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Oni To Wakamomo (“The Oni And The Young Peach”) [English], by Nemu

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Tits worth worshippping.
“Fufu~ ♥ Too bad~ I win again~ ♥ You should surrender yourself to my tits~”

That was adorable =) Oni To Wakamomo is taking place in an old mythical Japan in which humans and onis coexist peacefull, and we’re shown an oni-human couple in which, at long last, childhood friendship turns into a true lovers relationship :)

The censorship becomes annoying in the end, too many thick black bars, but apart from that, it’s full of sweet things. The female oni’s very large breasts, her dominating self-confident face, the frenzied paizuris, the happy ending… Haaa =)

Thanks a lot to NecroManCr for this one! ^_^

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