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Bijin Henshuu-chou No Himitsu (“Beautiful Editor-in-Chief’s Secret”) [English, 214 pictures], by Tatsunami Youtoku and Yamazaki Masato

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How could I NOT choose her slutty elf lingerie cosplay scene, for my big preview picture? ^____^

That manga’s been in the making for a long internet time, but at last, here it comes :)

Beautiful Editor-in-Chief’s Secret is about a respectable, highly professional and bossy female editor in chief, with a secret side to her. In private, with her male colleague Kaga and, later, with a sadistic female writer, she’s a tsundere with an M side who gets off being embarrassed, humiliated or dominated. At first she’s only very lightly masochistic, but once the sadistic female writer joins, things get a bit harder, with risks to her personal reputation, something that only increases the thrill she enjoys so much.

Besides the normal business clothes, there will be a few fancy outfits (cosplay  as an elf, bride, gym leotard, BSDM style…), plenty of sex at the office, dildo plays, etcetera. In terms of art, the drawings are deliciously generous, the woman’s almost plump body is a monument to how glorious the body of a 31 year old woman can look, and the vaginal sex (there’s almost no anal and DP, only a few pages) is drawn with almost no censorship… Not to mention the first 90 pages (or so) are fully decensored :twisted:

Release credits are for a huge number of people, namely: Anonymous, Rudy Omega and Cedr777 from Triple777Scans, Dynellen, Mikick, Xephir, Super Shanko, Forbiddenfetish77, Crystalium, Red Vodka, Anonymous Scanner, Psyburn21, HurpDurp and AfroThunda. Thank you, all of you! ^_^ (BTW, I realized too late, credits pictures were missing from the archive I got, apologies for that, here they are: 1, 2, 3, 4.)

By the same artist, under the Madam Project and Tatsunami Youtoku pen names, I also share the decensored versions of Zangyou De Good Job + Keitai De Good Job, Uchiawase de Good Job (Uncensored version), Milk Teacher (178 pictures), Twin Milf volume 1 (184 pictures) and Twin Milf volume 2 (160 pictures).

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AV Mama (“Mother Is A Porn Star”) [English], by Gonza

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I can't put a name on it, but that woman, she reminds me of a manga or anime character... argh...

Just another day in hentai Japan ^^ We have a cute MILF working in the porn industry, apparently embarrassed that her son uses her videos as fap material. Her two colleagues join her for a night of discovery, first they treat the son to paizuri, handjobs and pussy discovery, leaving the actual deflowering (dibs!) to the mummy ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Mother incest simply isn’t my thing, and the censorship was a massive (as massive as gigantic black rectangles, to give you an idea) pain in the ass. But I’ll have to reckon it was pretty well drawn, and for a 44 pages long story, had a fair deal of good action. Soooo, maybe, a good number of you guys might like it :)

I’ll leave it to you and your tastes, and, me, simply finish with a sincere THANK YOU! to Amoskandy :)

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Teitoku Manual Volumes 1 and 2 [English], a pair of hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kaiki Nisshoku

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Now that I think of it, is it really Kaiki Nisshoku? There was only vaginal sex ^^;;

What must you do, when your secretary is earnest to a fault and a bookworm, but you want to have sex with her? Easy: write an official-looking manual instructing her about proper secretary behaviour, including night duties :D
And thus, a lucky Kantai Collection admiral has excellent sex with Kirishima, first one on one, and in the second volume, in a threesome with Kongou :)

The drawings are real sweet, Kirishima may be earnest enough to refuse sex unless she’s misled into thinking it as her duty, but once her switch has been flipped, she’s a fapper’s dream: a flushed face, yearning for more and more and more, beautiful breasts, yummy!! There’s so much going on in most of the pages it’s relatively hard to follow, for this reason I preferred the first volume in which there is only Kirishima, to the second volume in which Kongon joined for a threesome: one more girl means the action is even harder to follow O_o

I’ll let you see, I’m confident it should be good for you, huhu. Thanks a lot to Anonymous and Constantly! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Eiyuu Shigan, Rider Or Die 1-8, Holy Infinite, Momoiro Toiki, Brittania No Hito, Ponytail no Kanojo + Tsuruya Sutairu, Villetta Sensei Ni Moeru Hon and Oscilloscope.

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Kimi Wa Akogare No Tawawa [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Getsuyoubi no Tawawa series, by Yahiro Pochi

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A warm welcoming embrace into a dripping pussy. Not bad at all.

