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Kore Ga Honto No Onee-san? (“Is She Really His Sister?”) [English], by Muronaga Chaashu

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Boobs bigger than the head: check! Bakunyuu acquired.

With that release, I learned a new expression, “Himono onna”, standing for women with a respectable face outside and at their job, turning into lazy bums when they’re alone and single at home, you may read more about them here, for instance.

This share is about a woman like that, elder sister of a highschooler, deflowering one of her brother’s friends. She’s easygoing, assumes the lead from beginning to end, making it a quality experience for both the newbie and the seasoned copulator :D
A plump enthusiastic woman with gigantic tits and a broad smile like that, this is a marvel in my eyes :3 However, the drawings are whiteout-censored, sorry about that, so please check first with the gallery to make sure this is still OK with you, allright? I wouldn’t want you to feel too disappointed.
(Side note: I ran a levels correction, to fix the darks.)

I think it’s been released by RhinocerosBeetle, thank you very much! :)

By Muronaga Chaashuu (circle Hybrid Communication), I also share Houman Mucchiri Pai (“Voluptuous Plump Boobs”, 213 pictures), Very Pleasant <3 Secret Special Training, Hybrid Tsuushin 28 and Milky Clinic.

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Boy Meets Maid Zenpen [English], by Batsu

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Not the hottest pic in the manga, but I found her face super funny, huhu ^^

At first, the setup looks normal, a young man is hired as a servant in a huge manor and the tsundere head maid strongly disapproves the arrival of the first male crew member. Fortunately, the female master is kind of a lunatic and declares the young man will eventually become her fuckboy, but before that he must be trained to be good with the female body – a job for the head maid =)
We’ve had worse censorship (“only” thick black bars), and I’ve got a thing for maids, their lingerie and cuteness is right up my alley :twisted:

I must warn you, as I explain in my hentai glossary, there is “Zenpen” in the title, this is a first part… Might there be more, you may ask, the answer will be: I have no idea :D

We owe this release to Dynellen, Couldbeanyon, Constipat8, Freudia and Nero, from Team Koinaka, thank you! :jap:

By Batsu (circle Batsu Jirushi), I also share Over Work Love, Cosplay Encounter, Omoe Jigoku, Climax Liberator Orga, Momo X Oni Conquest and Tentacle Training.

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Mamorino Miko Yuki [English], by Hashimura Aoki

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Damn that censorship

Technically, this is yet another variation on the “teen miko is defeated by monsters and raped until mindbroken”, but the mangaka made it original enough to avoid boredom, at least.
– In terms of story, I bet you won’t recognize the evil keikaku before the mangaka spills the beans in the end…
– And in terms of art, both the youkai and the girls weren’t drawn as of usual in hentai. The monsters were another kind of ugly (honestly I have no idea how to describe it ^^;;), while the girl looked better than usually, probably because we were spared the caricaturally exaggerated ahegaos and shit usually coming with this monster group rape hentai.

It’s still not my kink, but, eh, at least that one was creative and might please you freaks, who knows ;)
It’s been released by Akarare, thank you!

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Otome Mankai Himehajime (“Maiden In Full Bloom”) [English], by Hiroshiki

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It's morning already, girl

This is a pure “hentai world” kind of scenario, to it would be pointless to judge, at this point ^^
Basically, a cute young adult girl visits her family on New Year’s occasion, there are 3 middle-aged men present, alcohol is shared, and one thing leading to another, she’s got two dicks inside and a third in the mouth, and next morning she still hasn’t had enough, everybody’s loved the ride, merry new yeaaaaaar! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

It’s been released by Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share What Happened When A Virgin Went To A Sex Bar With His Little Sister Kek (in its uncensored version!) and My Private Teacher Is a Gal Teacher.

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Oku-sama Wa Succubus (“The Housewife Next Door Is A Succubus”) [English], by Mifune Seijirou (circle Mean Machine)

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Ready or not, here comes succubus pussy

Please tell me there is more. Or there will be more. Please.

This share tells us of a young man in a proto-harem situation (surrounded by hot young adult women who joke about seducing him), and one of those women invites him at her place, an invitation shortly followed by sex during which, after a while, she reveals her succubus nature. It’s damn good sex, I liked many elements such as the slutty faces the woman made, or her lively breasts, while some other aspects of the art left me less thrilled, like her abnormal hips and belly. Or, hey, a “cannot unsee” detail: count how many times her tongue remains inside of her mouth during sex :lol:

All in all, it’s worth a read, I believe, good job @ Dark Knight! ^^

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Elf Harem Academia and Elf Harem No Mori To Kozukuri Keiyaku.

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Himegoto Komachi [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls series, by Pija

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A gentleman cannot refuse

In this share, Syuko Shiomi and Sae Kobayakawa, two [email protected] Cinderella idols, spend the evening and night at an onsen, and do nothing but sex. It’s an odd mood, with hidden competition between the girls, endless stamina from P-kun that the two girls welcome with something akin to greed. Let’s add to this quality art (very original, the girl’s originally boring bodies were enhanced in lots of ways, they were taller, bustier, even Syuko’s beautiful eyes because excessively slanted) with an atmosphere so loaded with eroticism it becomes stifling…
The censorship is hardly an issue, to make it even better, I hope this new doujinshi will please your eyes :)

Release credits are for Mikhailova#8280, Megapsk#9861, Roofie#7986, Kamijou#5494, Karuga#8372 and Timothy#2257, from Comfy Pillow Scans, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, under the Pija and Pianiishimo names (think “Pijanishimo” –> “Pija…”), I also share Watakushi Mob Desu Ga, Aru Atsui Hi No Futari, OneOneOne, Binkan Hoshuu and Futari No Hi – Day Only For Two.

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Aoi No Sukina OOOO (“Aoi’s Beloved OOOO”) [English], by Musenmai

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I've seen worse defloverings.

In hentai Japan, it is basic common courtesy to superfuck punch drunk women, this way when they emerge from oblivion they’ve been gifted them with a renewed taste for dick, three cheers for Japanese gentlemen! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The drawings are horribly censored, true (full whiteout), but I felt a certain charm to the story, it’s nicely hardcore vaginal, anal, DP), it’s never taken dramatically (what, rape? No, common courtesy, we tell you!), and in the end everyone is happy, so, hey, as long as it works, right? ^^;;

Thanks to Crowkarasu and Grink Da Boy, from CrowKarasuTranslations! :jap:

I almost forgot, I lightly retouched the pics: beforeafter.

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