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Dokodemo Ecchi (“Sex Wherever, Whenever”) [English], by Chirumakuro

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A butt that size possesses its own field of gravity

At first I got kinda odd vibes from this one, it started as non-consensual sex, a boy forcing himself upon the girl he likes, but apparently things work out as she was expecting it (?), and the rest of the story is about them, much later, already an established couple, having outdoor sex at a park.
Sooo… cool?

Other than that, the art was generous, the girl was extra meaty and every time the mangaka had to choose between respect for anatomy and meat, meat was the clear victor, however there’s this huge whiteout censorship that got a lot in the way, too bad.

Here’s for hoping you like the release, and thanks to Scroubignon, A-Psy, Danky, Jumi and Dariusdd, from Red Lantern TL! :)

By the same artist, that you will find called Chirumakuro (mangaka’s pen name) or (circle name) Entelecheia or Entelekheia, I also share Zuri 2 Live, Furimuite, a pack of 2 works (Ora Ora Na Shinjou + Ouen Shitageru), Kekkonn Zuri-Zuri, Sports Club No Mikako-san and Serval Nipple.

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Renzoku Taikyuu 8-jikan: Okay-san Ga 8-jikan Buttooshi De Taikyuu Ecchi Suru Hon (“8 Hours Non-Stop Endurance: Kay Endures 8 Straight Hours Of Non-Stop Sex”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Aomushi

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Wow. That doujinshi was well drawn, excellently intense and hardcore, and had a story so WTF it was impossible to find the strength to rant against its weirdness ^^

In short, this doujinshi features Kay, one of the heroines in the Girls Und Panzer series, willingly taking part in an extreme gangbang. It’s a tradition of her school, each year a new girl competes to score a higher male+female climaxes number than the girls before, and they take pride in being fucked silly for hours ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The use of aphrodisiacs, strengthening/enduring drugs and the like? Known in advance, and approved of by all participants, the woman included: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, hey, why not! ^^
Graphically, honest warning (is it even necessary?!? What do you expect?!? :lol: ) this is intense, partly based on domination, there’s no stopping once the sex started even when the girl asks for a break, there are the kinks of domination and forceful sex. And yet, it doesn’t end up with mindbreak or corruption, the way it’s presented, give the girl a day to rest and she’ll be good. So, eh, once again: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to Nasen for the scanlation! :jap:

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Carmilla-san To Sugosu Kyuujitsu Wa Yasumenai (“No Rest On A Day Off With Carmilla”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Fue (circle Ronpaia)

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Carmilla's superpower: an indestructible jaw

I don’t think I knew this Fate / Grand Order character, Carmila. In the images I found on the internet she’s super scary, intimidating and all, while in this doujinshi she’s all mellow and lovey-dovey.

There’s no scenario to mention, we’re simply given the chance to watch a fuck marathon between Carmilla and her master. They have excellent vaginal sex, of course, but also Fue’s specialty, long, intense, fantastic blowjobs, apparently feeling even better than vaginal sex.
I don’t even find the proper words to explain how and why, simply: the drawings are AWESOME, intense, masterful, every detail contributes to making everything great… hats off, Fue, hats off!! :shock:

Hive-san is behind this release, thanks a lot! :jap:

By Fue, I also share Inma No Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”, 241 pictures, Uncensored), Fella Hame Lips (227 pictures), Fera Pyua ~Mitarashi-san Chi No Jijou~ (“Two Siblings Fela Pure”, 231 pictures), Sakaki-san Satisfaction and Fela Pure Episode 1, the movie.

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Pack of 5 hentai doujinshi featuring Kaho Takafuji, from The [email protected] [English, 164 pictures], by Iorigumi

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What? Of course I had to choose a paizuri picture, if given the choice

Let’s make things simpler, rather than single shares, I repacked together all the hentai doujinshi I had yet to share by Iorigumi featuring Kako-san, the [email protected] Cinderella Girls starlet. Five volumes in total, all of them filled with WAFF (*), showing delicious vanilla moments between Kako and her beloved producer. Mutual love, mutual care, and great sex, I loved it =)

Kako’s got an adorable motherly feeling. She’s pure, fresh, spontaneous, and honest with herself about her own lust: when there’s a chance to enjoy physical intimacy with her producer, she seizes it :3

Just a note: I retouched the five volumes in various ways, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little, I felt they deserved all the love I could give them to bring an improvement :)

Those 5 volumes are:
Kako-san Ga Seifuku Ni Kigaetara (there’s a highschool uniform themed photo shoot)
Kako-san Shippori Douchuu (onsen loving, in the hot spring and later in a yukata)
Kako-san To Minami No Shima De Rendezvous (beach time! That bikini paizuri session was worth it, IMHO. And later, in a hotel room.)
Kakohajime (the beginning of the series, the first confession and first sex between Kako and her producer)
Natsu Kako (bikini time again, outdoor sex. Pity the image quality is poor.)

