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Here’s some pretty sweet news: Futatabi Koisu (“Love Again”), by Mushi, is now Decensored :)

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WAFF vanilla hentai at its best :)

It’s not big, but I like it“, as one of your former girlfriends might have said. Long story short, it’s not a world-changing news that I bring you, but it’s still a welcome change and it’s great as it is: Futatabi Koisu has been decensored ;)

See for yourselves: before… VS after!
(Well, plus, I fixed the levels in both the old and new version.)

Pretty great, right? That’s a fine work we’ve got here, and it’s been done by a kind soul called Whitewizard74, thank you very much! ^__^

I replaced the version I shared, to get it, follow that link!

Atago To Takao No Chotto Hard Na Choukyou Seikatsu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Takeda Aranobu

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Disregarding the scenario, damn, they look great

In this Kantai Collection doujinshi (my bad, at first I thought it was Azur Lane), the mangaka gets close to the rape and mindbreak borders but doesn’t cross them. It’s a situation in which an Admiral “converts” his shipgirl Atago into his brainwashed personal cum dump and, in the end, with Atago’s help, applies the same treatment to Takao.
But as the girls don’t hate it (think of it as light reluctance to following a natural inclination), as it’s gradual (a conversion, not a breaking, thus), as it’s just a doujinshi, as the two girls look great, eh, why not ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Release credits are for Gian-Carlo (Bo-chan’s nii-chan) and the patreons of No Hentai No Life, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Takeda Aranobu and (circle) Labomagi, I also share Vira Ga Anal Sex Ni Kodawaru Wake, Vila Kankin Choukyou and a pack of 2 works (Byakuren-sama No Ossharutoori Ni + K-Kan).

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Yonaoshi Soko Made Yatte Iinkai (“The Committee Of Fucking For Social Reform”) [English], by Suruga Kuroitsu

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Wish I were there. Please don't misunderstand.

We’re in a weird hentai world future, in which the predictions of the alt-right retards who spend too much time on twitter and not enough time offline have turned true. Pornography, manga and anime have been fordbidden; and men have lost all virility, feverishly sharing the few remnants of old world porn that remains, as only printed 2D adult goods still rile up something in them.

End of the 120% useless prologue, as none of this matters as soon as the sex begins, it’s a male teenager with two horny older female teenagers, great fucking, vaginal, anal, splendid O faces, only a tiny bit of censorship, plus the charm of dark skin, ENJOY! ;)

By the same artist, I also share Odoshi Ai + Motome Ai (oh, so deliciously vanilla!), Ippatsu Kaiketsu Onayami Soudan, Education Guidance and Dekoboko Na Koi.

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Chin Nii-chan [English], by Teru

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A brother becomes a dick. Just a dick. Not a guy with an awful personality, no, simply, he becomes a dick. Who can speak and has some mobility, but… a dick.
His younger sister finds out, gets freaked out, interacts weirdly.
His older sister (or mother? She says “onii-chan”, he says “mama”, your call) finds out, doesn’t freak out, interacts productively.
And in the end, the brother becomes… oh god I should have seen it coming…

Enjoy this fine piece of WTF comedy hentai, folks, I doubt you’ll manage to fap to this one (although, when there’s a will…), but I laughed more than sanity allows, I hope you too will have a good time reading it :lol:

Thanks to [email protected] Deluxe for the giggles ^^

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Ore No Saiminjutsu Sugee (“My Hypnotism Is Amazing”) [English], by Kunugi Uzura

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That censorship. Look at that amount of censorship!!

I imagine, morally, it is bad, but don’t tell me you never fantasized of something going along those lines. So let’s not take it too seriously, it’s just a chapter-long release, allright ^^

To sum it up, a male highschooler becomes a master of hypnotism, and uses it to turn two women, a classmate and a teacher, into his happy personal holes, etcetera. I’d have preferred if he used that power to punish bad girls instead of turning on the two women who were friendly with him, but, eh, whatever.
Good art (almost invisible thin bars as censorship? Oh, the nostalgia!), twintails, simple uncomplicated sex, this release’s got its charms ^^

We owe this release to Comic-han and an ehentaier called Weedlayer, thank you! :jap:

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Spray Panic, a WTF comedy hentai manga from a million years ago (AKA 2010), has been decensored :)

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Has cat robots.

Were you there when, 9 years ago, I shared PenGuindou’s Spray Panic? ^^
Here’s the good news, thanks to varkatzas666, it is now uncensored :kickass:

The drawings are on the odd and excessive side, just like the scenario, but at least I guarantee you’ll escape boredom for a brief time ;)

To get the newly decensored Spray Panic, just follow that link :)

This isn’t Varkatzas666 first decensoring, far from it, he’ll pick original and interesting chapter-long stories from various origins on a regular basis. Why don’t you check his English blog (focused on the decensorings) and his Spanish hentai sharing blog :)

Touchuukasou volume 5 [English], by Fueta Kishi

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There we go, boys, I found THE good picture in the entire volume. No need to thank me.

I wouldn’t have imagined, a few years ago, that I would be so reluctant to sharing a manga by Fueta Kishi.

But there we are, with a new release that is disappointing as fuck, both in terms of drawings (sloppy, accumulating more and more anatomical mistakes, and showing gross laziness) and in terms of story (look, I don’t mind if an artist intents to deliver netorare, as long as it’s well written, griping netorare, not a lazy half-baked tedious chore.)

Still, let’s do this. Here is Touchuukasou volume 5, in which a “wolf under sheep’s clothes” scumbag ravishes two prim and proper sisters, to make it short. In the earlier volumes he claimed the first sister, then the second sister tried to defend her sister, and we end up with the present volume, in which scumbag-kun accepts to dump the first sister now that he finds the second sister’s hole more pleasurable. Good thing the NTR vibe was totally lost as the mangaka forgot the original focus was NTR’ing a brother’s feelings.

FYI, if you wish to read the rest of the series: volumes 1-2, volume 3 and volume 4.

For old goodness and recent shit, Cf. The list of ALL Fueta Kishi’s works on Hentairules!

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