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Caster Ayako Kanzenban [English, 346 pictures], by Ikoma Ippei

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Boring to death.

I sighed more, while reading this h-manga, than in a whole week of work. Boooooooo-ring. I know, I know, it’s just not my fetish. But I can’t lie and pretend I saw talent, originality or *worth* in these 346 pages – which goes to showing, again, it’s just not my fetish.

So, here comes a long volume in which we see that women lacking self-esteem, men lacking morals, and a woman with both morals and self-esteem but who is forced because of tedious blackmail, if you combine it all, you obtain a thick unsavoury sauce. And, blah, blah, blah, compromising tapes switch hands, moral values suffer erosion, vague vengeances, sex feeling good in both scumbags team and blackmailed female presentator team… Sigh.

Still, if it’s your fetish, then you’re in for a treat. Expect “natural” art, looking dated but done with, if not talent, dedication and regularity. Also, there’s very little censorship, and frequently, no censorship at all, it’s got to count?
Lodhel and Jmand1031 are behind this long release, thanks are an order! :jap:

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Yurushite! Sister (“Forgive Me, Sister!”) [English], by Maumen

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While I totally enjoy pics like this one, I still wonder... Where does the rest of the man's lower body fit, in that picture?

This story features the best kind of misunderstanding, when a stepsister mistakenly believes her stepbrother is a pervert and it’s a green light to be perverted together ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
You’ll have cute smiles and good sex with very little censorship. For a no-brainer hentai release, I think it’s quite enough to have a good read, enjoy! :)

It’s been released by Anon, NekoHime, Arianisus and Dabor, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Koakuma Ageman.

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Makasete Hoshii [English], by Monorino

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The hentai equivalent of a masterball

It’s a very Japanese story this one, a subtle balance, tiptoeing on the thin line between immoral corruption and being outright fucked up.

To sum it up, a football coach blackmails the club’s female manager, in their give and take: he does a good job and keeps the wounded boy she likes; and in exchange he can play with her body. But the fucker is crafty and patient, he won’t use her vagina unless she asks for it, which leads to the typical hentai “training”, after a long time (months), eventually, the girl has come to love being dominated and gifts her pussy out of her own will.

Why not, if you like it, and it’s drawn rather well, even despite the huge censorship I “felt” something for the art, in my eyes it was good and showed talent.

Thanks to NTranslation for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Tinderbox (206 pictures), Pinkerton (202 pictures), Dekiwaku Destination and Tsugai Ni Nante Naranai Mon.

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Love Office Scramble, AKA Yuuwaku Office, by Tohzai, a 216 pages hentai treasure, is now available in TANKOUBON SCANS :)

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Yiss! Office life forever!

We have gone from THIS… to THIS :kickass:

Boys, girls, Office Love Scramble, by Tohzai, is now made with 100% tankoubon scans, with very little censorship at last :twisted:
Before that, 5 of the 6 chapters had horrible whiteout censorship hiding everything. There was only the 6th and final chapter that had been done from tankoubon scans and had the current minimal censorship amount.

To get the new version of Office Love Scramble, now using its Japanese name Yuuwaku Office, I simply updated the old post with newer links, soooo: follow that link! :)

The tank reedit was performed by CopyOf, thank you so much!! :jap:
And there’s more, I was forgetting: CopyOf also translated and added the colour pages that came with the tank, they weren’t in the previous version of the manga. May you be showered with horny hentai girls, CopyOf, you’d deserve it! ^^

Hajimete No Mamakatsu (“My First Sugar Mommy”) [English], by Misaoka

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Great job, Misaoka sensei!!

I wish that kind of thing didn’t only happen in the hentai world :D
This share is about a highschool boy lacking in virility (but of course, cute and all) discovering the world of “sugar mommies”, sexy women in their thirties paying boys to spend a bit of time chatting with them, and, ah, if the feeling’s mutual, why not get more intimate. His first customer is just what you’d imagine, a sheep in public places, but once the hotel room door is finally shut she becomes a hungry wolf ready for her meal :twisted:

It’s pretty great vaginal sex (with so little censorship!!) with a busty MILF-like woman (no mention of her attachments or age, so I’m not tagging it as such, though).
The boy enjoyed it, but I’ve gotta warn you guys, if light verbal abuse on a boy physically dominated puts you off, then don’t force yourself, skip this share, you won’t find the release to your taste.

Thanks to Taco and Desudesu for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Intimate Spep Siblings and Ro~zuma (“Lotion~Wife”).

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Doping AbeKobe (“Doping Mix-Up”) [English], by Marneko

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That's exactly what I ask from gender bender hentai: don't try to give me an erection, simply make me laugh and please my eyes :)

That’s the kind of gender bender I can get behind: funny, not trying to take itself seriously, original ^^

Here, just before a title match, a boxer ingests an illegal drug, but of course he chose wrong and that drug turns him into a woman in a matter of a few seconds. His future opponent happens to pass by, boxing competition becomes sexual cooperation, etcetera ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Enough said. See for yourselves, go for it if you fancy a few smiles and gender bender isn’t on your “no way in hell” shitlist, enjoy!
It’s been released by Espeon and SachiKing, thank you !:jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Marneko and Maruneko, I also share Kinkou No Kuni, Soshage De Toransu, Yaritagari Nyotaika Bish, Kaoru Kanojo + Masumasu Kaoru Kanojo, Asa Onna Na ore To Futanarikko Ojousama Tomodachi Mo Taisetsu Ni, When Aniki Wore A Bikini, Furubita Dress and Trans Layer.

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Kaettekita Yuu-kun [English], by Hirune

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Neurons holocaust in progress

Hirune’s spirit animal must be Yoshu Ohepe: this is the craziest “Wet and sloppy” release I saw in many years :lol:

The story isn’t bad, two childhood friends didn’t see for ten years, and of course there’s been a little change, the midget boy who was constantly clinging to his physically stronger onee-chan has become a badass towering pillar of perfectly honed muscles, with a handsome virile face at its summit. And, hentai icing on the porn cake, he’s trained his body to be able to seduce and please the girl, all ten years long ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

No complaints from the girl, that’s everything she was fantasizing about and more, the rest is intense sex =)
In this case, I’ll overlook the huge censorship, my focus was more on the girl’s crazily satisfied facial expressions, huhu. Oh, a note, maybe: I retouched a bit the images, grayscaling and levelling them a bit.

We owe this one of a kind release to Michael and Xinsutranslations, thank you! :jap:
They do CN –> En translations, think of them if you have something in Chinese that you’d want to see translated to English?

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