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Freud No These (“Freud’s Thesis”) [English], by Kemigawa Mondo

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The anus isn't a zone that deserves censorship. Hey, it's cool :D

There’s a strong hatred for psychoanalysis in my family, the two female family members who consulted to try to overcome personal difficulties ended up blamed and made to feel guilty for shit they weren’t even responsible for in the first place.
But, hey, if Freud’s good old bag of now mostly refuted bullshit can be used as a good alibi for hentai, I’m all for it ^^

That’s the case here, it could be a simple anal-focused story, but for some reason (no complains here) the mangaka wrapped them with Freudian explanations about the anal stage ^^;;
For the rest, it’s tsundere vanilla hentai, I think it’s worth a shot :)

Release credits are for Jumi, IExpectedBetter, IceCat, Aaron, A-Psy, Burdern, Danky and Dynellen, from RedLantern Translations, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, Kemigawa, Kemigawa Mondo, circle Butagoya, I also share Omoichigai and Kurogal Netorare Nikki.

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Kyonyuu Hitozuma No Idol Katsudou (“Big-Titty Wife’s Idol Life”) [English], by Tawara Hiryuu

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From the era censorship was bearable

Yawn. That was looking good in itself, but in a specific graphical niche, and also a specific story niche, so I wouldn’t bet money on this share’s popularity.
The story, in short, is about a former idol blackmailed into having sex with a group of nasty bastards, otherwise her husband is fired. Of course, she almost immediately enjoys being treated like a sow, humiliated and verbally abused. Of course :roll:
And in terms of art, there’s very little censorship but only a few will enjoy the sight of a near-obese MILF, right?

I gave the information, for the rest, do as you wish ^^
Release are for Selcouth and Kafka, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Toshiue Zukushi Jukushita Sanshimai and Inran Hitozuma No Seishori Support.

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Oshaburi-kan Mesu Kashima-san [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Steel Mayonnaise

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Nice ass is nice ass.

Kashima, from Kantai Collection, has a threesome with two rookie admirals. Oral, vaginal, double penetration, and this is it, no brain cells were harmed or put to work in the process ^^

There’s little more to add, Kashima looks good as always, I’m a fan of her slanted eyes, and for the specifics, see for yourselves ^^
Thanks to Animefan71109, Potato, Opus and Dabor, from Hennojin! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Steel Mayonnaise and Higuchi Isami, I also share Steel Mayonnaise 11 and Niku Miko No Utage + Niku Miko No Utage Ni ~ Nure Ochi no Nie.

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Pearl Grey Afterimage chapters 1-7 [English, 176 pictures, the story is complete], by Clone Ningen

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Look at that expression on her face. Respect.

I was living in a cage called morality, pretending to be happy“.
We’re very far from La Bête Obscène levels, but there’s this certain fascination for the darkness lurking in each and everyone of us. The part of us that cares not for bonds, family values or morality. Acknowledging its existence, accepting to contemplate our inner darkness to understand how it works and how we can avoid letting it overflow (unless you want to: your life, your choice), it isn’t so bad, right? Especially when the drawings are good enough to not make us run away.

Basically, this share is about a MILF seduced by her son in law, the new husband of her daughter. He had his eyes on her for a while, and during an onsen family trip, he captures her body (and her heart? Nobody cares about that!), shows her it’s good to abandon everything and give in to pleasure, etcetera. There are enough pages to contemplate the gradual falling into corruption, it didn’t look ridiculous fast.

Look, frankly, I detested the story’s contents, but everything else, the pace control, the quality of the delivery in so many aspects, I have no other choice but to praise and admire it.

Graphically, Clone Ningen delivers solid MILF hentai, with huge talent. Think of a thick meaty body, almost plump, strong gloseups, a face distorted by pleasure oftentimes reaching the ahegao stage, complex facial expressions of guilt, pleasure and earnest focus on ecstasy. However, honest warning, the pages 1-74 have gross mosaic censorship, it’s only afterwards that it becomes better with “only” a few black bars.

I hope you’ll enjoy the read! :)
Release credits are for Ardea (the chapter 1) and DJNoni (whom I must also thank for this great portmanteau, “procrasturbation” :lol: ), thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Mitsubo No Kokuhaku (195 pictures), M No Heya, Cotton Candy, Machine, Its Beautiful Flower and the uncensored version of M4 girls.

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Seishun Black Time Killer [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Seishun Buta Yarō series, by G-Scan Corp

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The kind of hentai I can get behind.

This volume is a parody of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume o Minai, more commonly known as Seishun Buta Yarō.
Which is a useless information, as the present share is simply about a boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend to finish with her photoshoot job to end so that they can finally graduate from being virgins, the canvas was of zero importance ^^

No need to overthink that one, two youngsters like each other, lust after each other, and finally do it, long and well, with satisfying art and quite little censorship, for me that was enough ^_^
Thanks to Mikhailova#8280, Ai#7135, Yishuan#4364, Noogan#9439 and Kamijou#5494, from ComfyPillowScans, for this one!

By the same artist, known as Satou Chagashi and G-Scan Corp, I also share Eroing Witch, a pack of 4 works (Le Beau Maître 2 + Together with Sa-ryan + Together With Tama-Nee vol. 1-2) and Le Beau Maître 6.

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Let’s get Physical chapters 1-5 [English, 116 pictures, the story is complete], by Tsukino Jyogi

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The other pages have more censorship, sorry

It had been a long time I didn’t share something by Tsukino Jyogi, probably because the previous work I read by this artist was a disappointment (I didn’t want to share it on Hentairules).
This time, here’s something more, let’s say, palatable =)

The present story, 116 pictures long, is about women who created a bogus fitness club for frustrated housewives in which, after normal exercizing, the male instructors provide sex. The recruiting criteria for the male instructors is the size of their dick =)
And, chapter after chapter, it’s about becoming addicted to huge dicks, merrily cheating on the husbands.

In terms of art, it’s relatively good. On the one hand there’s unique good art (I laughed at those leotards that look like they’ve been pulled from an old City Hunter manga :lol: ), and the Tsukino Jyogi specials like deeply sunken eyes. But on the other hand there’s full whiteout censorship and – alas – the tedious and boring cliché of womb/cervix penetrations -_-

Thanks to Ruruscanlations for this release! :jap:

(Remember to view The Updated List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Ankai No Matou Gapogapo [English, 166 pictures, Uncensored], by Jeanne DA’ck

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Anyone's got some bleach? I must rinse my eyes

Oh god. My eyes. This is the most WTF manga I have read in many years.

Jeanne DA’ck is used to drawing WTF mangas based on emotionless sex, but this one is worse (or better, matter of point of view, of course) than before. The scenarii go from happy emotionless sex to preposterous netorare emotionless sex, the girls are drawn kinda grossly and they come out of the same mould with just variations around body weight, hairstyle and face.
At best it’s plain, at worst it’s filthy and, frankly, revolting.

Still, a 166 pages tank, completely uncensored, it’s got to count, and I know there’s such a variety of tastes a good number of people are going to love that. Good for you, you freaks :D

Release credits are for: AT4R1, Cammy23, and Ongokakashi, Mav9, Gansta, Aquaterraventus, Lordfrisk, Bungeelove, Jonavrek, Azertyporto, Klorpa, and Saintcdzxd. Thank you!

By Jeanne DA’Ck (that I also sometimes read as Jeanne D’Ack), I also share Toukai No Kotou PuriPuri (169 pictures), Melomelo Melon Bread (172 pictures), Muchi Muchi Princesses (183 pictures), Hamo Hamo Harmony (173 pictures), and Hug Hug Boing (169 pictures).

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