For those volumes, my great thanks go to Aizu, Melco S and Skymill, from FLG Translation, great job! :jap:

By the same artist (mangaka: Tokita Alumi, circle: Iorigumi), I also share Kako-san To Hotel De Hitobanjuu and Time Limit Love.

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Datenshi Corruption (“Dark Angel Corruption”, or “Fallen Angel Corruption”) volumes 1 and 2 [English], a pair of hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live Sunshine series, by Napo

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Rape is bad, mmmkay? But disregard the constabulary, enjoy! :D

It’s a funny thing, the official drawings for the Love Live Sunshine! girls look shitty in my eyes. I reckon I’m not the target audience anyway, but usually idol girls look cute to me in their official art – except for this series ^^
My point being: I have a good bias in favour of new a Love Live Sunshine doujinshi, I know it will look better than the original =)

In the pack of doujinshi I share, Datenshi Corruption volumes 1 and 2, two idols, Yoshiko Tsushima (aka Yohane) and Riko Sakurauchi are raped and, “because hentai”, immediately corrupted: they love it, they demand more, from now on their #1 interest in life is getting more dick from the rapists.
… look, what can I say, is there any point in ranting anyway?

Graphically, even with the thick censorship bars, the art is superb. Yohane (75% of the pages) looks super, a petite brunette drawn very well, first naked, then in a black swimsuit plus cat ears, having oral, vaginal, anal and DP, the girl was ten times cuter than her fugly original design.
If you can disregard (or straight enjoy) the rape+corruption theme, those volumes should please you greatly, here’s to hoping :)

Thanks to Petra_lal, Master117 and AAW, from Awesome Sauce Translations, for the two releases! :jap:

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Shishunki No Obenkyou (“Puberty Study”) part 2 [English], by Meganei

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I cropped out the murdercensorshipofdeath, I'm not going to apologize

When I shared Shishunki Sekkusu, yesterday, I realized I had missed on the release of the sequel to Shishunki No Obenkyou. My bad, my bad.
So, with a bit of a delay, for which I apologize, here it comes, Shishunki No Obenkyou 2 :)

In case you forgot, in the previous part 1, we follow a teen girl that, obsessed with studying dicks as she is, has zero actual practical or theoretical knowledge about how reproduction works. She wants to feel good and experience what a penis tastes and how it will feel inside, but she’s ridiculously candid. Sure, she gets it of course, but it’s only in the present second par that she understands this IS sex, and it’s how babies are made. Me: (╹◡╹).

That severely damaged my willing suspension of disbelief, in addition to the girl looking too young, and let’s also mention the murdercensorship, thick black bars placed by a sadist aiming at maximum boner extinction. And yet… I gotta be honest, it looks great, the girl is real cute and her love for sex is impressive. So, hey, maybe you’ll love it :)
It’s been released by 2Cooked4You, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Shishunki Sekkusu, Shishunki No Obenkyou 1, Nitta-san No Iru Ie, Nitta-san No Iru GakkouOnee-chan Ni Makasenasai, Uzuki No Himitsu (“Uzuki’s Secret”) and Saiminjutsu Ni Kakerarete.

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Oku-sama Wa Ouji-sama [English], by Echigoya Takeru

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And its not even too censored, it's got to count

If you felt comfortable with my previous Echigoya Takeru share, Mitsuki-san No Bosei Ni Oshitsubusaresou Desu, brace yourselves for a change of pace, this time it’s gender bender, and of a weird kind :lol:

In this share, there’s an arrogant despicable young prince, he’s kind of a dick, but not for much longer, as some plot device turns him into a woman, obsessed with the idea of having sex, etcetera ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I felt ill at ease, the princeling is completely mindbroken by scenario design, it was weird.
But apart from that, well in terms of drawings, it’s pretty good, so there’s that =)

Release credits are for Desudesu and Espeon, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Mitsuki-san No Bosei Ni Oshitsubusaresou Desu.

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