Depositfiles (zip downloads) help and explanations

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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I use 4 hosting services for my zip files : rapidshare, megaupload, easy-share and depositfiles. Rapidshare works fairly well, and if you can change IP (lucky bastard, I’ve got a persistent IP that changes once per year), an IP change will kill the long wait between two downloads from them. Megaupload and easy-share sometimes load a blank page when you want to start the download : try again and it will work. Easy-Share sometimes downloads a 1 kb file : try the download again (“shit happens”). The big piece is depositfiles, though !

There has been people having problems with my zipped download links, hosted at depositfiles, so I have gathered here some explanation links, written by me :

– depositfiles (like all free hosts) will try to make you believe you have to pay or install a toolbar. False : you can download without paying, without installing a toolbar. Read the whole explanation on why depositfiles is doing it

– what if the mirrors are dead and, for the main (first) link, his own link, depositfiles demands a payment ? That started happening recently, when their download link (not the mirrors, THEIR link) is replaced with a payment page.) There is a way to download the file without paying or installing anything. Read the whole explanation

– there is a tool to resume broken depositfiles downloads, very handy for people with slow or bad connexions, Read the whole explanation

– depositfiles and the mirrors : depositfiles offers now, if his own links are not available, mirrors at rapidshare, megaupload, mytempdir and moolad. So that means I don’t need to mirror my files anymore, I feel !

Because I’m honest, I also inform you that I have chosen depositfiles and not other hosts because, with equal quality, they give me a bit of money. In february, that paid me and my wife and kid a restaurant at the end of the month, for instance (“tagliatelli salmonata”, yummy). You can also use depositfiles like that, read more if you’re interested.

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16 years ago

when I download a movie it’s an unkown file you say to rename the 1/2/3.I don’t understand that please explain

16 years ago

When using depositfiles it asks me to enter a code for the downloads. Could you tell me what the code is?

12 years ago

The code is show in the cacha box.