Chika 30m No Mitsugetsu O (“Honeymoon At 30 Meters Underground”) [English, 192 pictures, fully Uncensored!], by Saigado

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I felt the missionary were AWESOME in this volume. I kinda like it, in hentai, it looks casual but it's one of my favourite positions when it's drawn well ^^

Holy canoli!
A complete volume by Saigado, 192 pictures long, fully uncensored, with awesome sex and an actual scenario, in English?!? PRAISE BE THE HENTAI LORD, BROTHERS!
And praise be an ehentaier called Omniscient Narrator, he’s the one who did the decensoring and translation ;)

Super short summary: go for it, this is a quality release, you won’t regret it!

Sliiiiiightly longer summary: this volume combines several ingredients that oddly work together. There’s:
(1) Two sexy women drawn with god-tier skill (a younger one looking like a doll – a horny doll – and an older one with all the charms of adults, the delicate use of screentones finely enhanced their beauty, hats off, Saigado, hats off),
(2) a WTF scenario that eventually starts making just enough sense for us to go “what the fuck, what reason was that, how is it making any sense?!?” And, honest warning, the scenario isn’t over, the volume ends on a cliffhanger, there’s at least enough for a second volume, however I have no idea if or when it will be out.
(3) Food reviewing: I’m betting you 20 hentaibucks the mangaka is a foodie :lol:

Sorry for the wall of text, come on, check it out, it’s worth it!! :D

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules!)

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Houkago Threesome! (“After School Threesome!”) [English], by Musashimaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Man, after the fantastic piece that was my latest Herio share, I was seriously reluctant to post anything on Hentairules that would push it back from the top of the site ^^

Here’s something MHM recommended, and he was quite right to do so, a simple but very well executed story about two sisters, of highschool age, and their male classmate. We start on a light comedy + love triangle basis, but soon enough, it’s simply excellent sex.

Honest warning, there is gross, horrible blur censorship. But thanks to the mangaka’s skill, it didn’t matter to me, this time. The way the girls are represented, their exquisitely arousing positions, their healthy bodies, the satisfied expressions on their faces, that was gold. I had the impression there was twice the number of pages of hentai, hehe ^^

By Musashimaru, I also share Honey Time (214 pictures), Keep It A Secret From My Sister, of Course (237 pictures), Boku Ga Nurse Ni Natta Wake (168 pictures), Spirited Girl, its sequel Spirited Girl Supremacy, Give And Take, Naked Play 1-4 and 8, The Sweetish Temptation and Broadcast Girlfriend.

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Pack of 956 pictures by the hentai artist Dishwasher1910

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Nice, right? :3 There was an alt. version in which she isn't blindfolded, but it's clearly better with it :D

I’ve let that pictures pack sleep on my disk for a few months, let’s share it finally, it’s worth it, a whopping pack of 956 pictures, no less ^^

You’ll have two parts, basically: the first part of the pictures pack is actual hentai contents, extremely sexy girls, naked or with just enough clothes to become more sexy than naked, posing or uncensored in after-sex glow.
And then, the larger part of the pack (let’s say, somewhere around the 280th pic, if I remember vaguely right), non-hentai pictures that, simply, look great, either meant to be arousing, or, simply, drawn beautifully. I reckon you’re on Hentairules because it’s an hentai site, but, please, try to check out the pictures gallery even after the pictures stop being hentai, there’s tons of talent, of cuteness, and a few funny bits, maybe you’ll love simply browsing it :)

It’s something I can’t quite put into words: from Dishwasher1910’s art, I got this pleasant feeling we were with one of those few artists that deeply loved what they were doing, and had a liking for the characters that were drawn…

Well, I really liked what I discovered, and I’m hoping you guys too will enjoy it. You’re more than welcome to support the artist on Patreon, Dishwasher1910 totally deserves it :)

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Yamitsuki Pheromone (“Addictive Pheromone”) [English, 287 pictures… AWESOME!!!], by Herio

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

Morally speaking, hentai censorship should be outlawed, it is an actual crime against everything noble and beautiful


Boys, girls, Apache helicopters, and everything in between, here is one of the best vanilla hentai mangas you’ll get on Hentairules. No less.

