Zelda doujin, The Legendary Fuck Of Zelda, by Taira Hajime

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments
Tags: Zelda

(I love the title I gave to that page :p)
Taira Hajime, as a mangaka, has one specialty : a princess MUST be raped and turned into a slut, or she is not a princess :3 He has drawn tons of works showing that. These are actually tragical stories, it’s up to you to enjoy the hentai part or reject the rape story, you’re free.

This is the case of the Princess of Zelda, in this doujin. I don’t know the real title of that doujin, so I invented a rocking name ;)

Open here the complete pictures gallery or else

download the whole doujin in a .zip file (5.5 MB, 30 pix, jap)

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15 years ago

the real name of this doujin is “Zelda NISE”

14 years ago

Sorry, but what appears when I click the links deals absolutely not with Zelda…
Is that doujin hentai no longer available?

14 years ago

This doujin is actually volume 2 of a 2 part story involving Zelda in some tragic circumstances.

I like these as there is hardly any Zelda hentai doujins on the web and the situations Zelda is in are interesting.

This one has far more action in it than the first volume. Wish the artist had made more though with other Zelda characters.

There is a translated version of this on the web. There are also 2 english versions of the first one.

One being a rewrite done by me, and the other the actual translation I commissioned the guy who also translated Bad Moon to do.

According to comments made by the artist in the first volume, these doujins were his way of expressing his bitterness towards Zelda for being so useless in the game.

Also if I had known how lame the actual dialogue was I wouldn’t have bothered paying to be translated.

13 years ago

the link is dead, can you re upload this, thank you ^_^