adolescent Calculation”) [English], by Tohzai

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When you give a hand to your sister. Literally.

The male hero in this share deserves major kudos, he resisted TWO HOLE MONTHS the huge baiting his sister imposed on him, masturbating right under his eyes on every occasion. Usually, holding it in for two minutes is considered an amazing feat. Hats off.

Well, the rest is typical, it was a hidden love, the trigger to give in is that feeling that backing off equals losing the game, and – this is also typical, coming from the mangaka Tohzai – the drawings are excellent, arousing, well done, full of talent :D
I’ll just add there is close to zero censorship. ENJOY THE WINCEST FEST! And thanks to Hiltrax and The Tsuuyaku :)

By the same artist, I also share Boku Tachi No Kinki (219 pages), With A Married Woman (226 pictures), the uncensored version of Summer Memories (which belongs to With A Married Woman, I confess to being too lazy to update the latter with this uncensored version of one of its chapters), Office Love Scramble (currently as far as chapter 6), Imitation Family chapters 1-2, Nadenade Shikoshiko, Boku No Senyou Onna Kyoushi (chapters 1-4 for the moment), Brother Holic and and Round 3.

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Shimai Succubus (“Sister Succubus”) [English, Uncensored version], by Yoshida Inuhito

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn good, that pic.

A quick share, I’m grabbing 15 free minutes ^^

Here’s a nice one, a chapter-long story about an “examplary in public” highschool girl who, most obviously, is a total slut at home, when it’s just her and her onii-chan.
As soon as the brother is back home, the sex begins and the scenario ends.

The drawings were good, anatomically mostly OK (not like my previous Yoshida Inuhito share, lol), however I must warn you, the scanning was poorly made (I doubt it was the printing, right?), and the images sometimes have a blurry feeling.
Oh – and it’s fully uncensored, which is good :twisted:

Thanks to Brolen and Kakun for release! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share One X Shosho.

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