New links and the Quest for Pagerank

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 1 comment
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You should see new “Good Links”, in bold yellow, on top of the good links section, can you take a look and tell me if you like them ? Even if they’re brand new and far from being finished, I’m curious about it.

(more explanations about those sites ? Click the “read more” link !)

To say it simply, I created other adult blogs in order to get sooner or later a bigger pagerank :D – it has been three months has reached his current form, including the meta tags and the link trades, and PR is still at zero, so clearly there is a need for something else to be done

I just don’t understand why is stuck at pagerank zero, so I tried to create a small group of blogs only linking to here and between them, to try to see if they reach a decent pagerank, and if yes, they’ll be bringing that PR back to hentairules.

And why am I running after pagerank, you could wonder ?

Before google killed the previous version of my blog, I had a good pagerank, certainly thanks to being hosted at blogspot (this is no secret they favour their own services). And search engines started to bring daily (for months, it was no statistical bug) between 1000 and 2000 unique visitors to as soon as the pagerank reached PR1. At PR zero it was around 150 unique visitors per day thanks to search engines – just like for today.
So my calculation is : pagerank boost = traffic boost. And call me Narcissus if you want, but that would please me :)

Honestly, I don’t understand why I’m still stuck at pagerank zero, I had spent less much time on search engine optimization on the previous blog, unlike where I’ve even read optimization guides, incredible ;)

I’ve picked adult blogs because it’s easy to obtain tradelinks from sites ran by friends who will accept to link to those blogs, and because it will be easy to promote them without effort on various boards (I don’t plan to spend time on it, if it takes time it’s a worthless effort), for instance by editing my signature on forums :D

Of course (hint : actually this is a help request), if you are good at SEO and you have an idea as to how to improve the site’s pagerank ;)

Actually, dealing with SEO and all that is very interesting, compiling all that I learned for hentairules and applying it to the professional website of my company (my real job : running a company that I created, selling baby and parents welfare products), the site passed from pagerank 3 to pagerank 4 :D

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16 years ago

It’s seem that pagerank will be lower if there are to much links on a page.
It could be a little like
page rank = f(n)*MOY(page_rank_links)
(it simplicist, but it give the idea)
where f(n) is a function with the number of link on the page, and MOY the mean of the pagre rank of each link.

It is used to prevent ‘parking page’.

It’s also a feedback function (where n is the number of time where you are linked, and moy … the page rank of the pages which linked you), but the ‘f’ function must be different.

I hope this information is true and can help you ;)

ps to have a good website, the conformance to the standard (w3c) is also a good think, since robot can find more easily the informations they want .