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Yet Another HTML Request For Help :-/

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Hello folks, I’d like to ask your html help, if you can ;)
Simply said, I tested my site with IE 7, and found that pictures placed in tables don’t show properly with IE7 (no idea for IE6), they show a picture no larger than 5 pixels, and that the font size in the tables is “+1” with IE (and I don’t know why, just that this is ugly).

(bad, IE7 & IE) instead of (good, Firefox)

Does anyone have an idea of the reason behind it, a possible explanation – and even better, a solution ? ^^ Thanks a bunch if you have ! :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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Doujin Land
Doujin Land

hey, I use direct image linking and it works in ie so try this code.
try using img src= instead and see if it works :D.

Doujin Land
Doujin Land

try this code:


without brackets

Doujin Land
Doujin Land

uh it didn’t show up

p style=”text-align: center”> at the end

Doujin Land
Doujin Land

weird I guess html can’t be posted..

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, the comments are in HTML format, so html cannot be pasted here, I guess that’s making things harder :D

Simply said, the only fast solution is to add spaces everywhere, like this : < a href = "http://www.image.jpg" / >

Sorry ’bout that :D


Hey mate,

IE is so messed up lol,

Try manually setting the width and height of the pic and see what that gives.

anonymous stranger
anonymous stranger

The font size problem you’re experiencing stems from IE refusing to recognize the inheritance of ‘font’ properties from the ‘body’ tag for ‘table’ and its descendants. That is to say, if you declare a default set of ‘font’ definitions for ