Ane X Pako² Ultimets (Ultimate) [English, 237 pictures, Complete!], by Agata

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Looks like baguette is back on the menu, girls!

That’s nice! Here’s a new complete manga, compiled by The Outside Source :)
(Yes, this is a compilation repack, possibly not a tank: if needed, I explain here what The Outside Source does.)

You shouldn’t be surprised by the contents of the manga, not after Chou One X Pako³, Mama Para ~ Chijo Zukan and Mama X Paco: with brains-free easy setups (sometimes funny, the last one got me good, starting with the typical Hero tasked with defeating the Demon King, but evolving into “and pls impregnate 1000 women on your way, to make sure your bloodline is preserved” :lol: ), we simply witness women between highschool and early MILF ages enjoying sometimes huge shota dick. No more, but at least, no less.
And just like the previous times, I’ll grieve the devastating waste to have chosen male shotas, when the artist is so skilled and makes the women look wonderful.

This is it. 237 pages of Agata hentai, enjoy! And many thanks to the scanlators and to The Outside Source :)

You want more? I got more!! See The list of Agata’s works on Hentairules :)

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Haha To Majiwaru Hi [English, 212 pictures], by Natsu No Oyatsu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Apologies, but despite that image's promise, there is only one anal sex scene

Super-summarized version: MILFs are dicked by their teenage or freshly adult sons. Each girl has her chapter. They’re usually meaty, borderline plump, with pubic hair, and that’s it :D

The drawings are correct (to be frank, the cover gave me false hopes, it’s good, but not a lot more than that), the censorship remains unobstrusive (a few thin bars), the scenarii are hardly noticeable (thus, at least, it’s not like they suck ^^;;)… All in all, yeah, this is a decent 212 pages long MILF manga, fap away if the art is to your style, pervs! =)

It’s a Doujin-Moe release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chibo Soukan. (195 pictures)

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Joshi Rikujoubu (“Girl’s Athletic Club”) Harem Training [English, 213 pictures, retouched], by Pei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

She had "tsundere" written all over her body

Here is a very good freshly released complete tank, in which a young man is appointed as coach for a female track and field club. And, unsurprisingly, the girls fall for him.
The scenario doesn’t fetch much further than that, each of the 4 teen girls has their own reasons, a slightly older female teacher (looking like, what, 25?) also joins, and this is it ^^

My preference would still go to a certain Lacrosse series, if comparisons were to be forced, but really I’ve got no issues with the manga. The art was very lightly censored, the girls were healthy and cute, there was a certain “fresh” feeling that reminded me of another mangaka, Arsenal, my fetishes for big breasts, moles and tanned skin with tanlines were fulfilled, that was plenty good already ^___^

I hope you’ll enjoy it! It’s a release by Carl and SquigglesJP, thank you very much! :jap:

A side note… I applied a retouching to the images, cropping away the white borders around the images (it was weird in itself, 12x12x12x11 px, why 11, ffs) and faintly adjusting levels, clearing surfaces and sharpening a bit the pics (an illustration, better seen with a 100% zoom instead of a fit-to-screen: before / after).

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Maken No Kishi [English, 216 pictures], by Namonashi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Dark elves. A fantasy for life. Lodoss' fault.
I pulled the ONLY good pic without tentacles ^^

I had an incredibly negative prospect of the Maken No Kishi manga before I checked it in detail. “That must be yet another pointless boring and mediocre manga in which tentacle monsters rape and break women, yaaaaawnz”.
Well, I’ll recognize I was wrong, there was an original and perhaps worthy scenario.

In short, there’s a war against demons going on, and the allied races opposing them make use of a last resort solution: an evil sword. Indubitably “evil”, because while it allows to blast large armies Hiroshima-style, the weapon has a perverted soul lusting for maiden juices, and it will produce tentacles out of nowhere ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Graphically? To my surprise, neither mindbreak nor rape, okay art. The demons look better drawn than the women, but maybe that’s my prejudice against tentacles hentai distorting my view, lol :lol:

Release credits are for PaGe422, Dynellen, Mr. X, Obsoletezero, Desudesu, Biribiri and kizlan, thanks for that!

By the same artist, I also share Fukutsu No Perorist (211 pictures), Ken Yori Tsuyoshi (207 pictures), Re06, and, on top of all, Tentacle Lovers, possibly the only tentacles-based manga that I – though reluctantly – found to my liking.

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Soto De Shiyou! Futari No Himitsu [English, 63 pictures], by Jairou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

At this point of the livestream, as a spectator, I'd be already shooting blanks.

Awwwwww, that is solid gold. Jairou delivers here an awesome manga, in which two highschoolers discover the joys of exhibitionism sex.
The girl should have been an ojou-sama, but in private, she comes to a park at night to relieve herself. The boy looks like a harmless shota, but in private, he’s got a dick as huge as his libido, and he comes to a park at night to masturbate naked… And so, well, yeah :D

First they enjoy the thrill of discovery in that park, and a week later, the girl organizes a highly successful hardcore live show in their highschool. Ending in a fantastic scene, in the middle of the schoolyard, under pouring rain, with nobody mattering anymore except their unending coitus.

Hats fucking off, the story was arousing, and the art was even better, intense, no holds barred, with a ton of skill and talent to make every panel shine. It’s even rich with non-necessary details, making the action more immersive, more realistic, like all the kissing and pinching, or the movements of the hair… Again, hats fucking off :shock: :kickass:

MrBubbles is behind this release, thank you so much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Seikyouiku Wa Rankou De (uncensored.)

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Keiyaku [English], by Zonda

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments


I got bittersweet tastes from this one, it’s about a sister ensuring her brother won’t go for another woman, but her methods were questionable.

Before the story starts, they’re already intimate, masturbating each other. But as soon as a girlfriend shows up, the sister reveals her nasty side, and mindfucks her both lucky and poor brother. He’s so desperate to finally have actual sex with her, and not just blowjobs/stroking/paizuri, in the end he’s beyond salvation, he’s become his sister’s possession ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t mind a lot the story, but I felt it could have been wrapped better, matter of tastes. On the other end, graphically it’s very good, Zonda style. We’ve got the mangaka’s great idiosyncrasies (like the close ups on juicy lips, yummy!) and a lot of skill to back it up, and besides there’s only minimal thin white bar censorship :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Boku No Kanojo O Netotte Kudasai (191 pictures, pure facepalm cringe), Triangle (Uncensored version!), Senpai To Micchaku Shitai Desu, Hitozuma X Netorare (209 pictures), Yakusoku, Raikou Ga Anata No Hajimete O Choudai Shimasu, Bosei Honnou, Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku and the comedy-driven Ran-man.

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Unsweet – Asahina Ikka Netorareta Haha · Tomoko (34) [English, 200 pictures, Uncensored!], by Tanaka Aji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Facepalming isn't enough. IDK... Turbo-facepalming? Facewalling?

Unsweet“. That rings an unpleasant bell. A brief Hentairules search later, I had my confirmation, the 3 previous “unsweet” volumes I shared were ripe with netorare, netori, blackmail, domination, rage hentai, mindbreak, and plenty more. AKA “complete shit” to me.

Look, if YOU, o internet stranger, you dig these themes, I’ve got no issue with it. It’s not like you’re going to practice it in the real world, nah, you’re just going to wank to it. Enjoy! It’s just that, me, I’m not going to pretend I love it, or care to read the manga in full detail, not missing a single speech bubble :D
(Personal illustration, it took me far more than a decade to stop caring that people love lolicon, before that, it was deeply disgusting me. Eventually, I grew to accept that it’s people’s fantasy, and it’s not like they’re going to harass real girls anyway. So, fap away, you happy filthy pervs, I don’t care and possess no right to judge.)

Moving on, my apologies that I can’t stop myself from digressing: a new Unsweet volume is out, it’s 200 pictures long, every shit I thought it would be in terms of scenario. A brief summary would be that a mysterious shota joins a happy tightly knit family. He’s entitled, selfish, got a big dick, and one after the other, the women bend the knee and join his harem. In the end, he successfully destroyed the family, reigning upon a group of submissive cum dumps who resigned all self-esteem :roll:

BUT, a huge “but”, in terms of art, it’s pretty great, and it’s fully uncensored :shock: If it matters to you, I’ll mention it.

By the same artist, I also share Kare Ni… Dakaremashita. Ato, Ne… (262 pictures), Unsweet Kurose Katsuko Plus Kakugo (72 pictures), Ai No Musume Sakurako (199 pictures), Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi (192 pictures) and Ane Unsweet Miharagi Hiyori (139 pictures).

Release credits are for Shotalover, Potato, Vilis and Andyee, from Hennojin, thanks.

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