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Bitch Library [English], by Hori Hiroaki

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I can't tell if she's amoral, or immoral. Just one voyel, and yet, an immense difference.

It’s easy to say “don’t put your dick in crazies”, but when the girl’s not crazy, simply batshit kinky, maybe it’s tolerable to walk the weird path for a while, no, consider it a learning experience?

Or maybe not. I am extremely confused. In this share, the male MC is a barely adult young man, led by the tip of the nose and by another tip, too, by a strange girl. She doesn’t mind showing him how men purchase the use of her body and it makes her climax hyper hard, apparently all of this would be to set him into condition for a grandiose first time with her…
And then there’s the ending, that left me with even more questions, WTF.

Still, graphically, hard to complain, we get our fill of double penetrations, there’s not too much censorship (hower, being partial to ahegaos would have helped.)
Anon and Desudesu are behind this one, thank you! :jap:

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Yoyogi Mademoiselle, by Shimanto Shisakugata, is now available in a new, improved version!

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Nice job: ojou-sama sexual servant

I know I already shared Yoyogi Mademoiselle back in 2012, but there have been improvements :)
Namely, in addition to the evident changes coming from a new scanlator bringing his own idiosyncrasies:
– these is far less censorship than before. The previous version saw half of the genitalia censored in full white, whereas here these are semi-translucid rectangles and nothing more, it’s a net improvement!!
– the image resolution went from 1600 px to 2048 px
– I took the liberty to make an addition, converting the images to grayscale, as there were occurences of an odd rainbow moiré here and there (beforeafter).

That’s a chance to read again this very funny story, I hope you will find it to your liking if it is new to you ^_^
Release credits are for Hentai_Doctor, commissioned by Aclouthunkier, thanks a lot! :jap:

I updated the links in the old 2012 post, so: simply follow that link! =)

Hitozuma Haramu [English], by Meme50

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Sure, if you love them slim and small, you've opened the wrong blog post

I hope you have grown as desensitized as me and won’t care that the story’s based on adultery just because the husband isn’t available often enough.
‘Cause if you don’t mind, here comes some glorious milf for you. The female’s MC cute, plump, has heavy huge breasts, cute large glasses, and a slutty face during sex (as one could expect from Meme50, the talent’s there.)

In terms of story, a MILF and a teenage boy become buddies through in-game chat and IRL meetings, eventually they’re lovers, etc. Their relationship evolves, in the end the girl is proud to let the boy impregnate her and all. I’m no fan of preggo sex, so here’s for the warning, there’s 4-5 pages of that in the end.
Before that, it’s simply a cute plump 30 yo-looking woman enjoying life =)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Axalon, MrWayne, Mysael, and Misty :jap:

By the same artist, with working links, I’ve only got Asobizakari.

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Chaldea Mania – Oni & Ma [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by the artists Fishine and Ireading (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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The only paizuri in the book, of course I had to choose it :D

Nishimaru Translations, thank you for this, bring us another Bear Hand doujinshi, in which Shuten Douji, Ibaraki Dōji and BB have futanari sex.
I’m certain there must have been a scenario, but I simply didn’t understand it, for me, that was a series of hard penetrations (vaginal, DP, anal) with massive dilatations, looking mostly good, and this is it ^^;;

I’ll let the preview pics give you a taste, go for it, or not, as you wish, huhu.

By the same artist… … oh shit, what a mess, hang in there. The Bear Hand circle was first called Turtle.Fish.Paint. Its two members are Hirame, also called Fishine, and Ireading, also called Abi Kamesennin, also called An zheng ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So, by the Bear Hand circle/artists, up till now, I also share NieR _ 2BR18, JINX! Come On, Shoot Faster, SoOO Sensou, Trial of The Falsely Accused, Chaldea Mania – Kuro And Shiro, Tennen Delivery (“Airhead Delivery) and the buttastic Overtime volume 1 and volume 2.

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Ohgi Good Job [English], an hentai doujishi parodying the Code Geass series, by Ao Norimaki

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Good job keeping the thighhighs

Trusting a Code Geass wiki, Kaname Ohgi and Villetta Nu (here, there) are married at the end of the series.
The present share must take place a long time before that (reminder: I’ve only known Code Geass through hentai and hasty wikis ^^), as Ohgi and Villetta live together but are still very awkward around each other, and aren’t lovers yet. Of course: “yet”, you’re reading hentai :3
How it begins: the girl asks the boy to scrub her body because she’s wounded and can’t take baths, he’s embarrassed but accepts, and the evident sign she was down to fuck is that she got naked, except that she kept her thighhighs.

No vanilla (but signs it’ll come eventually), it’s just sex afterwards. I must be frank, the drawings are mediocre, they’re amateurish and the woman’s body sometimes look weird.
But, hey, that’s part of the charm to me, that it wasn’t “pro”, it felt fresh. In itself, it was original and felt pleasant to read for this reason… (Not sure I’m making sense with you, sorry…)
In addition, the manga is written to make us sympathize with the male MC, it was a bit funny, that part also felt heart-warming ^^

Red_Piotrus, Ultimaflaral, Erelzen and Shinko, from the E-H Cove, are behind this release, thank you!

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Good news regarding an old release: Excite, by Daigo, is now available in an Uncensored version :)

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A nerd's dream.

One of my oldest shares, Excite, dated from ELEVEN YEARS AGO – 2008!! :lol: – has gotten an update, woot, now in higher resolution and with the censorship fully removed :D

Look at those comparison pictures: new version VS old version: neat, right? ^___^
– We went from full whiteout censorship, to 100% uncensored images
– The image resolution shot up by 400 vertical pixels (1600 px now, which is modest in itself, but now it’s *ahem* usable)

No idea who released it, though. Would someone know? I’m grateful, whoever did it, thank you! :jap:

You can get Excite HERE, in the post from 11 years ago ;)

Agnes-san Oshigoto Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Tiger & Bunny series, by the 2 mangakas Namboku & Tohzai, under the hougakuya circle name

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So, can you tell with just that one pic? Namboku? Tohzai? Come on ;)

Reading the scenario of Tiger & Bunny on Wikipedia made me want to discover the series, it seems pretty interesting. Would someone have an opinion on it, you’d say it’s worth it?

Anyway: here’s a good doujinshi for this series, focused on a female T&B character, Agnès Joubert, a TV announcer. In the first part she’s a dominatrix (this time, as a gentle woman catering to the deepest needs of her bondage customers, she lets them turn the tables on her exceptionally), in the second part a female studio assistant gives her a massage that becomes futanarisexual ( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Graphically, it’s fucking sweet, bursting with talent, with barely annoying faint amounts of censorship.
You’ll get to enjoy 2 different art styles, as 2 mangakas collaborated in the making of the volume, Tohzai and Namboku. I must tip my hat off to their work, they didn’t overwrite the Agnès Joubert to do us a Tohzai, a Namboku, no: they respected the character and adapted to how she had to look like, would you see the difference? So much talent, I loved it :)
It’s been released by CopyOf, many thanks!

By Namboku, I also share Follow X Follow + Let’s Work Magic, Koibito Lover – For Sweet Lover (220 pages, awesome !), My Lover’s Rule + Climax, Round 3, Inyoku No Ensousha and, included in a pack of other works now belonging to Koibito Lover, Zeon De Gouf Gouf.

And for the Tohzai part, see The list of Tohzai’s works on Hentairules :)

And by both Namboku and Tohzai, also under the Hougakuya circle name, I also share Round 08. It makes my management of hentai volumes complicated, sigh *__*

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