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(This page is a part of the “explanations about depositfile and zip downloads” group of pages.)

I was very happy to discover someone had created a download manager for depositfiles links ! Resume, planify the downloads, that’s cool.

I first read that on a mmsworld post.

> download the program here <

Feature :

You can resume a download (very useful if you have a slow of bad connexion !). This feature was proposed only for the Gold members of depositfiles, and with that program it also works for free users !

Instructions after the download :

1) Open Internet Explorer (or run “iexplore.exe”) and enter the URL in the address bar, then press “Go”
2) Follow the process as you normally do in internet explorer
3) When the download is being started, a message box tells you that the link is copied to clipboard.
4) Cancel the download, and Run “Downloader.exe” from the depositfiles resumer program, paste the link into the “URL edit”.
5) Specify the address to the broken download or the address to the new file to be downloaded
6) Press Start!

My own advice : be careful. Always. Make it a rule. First scan the program with an antivirus
and an antispyware if you have one. I have not tested the program myself (i’m not a MS-Windows user), but so far I trust three friends who already tested the program for me. And if the scans find nothing, then please yourself if that program can help you :)

Because I’m running Mandriva Linux and not windows, and because I don’t really need to resume downloads with my fine 600 kB/s DL speed from depositfiles, I’m not going to use that program myself. So if you have comments, don’t hesitate dropping notes, questions, replies or help suggestions, add a comment !

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