Onna Kyoushi Ryoko [Japanese, Complete], by Hori Hiroaki (also known as Polinky)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Tags: comedy

Polinky, Onna Kyoushi Ryoko

If you like great art, BB style, and women incredibly well drawn, well, that manga is for you. I also appreciate the “focus” choice, more than often centered as if the reader was the main male character. Plus, the first chapter is really really funny :) Talking about funny, several bits in this manga contain funny elements, or funny characters… I didn’t chose these bits, to be honest, because they made un-sexy preview pictures, but believe me, I’m certain it would ROCK if it was available in English :)

(For more works by this artist, cf. The List of Hori Hiroakiā€™s Works on HentaiRules)

UPDATE : the chapter 1 is now available in English :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the Backup Gallery)

Download the Free Hentai Manga
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Or you can also use the alternative Zip :
Mirror #1 – or -Mirror #2

UPDATE : the chapter 1 is now available in English :)

I really regret I didn’t manage to find more works by that artist, please, if you have some, or if you have links to some of his works, share it with us ;)

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amazingly beutiful site my congratulation to the ouner


Thanks :D

Maiko Sriyani
Maiko Sriyani

Polinky? Well, maybe its another pen name of Hori Hiroaki. If some of you confused, Polinky = Hori Hiroaki.