Hardware problems = less updates :x

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Hello folks,
I have currently hardware problems, and to summarize it, my computer’s best running-time before a complete freeze occurs is 40 minutes. That explains why there are less updates lately, I hope you will understand, be patient, and bear the fact that were will be less uploads for a short while ;)

My computer is essentially a work tool (i’m running my own company as a living and my computer is my main work tool), and hentairules.net only comes second as a pleasant hobby. Even when the day’s work has been finished, that makes if hard to chose what to upload, create the archive, upload it, create the gallery, create the blog note. So, well, uploading hentai materials isn’t my top priority ;)

My top priority is to have a new graphical card that is likely to work, not like the fucking backup one i’m using (with that little flaw it won’t last more than 40 minutes without giving up), while the brand new one I had bought a short time ago died nearly at once and is currently shipped to the manufacturer to make an exchange with a new one, which could still take weeks >_<

I hope I can fix it quickly, i’m almost at the point of buying another new video card, it makes me mad >_<

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