Shokurei [English, 229 pictures], by Bai Asuka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

The best pic of the volume, comes from its worst chapter. Go figure, sometimes.

Yep, no doubt, that’s a Bai Asuka manga :D

We’re with a combination of
– excellent art, impressively intense, relying on strong contrasts and plentiful female bodies, with only light censorship
– and a series of dark story canvases based on the idea of women willingly, of their own consent, falling into corruption.

While I mention corruption (which implies very gradual mindbreak, ahegaos, shameful feelings, abandoning self-respect, dehumanization, etcetera), I must mention the story types are quite tame compared to other works by Bai Asuka. Two men would have deserved a swift death (blackmailing, enjoying the breaking instead of the sex –> to the pithole!!), but that’s not the entire manga and, again, there’s been waaaay worse before.

Well, see for yourselves if my summary didn’t deter you already ^^
Release credits are for Fated Circle, commissioned by Deyeti, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Hametorare (252 pictures), Mama Koubi (219 pictures), Swap Slave (212 pictures), Youbo (243 pictures) and Sinful Mother volume 1 and volume 2.

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Shiroi Kemuri To Brim (“White Smoke And Brim”) [English], by Spiritus Tarou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Maid outfits make any possible human activity better.

Haaa, THAT is the hentai I love so much, when it’s not just sexxing like rabbits (although, sexxing like rabbits is awesome in itself, I’ve got nothing against it), but it’s further than that, it’s building bridges between souls, healing hearts, creating tomorrows… :)

Here, two persons meet their fated other. On the one hand, a male teenager who’s too eager to grow up at once. On the other hand, a slightly older teen girl who’s grown strong from facing adversity, but she certainly could use some help with restoring her self-esteem.
And the rest is finely drawn hentai, with a rare, one of a kind touch I can’t quite describe (like, for instance, have often do you see women with bags under their eyes, in hentai?), you’ll have to check it out yourselves ^_^

It’s been released by Shikurou, Dragunman and Eifan, from H-Penguin Translations, thank you so much!! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Sae-chan Sensei Ha Gaman Dekinai, Saimin Gokko, Shimekiri Girigiri Threesome, Kanchigai, Spinning Her Wheels, Bukiyou Koi Moyou, a pack of 2 works (Kawaii To Iwanaide + Senpai Wa Oshi Ni Yowai), Ore No Kanojo Ga Kawaisugiru No Ga Warui, Global Panic and Hajirai Shoujo.

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Hospital Is Happy [English], by Kenji Kishizuka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

The way the artist draws smiles is... amazing!!

I view the hentai world idea as a particularly horny version of the multiverse theory, and in this share’s hentai world, being a virgin adult is a clinical condition serious enough to be hospitalized at once :D
Anyway, yeah, next is sex with a klutz but kind and caring nurse, this is it ^^

The drawings were excellent, we can trust Kenji Kishizuka to deliver amazing art that feels unique, it’s always a treat to the eye. But perhaps, this time, to me, the best part was the dialogues, each speech bubble contained the possibility of bringing a new smile to my face, with the nurse keeping on treating the male hero as a seriously endangered patient :lol:

Thanks to No Hentai No Life for this release! :jap:

(For more works by Kenji Kishizuka, Cf. the list of ALL his shares on Hentairules)

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Love Slave volumes 2 [English, Uncensored], + a repack with the Uncensored volumes 1 and 2, by Kouchaya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

She's talking to the dick.

Here’s yet another fine hentai manga I’m sharing thanks to MHM: he’s the commissioner of its decensoring and recent release, thank you! :kickass:
I’m turning it into an opportunity to share afresh the two volumes of Love Slave now that they’re finally both uncensored, separately or repacked together, I think it will be better like that :)

In those two volumes, Charlotte Dunois and Ichika, from Infinite Stratos, become lovers – basically. There’s at first a misunderstanding leading them to be “only” sex friends (I hardly remember the specifics of that series, there was something about girls being 100% unaware of how boys function) instead of openly admitting their love.
Then, in the volume 2, Tatenashi, another girl, gets ichidick for a few pages (quotation: “Ichika, your cock was amazing, but Charlotte, you’re one wonderful pussy licker <3“), until it’s Charlotte’s turn again, and love is confessed at last ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I’m fine with vanilla like that, in terms of story, and for the art… DAYUM! Every page is worth it, Kouchaya’s one of the best artists there is.
Release credits are for Doujin-Moe for the translations, Lib2 for the decensoring of the first volume, and MHM commissioning Belldandy100 for the decensoring of the second volume, many thanks!! :jap:

(Kouchaya, Ootsuka Kotora… I share TONS of other works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL his shares)

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Takabisha Kyonyuu Ojou-sama To Himitsu No Ecchi [English], by Mutou Koucha

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Boobs and a smug smile. That's a combo I could get used to.

An ojou-sama feels trapped by the obligations born of her social class and family. She pouts, rants, interrupts marriage interviews, and inescapably, in the end, she vents her frustration on her male butler, the only man who cares for her as a person, with whom she’s truly herself and speaks what’s truly on her mind.
Yes, yes :)

There was a touching and saddening dimension, the girl isn’t so naive to think there is an actual way out of her already written future, but she’ll take whatever freedom and escapade she may still grab.

The drawings had an original sensibility, slightly shoujo-style, not “industrially” made (you know, the impression you’ve seen it a thousand times already and any mangaka could pop a clone of it with a blindfold on his eyes out of sheer force of habit), that was refreshing to read :)

I believe the scanlation was made by an ehentaier called Here4TheStory, thank you! :jap:
He/she also gave a link to buy the Japanese version, if you really loved it you may want to support the artist this way…

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Seikou Ningyou To, Watashi (“Fuckdoll And I”) [English, 214 pictures], by Mayonnaise

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I don't want to know what the hell goes through the head of people who'll fap to this manga

Quoting the first page: “Prostitution education was used to instil a sense of chastity.

I stopped trying to figure things out after like 20 pages, after which I replaced detailed view with thumbnailed view, clicked a few good-looking image thumbs, and called it a day.

The manga is full of highschool girls all out of the same pettanko mould, treated roughly like disposable cum dumps, and apparently they take that treatment for granted.
The end, I have no clue if there wasn’t a full scenario or stuff like that, I don’t have enough time in my days to try making sense of *that*. (But please let me know if it does deserve the “complete shit” tag, as I suspect.)

By the same artist, I also share Shoujogata Seishoriyou Nikibenki chapter 5 and General Affairs Department Public Wellfare Section Sexual Disposal Branch.

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Good news from the decensoring front: Kaa-san No Ana Tsukawasete, 262 pictures long, is now fully uncensored :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
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Don't sleep with your glasses on, folks!

Yaaaay. A 262 pages long complete full-colour tank, getting a full decensoring, that’s pretty good, isn’t it?
So here we are, Kaa-san No Ana Tsukawasete is now decensored, the thin bars are gone. I have known reservations regarding the manga, but that’s another topic entirely.

I simply updated the post in which I was sharing the censored version, updating the zip and gallery links.
Which means: the now decensored Kaa-san No Ana Tsukawasete can be found HERE! :)

The decensoring was done by Andyee, a Hennojin member, thanks are an order :jap:

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