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Love Selection, ENGLISH chap.1, by Kisaragi Gunma

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(Remember to view the updated list of all Gunma Kisaragi works on Hentairules)

That is VERY hardcore, incredibly well-drawn, girls shining with lust :)

I like that one a lot, tomorrow I’ll put online the complete japanese version. But for today, I have only uploaded the english-translated part, the chapter 1 (and a part of chapter 2).

I hope you really enjoy that !
If you want more of that mangaka, Gunma Kisaragi (also called “G’s Studio”), you can ask me in the comments :)

UPDATE : Rather than a single chapter, the COMPLETE volume is now available, check the Redirection Page linked above to get it ;)

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kleos D
kleos D

please re-upload it
that ame old infringement problrems


The dead link has been corrected with a new URL, thanks for telling me !