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Redirection page : Miray Ozaki’s (尾崎未来) works on HentaiRules

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Ai Sugimoto, my love ~~~

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Miray Ozaki that I share on HentaiRules.

Miray Ozaki is also known as Ozaki Mirai (尾崎未濥), RYO, Okuda Tamiko (奥田民孿) and REDRUM. She’s also in the Beat-Pop, Sailor Q2/Panic Attack In Sailor Q2, Chara Chara and Perfect Crime circles. She has many pen names indeed! She draws young teens who always accept sex with pleasure, who are exciting by the slightest stimulation (and who obviously don’t need foreplay, come on, we’re talking about hentai stuff), and these teens are incredibly beautiful… The faces of an angel with the soul of a were slut ! Add to that very hardcore action, with great anal scenes, and funny pages here and there, you’ve got a wonderful artist in the end :D

english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai y&m1 01 y&m2 01c y&m3 01b y&m4 01 y&m5 01 y&mswv 01           

The Great Escape Volume 1 [English, 182 pictures]

The Great Escape Volume 2 [English, 196 pictures]

The Great Escape volume 3 [English, 206 pictures]

The Great Escape volume 4 [English, 202 pictures]

english hentai english hentai english hentai
The Great Escape XXX [English]

The Great Escape Extra volume 1 [English, 70 pictures]

The Great Escape Extra Volume 2 [English, 70 pictures]

Fushidara VS Yokoshima volume 1 [English]
Fushidara VS Yokoshima volume 2 [English]

Fushidara VS Yokoshima volume 3 [English]

Himitsu [English]

Himitsu volumes 2-3-4 [English]

Love Category Chapters 1-3 [English]

english hentai english hentai english hentai
Love Miracle Splash [English, Uncensored]

english hentai english hentai english hentai
Love Tambourine [English]
(Ichigo 100% hentai doujinshi)

Peach Time [English]

Setsunateki Mousou Shoujo Part 1 [English]

Sou-Jyuku [English]

english hentai english hentaienglish hentai
Strawberry Mix [English]
(Ichigo 100% hentai doujinshi)

english hentai english hentai english hentai
The Great Escape: Boy Meets Girl [English, Uncensored]

y&m1 01 y&m2 01c y&m3 01b y&m4 01 y&m5 01 y&mswv 01
You And Me Make Love 1-2-3-4-5 + Sweet Version

Sugar Cane Train [English]

The Great Escape World A La Carte [English]
Side note: we see a bit of Yuu Sawatari in that one, she’s Ai Sugimoto’s cousin.

Houkago Love Mode [English, 234 pictures]
(“It’s A Love Mode After School “, focused on Yuu Sawatari)

Houkago Love Mode 9 [English]
Starring Yuu Sawatari.

Houkago Love Mode 10 [English]

Houkago Love Mode 11 [English]

Houkago Love Mode 12 [English]
Starring Yuu Sawatari.

Himitsu volumes 1-5 [English]

Kiss Me, Darlin’ [English]

Honey Cats [English]

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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3 great thanks my friend.


Since some of the links for Miray Ozaki’s works are broken here are working links even for more of his works!
All are untranslated!
And some are from “hentairules”
I hope that all the broken 9hz and usercash links are fixed soon.

365 Super Color

Nozomi no Nakunaranai Sekai

Peach Time


Shinkou Shuukyou Shoujokyou

Sono Onna Fushidaranitsuki

The Great Escape

The Great Escape 2 <<< Part1 <<< Part2

The Great Escape XXX

You And Me Make Love

You And Me Make Love 2

You And Me Make Love 3

You And Me Make Love 4

You And Me Make Love 5

You And Me Make Love 8

You And Me Make Love Sweet Version



you should update for "The Great Escape" as you shared the 8th chapter ;)


OH Noes! the links are Broken for You and Me 5 and Sweet Version.


found a link for The Great Escape 2..

please translate.. this is in demand.. :D


more Ai Sugimoto please =D


Me and my gf always loved miray ozaki's works. It'd be great if you could put up boy meets girl, its probably our favorite out of all miray stuff ><


Awesome artist!!! When is the next chapter of Great Escape coming out?

Jen H
Jen H

Thanks for the Miray Ozaki stuff, love his work and Hentai School only has chapter 9.
CRITIQUE ALERT: You might want to look into setting up a database with a quicksearch system at some point, people like being able to type in key words & get straight to everything associated with it.
RE: Zip Downloading; when people start saying: 'Hentai Neko is easier'? You know you are doing something wrong!
I do however appreciate that you have a wider variety in your gallery (even though it comes with a wider variety of CPU jamming pop-ups!) than Dreaper & the gang over at Perverted Cat & although I find the browsing experience unpleasant, the success of locating what I seek makes it worthwhile.
Look forward to (waiting 20 minutes to) downloading more in future.

Jen H
Jen H

You are the first person who did not ignore me – LET'S GET MARRIED!
(pfft) Nah – just punkin' you!
Hentai Neko is a blog fansite that offers manga, games, anime & doujinshi. Just Google it & look for the pink cats paw – it'll take you straight there.
I admit that for a brunette I have a disturbing excess of 'Blonde Moments', was too busy trying to find my way through your less than familiar system to locate the little rectangle that reads [Search The Website]! (mundo domos to Delta Juliet for pointing it out to me – then clopping the back of my head!)
Mental note: must re-arrange his punch card collection when he is asleep!
Thanks for your response, you wouldn't believe how many would not have bothered.
Keep up the good work.


Hey Oliver, I noticed that many of the download links for Miray Ozaki's stuff are not working.