King Of Fighters doujin [English], Hips Hips

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 1 comment

There’s not much to say about that nice King Of Fighters hentai doujin. Well drawn, nearly no scenario, both lesbian and futa… Have a peak, it’s not unpleasant hentai quality :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery, or

Download the zipped version (4 MB, 19 pictures, English)

BTW, I think I could ask YOU some information : would you know of english translation groups for which you think other people would appreciate me spreading their releases ? I regularly share hentai enishi, DW, tadanohito, CGT, mangaworld for instance… But honestly, I’m certain there are many others, it’s just that I don’t know them :D
If you think it’s worth it, contact me or leave a comment :)

Why am I writing this here ? Well, you see, that current doujin above, I’m sharing it thanks to someone who contacted me and told “hey, there’s that torrent of releases by that group, here’s the link, i’m sure it would be cool if you shared those doujins online, it deserves to be better known”. And i’m sharing it now, taking care to leave the credits page (I wouldn’t say it of all hentai webmasters <_<).
And I’m certain there are plenty quality other releases that I’m missing, that is sad. Not only for my visitors to be honest, I want to fill more my hard disks… more… moremoreMORE ! – ooops, sorry, lost my control :D

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17 years ago

I know Solaris-Svu (, but it’s been a while since their last update, and Lililicious (, a group specialised in yuri comics (not only hentai, but you’ll find some – I especially liked Maka-maka).

Hope help you fill the HD! :-)