Problems with the .zip downloads ?

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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(This page is a part of the “explanations about depositfile and zip downloads” group of pages.)

There are sometimes people saying my zip and avi download links don’t work, or believing they are paying links.

I have depositfiles as a host, but every free file hosting service will use the same tricks. Learn those tricks to avoid them, and understand what they mean, the explanation comes.

Those companies offer free downloads, and make money in the same time because (1) you see advertisements and (2) some of the visitors buy a paying account.
To make you buy a paying account, they apply restrictions to the free download service. For instance, forbidding you to download more than x megabytes every few hours (unless you pay), forbidding more than x connexions to your country at the same time (unless you pay).
Some other hosts, like depositfiles and megaupload are also trying to make you install a toolbar in your browser : that’s certainly an adware, and maybe even a spyware, don’t install it, they’ll use it to track your visits and spam you with advertisements.

No, never install anything offered, never buy an account. Just wait five minutes (with depositfiles) or wait two hours (with megaupload), or even a full day (with rapidshare).

OK, got it ? So, now, stop whining about the downloads not working, you just need to wait a bit before you can download it ! :p

Only exception : “copyright infringement”, if the host reports the file is unavailable because of that, then in that case the file is really gone, and then contact me for a reupload. I can’t promise to make it at once, but i’ll reupload it.

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