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Kiss Me, Darlin’ [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] game, by Miray Ozaki (AKA SailorQ2, AKA Ryo)

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Oh, wow O_o
A miray Ozaki manga that…
– doesn’t feature Ai Sugimoto or her cousin, Yuu Sawatari
– isn’t censored to death
– isn’t based on cheating
– is pure undiluted vanilla

Skip my wall of text, guys, go for it :lol:
And if you still need a description, it’s about Shimamura Uzuki, from The [email protected], having lovey dovey sex with her producer, voilà, don’t fret the details you’ll discover them once your read ;)

Thanks a LOT to 2cooked4you for this release, I’m grateful :)

For MORE stuff, Cf. the list of ALL the works by Miray Ozaki on Hentairules!

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Sunao Na Kanojo To Hetare Shikikan (“The Honest WA-chan And The Cowardly Commander”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Rei’s Room

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Anyone with a foot fetish? It's your time

I pretty much don’t know anything about Girls’ Frontline so I’ll bail out of commenting much, basically this share is about a tsundere Wa2000 getting drunk and being finally honest with her commander who, on his side, kept her lingering for a long time because he didn’t dare ask for her hand.
Booze helping, we’ve got a fine fap volume ahead, with sweet drawings, only faint white-bar censorship, and ambient vanilla to soothe our soul :)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Spicaworks! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sunao Na Kanojo To Hetare Shikikan, Royal Harem, Taigei Kai No Tsukurikata, There’s No Way My Yozora Is This Cute, Cinderella No Aishikata, Kujira No Ongaeshi and Tsukihi Karen And I Fight Too Much.

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Pack of 4 works by Ringoya [English, 112 pictures]

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The way she arouses me, it's as if she was plump, which is saying a loooooot

I was a biiiit late with my Ringoya shares, apparently. Here’s a pack of 4 Ringoya releases, and now I’ve caught up hopefully =)

So, what have we got? Three slim petite teens, with small to average breasts, from the Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine! games, having fine sex, basically. There’s little scenario getting in the way, the censorship (multiple thin black bars) is tolerable, all that’s left is to enjoy the nice art delivering commendable impact (plus, how can a slim petite girl have such a fine ass? All praise Hoshizora!), it was very good in my eyes :twisted:

Those 4 volumes are:
Charm Ring (An almost shy Rin Hoshizura in a tiny closet with her boyfriend)
Hoshizora Merry Line (Rin Hoshizora again, visiting her boyfriend for christmas, sex all day long, error 404 shyness not found anymore)
Hoshizora Unline + C95 Omake Hon (Rin Hoshizora wears a Chinese dress and discovers BSDM and sex toys with her boyfriend, ending with plenty of butt stuff, oh god she was awesome, so proudly lusty)
Trance Control (That volume was kinda garbage in comparison, Ria and Seira Kazuno from Love Live Sunshine! are half blackmailed into getting sexual training to be better idols, given aphrodisiacs and sexxed until they love it, meh)

Release credits are for multiple persons: namely: Hentai_Doctor, Colonel Sanders from Chikin Scanlation, Doujin-Moe and Dynellen. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, called Alp, from the circle Ringoya, I also share Sturm-dono To Sashite Asobou, Watanabe No Kyuujitsu, Takami No Kyuujitsu, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up, Miwaku No Kusari, Hoshizora Snow Line, Secret Fan Meeting and Hana Asobi.


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Yarazu No Ame Wa Totsuzen Ni [English], by Konoshiro Shinko

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Let's imagine it's an adult man with her, ten times better now.

Basically, this share is a decent shota release. A young boy (a bit old for a shota, a young teen, rather? Something like that) visits the older onee-san to which he’s clung to since he was a toddler, and what had to happen, happens.
I don’t have much more to add frankly, despice the shittyh facepalmesque and yet obligatory X-ray panel the drawings are good (why else would I still share it, otherwise, eh), not *that* censored, the girl has particularly beautiful eyes on a number of pages, that’s it ^^

Thanks to Jentaim95 for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Konyoku Erotenburo and Himitsu No Jitsugi Enshuu.

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Toshiue No Kareshi Dekichaimashita (“I’ve Got An Older Boyfriend”) chapters 1-2 [English], by Tamagoro

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Short hair is so sexy

From candid to turboslut in just a few pages. Hentai magic was at work!
In this share, we follow a cute short-haired highschool girl explaining to a classmate how she got herself an older (aged 40) boyfriend and is now having lots of awesome sex with him. Then, in the second chapter, the student council president requires to test if the BF is good enough for a girl (spoiler: he was, it ended in a nice threesome).

That was a surprisingly good Tamagoro share, apart from the age gap there was nothing likely to hit one’s wrong buttons: purely consensual sex, no cheating, no prostitution, very well drawn art with quite light censorship… An excellent release, in conclusion, so thanks a LOT to Dark Knight! ^_^

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules!

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Akane Wa Tsumare Somerareru Ni (“Akane’s In A Pinch”) + C95 Rakugakichou [English], by Takeda Hiromitsu

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If you look closely enough, you'll notice there IS a censorship bar ;)

Ah, a new Takeda Hiromitsu release. Which means, as you can already tell, a slim girl with small breasts having vanilla love with a boy who respects her and tries in earnest to understand her.

okay, that was super lousy, that joke, I should sarcasm better than that. The true menu is, of course, domination, humiliation, corruption. Not “mind break” per se, as this is a gradual process and the girl had room for a free agent’s choice, but the end result is the same, a girl proud to be an alpha male’s cum dump.

I’m not trying to deter or encourage you, at this point, it’s all up to your tastes :)
If you loved it, thanks are for N04h and Herzer! :jap:

(Don’t miss The list of my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu!)

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Mugenkidou Bon Volume 9 [English], by Tomose Shunsaku

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I liked that pic, it tells exactly what kind of things to expect

From this mangaka, I never know what to expect. Brainless happy sex, moving sex, mindbreak and betrayal. Today’s a good day, this is non-commital worry-free sex, the stuff whose graphics you enjoy and then you can forget about it ^^

Here, after a few cute full-colour pages, we’re in a setup where the male MC is one of the last men allowed to reproduce because of a pandemic (a fine fap fantasy scenario, you’ll agree), and every girl to whom he asks gladly accepts ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
You have fine-looking girls, huge breasts, and well this is it, enjoy =)
We owe this release to Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By the same artist, known as Mugenkidou and Tomose Shunsaku, to this day, I also share CosPako, Mugenkidou Bon Volume 8, Wagamama Pet Life (uncensored version), Enko-sei (grayscale), Enko-sei + (full-colour), Natsukano, Asuna To Online, Suguha To Fairy Dance, Boku To Rinjinbu To Umi No Year, U.M.R. and Soft meat.

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