I wonder how to get more visitors, would you know ?

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
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That must be the first time i’m going to ask YOU a friendly advice :-)

As a webmaster, I humbly confess that I appreciate having more and more visitors. I didn’t plan Hentairules would have daily a minimum of 5000 unique visitors and minimum 13 000 page views only four months after I started it, but I’m rather proud of it. Call me Narcissus if you like :D

But now, I’m a bit stuck, I don’t know how to grow more. I already share my uploads on a dozen of boards/forums; I have many link trades; I have subscribed to blog directories; I dump my uploads to a few dump sites; I made a bit of SEO…
And if I should use those tools to progress, find more boards etcetera, the website would start consuming too much time, far too much, because each of those tasks is time-consuming. So posting to five more blogs or five more dumps would be quite a hassle (and NO, I don’t want to use paying autoposters). I don’t want that, my “real” life is more important.

So, I’m asking for your opinion and inspiration here, would you know of a good way to get more visitors here ? No cheating or buying traffic, I speak of real visitors ^^
Great very-visited dump sites ? Link trades with many visitors or very high pagerank ? Ideas that I didn’t even have yet ?

I’m open to suggestions, don’t hesitate dropping a comment with your idea, and if you want to contact me privately, use the info from the “contact information” menu? :)

Here’s a list of the suggestions I have received so far :


Anonymous said…
I think the only problem you have is the .zip downloads. Depositfiles makes you wait, and then after you wait you may or may not get the file you want… so you can either try again (wait some more) or try one of the mirrors (and wait again). otherwise… just keep doing exactly what you’re doing and word will spread as you post things people are looking for.

Anonymous said…
I’d say contact groups like Hentai-Enishi and ask them to put up a link as a hentai source. I know that there are already a few groups already linked like that.

(ps – as Kiba I want to say sorry for sounding like a prig last time I contacted you. My aircon was broken down which always puts me in a bad mood and you probably got the version of Neru-sen a friend copied off of me and released without the cover page. Apologies for the misunderstanding, I just didn’t know the prig released my work for bonus points on his forums the ass.)

Anonymous said…
I don’t know exactly myself, but I’ve heard of people following some conditions which makes their webpage “Google friendly”, so it shows up higher on a google search, so basically you want to push your page up if someone searches for “hentai”.
I’m sure u can find those conditions if you search on google.
BTW-Love the daily updates :P

Billy Shears said…
Maybe a “Hentai Rules team”? You know, 1 or 2 guys working with You, helping with the publicity or something like that?

Anonymous said…
I found the site linked from D paradise, which I’m sorry to say is kinda dead even though the site is up consistency now… So obviously linking between peer sites is working to an extent.

Anonymous said…
For me the worst thing is waiting for download. Or looking for any proxy becouse “all links for my country are occupied”. Its annoying.
Site is good, stuff is good, but who cares if I cant dload it?

weechan said…
Being an affiliate with other hentai websites. :) It’s important that you keep your site active. I love that you have new things posted here almost everyday. Adding mirror links (various filehosts) would be great but I understand that it’s bothersome to find good filehosts. Good luck! ;)

Anonymous said…
I got here come your friend’s dead blog, dojinp.thumblogger.com.

Like others are saying, get your site linked from other hentai sites or hentai rings.

Autumn Fox said…

Hey there, Olivier, it’s me, Autumn Fox, from Hentai Comic Books

From my experience i can say, that presence on hentai image boards (such as not4chan, kochan [try Overchan for starters] or hentai-related from services like AnonIB) can boost your page, though you have to keep in in their intrest range.

Also adding yourself to search engine netcrawlers (spiders) gets you more traffic. (Screw the traffic exchange programs that show a page for like 10 second and forward to next. No point in them.)

Another thing is keeping the page clean. No necessary things (whatever that might mean), not to many posts per page and the posts themselves shouldn’t be overloaded with images (just a few images preview ones).

I know i might sound like a mister know-it-all, but that what i think is true.

If you or anyone else thinks i’m wrong or wants to share his views, please Go Postal

PS. This is also a way of getting more people ;P

PSS. Get a serious “COMPLETE LIST of everything available”. The one you have is an overkill.

PSSS. I tried to use target=’_blank’ in all links, but it didn’t allow me :(

Autumn Fox

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17 years ago

You need to make yourself different form the others. The truth is your type of stuff is very common. While having just commen stuff isn’t a crime, the problem is you have too little stuff in each of your categories. You end up being a “jack of all trades, master of non”.

X-Death’s site focuses on hentai, and even have streaming media so you don’t have to DL the files first
MangaMan has lots of RAW manga.
EZmanga focuses on translated hentai Manga, but has a very slow rate of new content.
There just too many hentai image sites to mention and they even have individual fetishes.

I’m not saying that they’re the best, but I do go to them a lot.

If you can get a lot of a large collection of common stuff in a particular category, that is one way to stand out.

If you want to stand out, I think the holy grail is Translated manga. Try to get every translated manga you can (and if law allows it) in all types.

HCB is OK, but I would rate it average at best. The look of the site is Great, clean and tidy. Also being ad free gets him a major kudos boost. The contents is poor because he tries to have general raw and translated manga. The problem there being that there is too little RAW content (compared to the real amount that’s released) which then in turn overshadows the translated content. The other thing that makes HCB poor is Imagefap, it was a relief when he started to do zip DL.

Everything that I said focuses on content, content, CONTENT.

If you can make yourself stand out, then you can not only get more visitors, but you can also get existing visitors to come back.

16 years ago

Hey man… i love your site and have an special love for your “random page” link… i am from mexico and actualy found your page in the “mangas hentai” forum, i?m your average Hentai Master if you like, but well, you?ll see, i search alot of “free hentai” in the web and have found quite alot of pages, but yours was kind of “hidden” wich is good because of “tha man” ruinning every little thing i like :P anyway have you tried “hentai search engines??” because if you got into one and then get your loyal followers to vote so you end up in a high ranking it wouldnt be too long to have your people multiplied, i dont know if you have done it, but hey!! its an idea

13 years ago

Check to see what your keywords are. Check to see what keywords the sites who show up on the 1st page of Google and if they apply to your site add them to your keyword list. Also, try looking at all the training videos or pdfs on http://www.challenge.co/ (Yes its a .co NOT a .com) Will probably have to register as a member (free admission, only thing you pay is for programs/access to use a program like full access version Market Samurai instead of the partially opened demo) to get access but they have a lot of good ideas on fine tuning a website to get more traffic. Can probably skip the lessons on how to pick a topic and name for the site unless you're planning on opening another site for something else. Hope this helps.