Yamitsuki Pheromone is made of single unrelated chapters, every one of them showing youngsters (from teen age to young adults) finally becoming lovers. Love blooms, is discovered, revealed or confirmed, it depends, but every time it pulls on our heartstrings, fills our soul with warmth and joy… That blissful feeling of happiness is what I crave for the most, being treated to so much of it was exceptional :)

Really, it’s so rare, to see this focus on tenderness, on communication, on sharing and accepting emotions, on caring for each other, discovering two can and will share a future… that was touching, it’s one of those cases where hentai is a lot more than porn :)
Plus, multiple times, the chapters were quite funny, even though I’m keeping the “comedy” tag for full-blown comedy setups entirely built around bringing the giggles in ^^

Graphically, we’re also with top-tier hentai, even if the thick black bar censorship was strong. Tons of blushing, of lively breasts, of powerful frenzied sex between the WAFF moments… oh boy, what a sight, quality faps will follow suit, I’m betting on it.

We owe this wonderful release to Clog Translations, thank you very much!! :jap:

By Herio (circle Haraheridou), to this day, I also share Tonari No Ayane-san volumes 1-2, Chigu Hagu Stride, BeaTRICKs, Bokura Wa Oo Hanare Ga Dekinai (the complete arc), Yuel Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara, Melty Yuel, Hana Ga Futatabi Saku Koro Ni, and Bea Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara.

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A hurried update, Mesuochi Zenkai Shoujo, a 200 pages long tank, is now fully uncensored!

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
in Categories: Just Talking

That manga was cringe, solidified into hentai

EDIT: a Twitter user called Christophe asked an interesting question, should the clitoris really be there, in the above picture? :lol:

I have *a few* reservations regarding its contents, but here’s the info Mesuochi Zenkai Shoujo, a 200 pages long volume I first shared last December in its original version, is now fully uncensored!

If you want to get it, sure, I can respect differences in tastes, just follow that link!

Ayatsure! Sisters [English, 196 pictures], by Pon Takahanada

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

The best sister won

That’s nice, how skilled enough mangakas can take a stereotypical theme, and adapt it enough to make it interesting again :)
Here, Ayatsure! Sisters starts with a harem basis (a young man starts living at a house inhabited by 4 young women, he finds a magical whistle that makes them horny), but once we reach the middle, only one girl emerges victorious and a vanilla scenario is born… that was a pleasure to read!

Graphically, we were in Pon Takahanada territory. Tons of talent, a few weirdly screwed up hips, plenty of adorable shots, girls with cuteness all over… And the addition that, this time, the drawings only had light censorship that didn’t hide much (thin bars, either black and very thin, or grey and translucid): I had my fill :D

I hope you’ll love this read, you too, and thanks a lot to Desudesu! :jap:
I’ll add bonus thanks to Anony-Mouse for the info about the manga’s release, I had missed the fact it had reached completion.

By Pon Takahanada, I also share Niizuma Osenaka Nagashimasu volumes 1-2 (356 pictures), Love Gome (224 pictures), Okonomi No Mama! – As You Like It (197 pictures), An Angel’s Marshmallow Volume 1 (167 pictures) + Volume 2 (169 pictures) + Volume 3 (169 pictures), Pythagoras Bitch chapters 1-2, Blind Love Susume, Like A Rat, and a Japanese mega pack (Oneesan Hitorijime + Rabu gome + Bon Appetit Sakura + Maid In Japan + Maniac Parade + Pie Heaven).

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Futanari Yodoushi Hatsujou-ki [English, 183 pictures], by Kamotama

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

Again, I'm surprised it was so nice, several of these chapters were real sweet

If you want good futanari, seek no further, this 183 pages long volume has it all: excellent art and original storylines, some of them reaching wholesome levels :)

I always feel a bit weird with mangas like that, as futanari, as a sexual fetish, is still alien to me. I’m able to enjoy multiple side aspects of this (a good vanilla chapter, every aspect of the women’s bodies save for the dick part, the mangaka’s art’s idiosyncrasies: there was PLENTY of talent and skill here, oh boy), but the main dish remains something I simply don’t care about, heh ^^

The volume is made of multiple unrelated chapters, with almost always the same basis, one man, one woman, one futanari woman. Always with good vibes: nothing ugly or evil, no sense of corruption or self-loathing. There may be cheating, but it’s never presented as bad, and the spouses soon share the futa anyway. Sometimes the third party is not a wife but a sister, or a mother, but it’s the same, all’s well that ends well :)

Even if you’re no futa fans, I hope you find good things to enjoy in this manga, thanks a lot to Bean1018, Clanc, DuckDuckGo! :jap:

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