Here is a cute and lovely Tawawa On Monday hentai doujinshi, perhaps not the crudest, least censored, most hardcore, most fappable you’ll find, but still giving very good vibes to us readers :)

You may be surprised at first by this doujinshi’s images, instead of the usual grayscale, here, we’re in shades of blue. To quote wikipedia, Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (Tawawa On Monday) started as blue monochrome illustrations, to “provide a positive motivation towards workers and students alike on Monday mornings“. A “feel-good” publication, in which the gentle, relaxing colouring matches the soul-soothing purpose.
It’s not the first time a Tawawa On Monday is published in blue shades, there’s been Shuumatsu No Tawawa before, and, simply, “it works”. It becomes adorable, partly trading its pornographic for enhanced WAFF vibes =)

So, anyway, here, a healthy highschool girl is a gravure idol, and she and the boy she likes have great ero moments in private. At first she’s in normal underwear, in the second half she’s in a cheerleader outfit.
Enjoy, and thanks to Cgrascal! ^_^

There’s a LOT more for you, see The list of ALL my Yahiro Pochi shares!

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Pack of 104 uncensored hentai pictures by the hentai Artist Terufuu

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I chose that pic because the position was so weird - it only works in porn and with a monster dick - that I found it kinda funny ^^

I’ve seen pictures by Terufuu pretty much everywhere on the adult side of the internet, so I had to share a pack of Terufuu materials, eventually, right? ^^
After browsing it again, it feels like there can’t be only 108 pictures inside, I feel like I’ve felt the impact of 300 or more pictures, partly thansk to the few “composite” images gathering several illustrations at once, so to say…

The drawings are excellent, fully uncensored, deliciously explicit, with tons of smiling girls (who kept a few clothes on, which means bonus erojoules, I hope you’ll agree) having enthusiastic vaginal sex. Mostly Pokémon girls, plus a few others.

The artist is mostly inactive (as Terufuu wrote, he has a life :D Drawing porn is a side bonus), but he still has a Patreon, if you like :)
Enjoy! ^_^

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Pakotate! Seikouritsu 0% No Teppeki Bishojo VS Seikouritsu 100% No Hentai Katei Kyoushi [English, 235 pictures], by Takuwan

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Dark-skinned girl, best girl

The male hero in Pakotate is a private tutor and college student with a super high IQ whose main interest is to have sex with as many girls as possible. His tutor side job gives him access to fresh cute girls who all fall for his charm (it’s like magic ^^)… But at the start of this volume, he finally stumbles on an obstacle, a girl that dares resist him, shocking :lol:
Allow me to reassure you, he won’t become an evil mastermind, or a dirty rapist. The follow-up is, how to say… More Takuwan-like, a combination of weird tactics, carrot and stick, and taking advantage of personal flaws, not very heroic but nothing scummy either :)

Along the way, before scoring himself a girlfriend for life (for obligatory reasons I shall not mention, huhu), our very unique male MC will have sex with plenty of girls, it’s an open and very tolerant harem, the girls know they’re side dishes and don’t mind either way ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In the middle, there’s a pair of non-main-arc chapters, they’re also pretty good.

Regarding the drawings, we’re in Takuwan territory: deliciously excessive. Huge asses, even larger breasts, verrry erotic lips, vaginal, paizuri, anal, sex in pairs, in threesomes, in groups, with only minor white bar censorship, and everyone’s enjoying their time ^_^

Enjoy the EXCELLENT tank, quality material like that is far too rare!
And many thanks to Salar from Hentaicore and Doujin-Moe!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share H.Ero – Sei No Kyoushitsu (“Classroom of Sex”, 243 pictures), Turning Point Anniversary Edition (234 pictures), Imouto Wa Boku No Ayatsuri Ningyou and Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence.

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M-Bation [English, Uncensored version!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by Saigado

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Huhu, that wasn't intentional, but that big preview picture ended up with the same height and width, a perfect square ^^

Oh, nice! Here comes a highly fappable release with SPLENDID and decensored art :shock:
The story might put you off, it’s Shinji from Evangelion, in a drama-free alternative setup, doing his mother Yui a lot (and I meant it, a lot, in this 34 pictures volume there’s zero scenario wasting precious pages), they both like it and enjoy it, period :D

Yui’s MILF body is gorgeous, huge breasts, a cute face, an hourglass figure, a welcoming pussy, who wouldn’t want to dig in :twisted:
Just read and enjoy, folks!! And thanks a lot to Eropunch, Daichi and CopyOf :)

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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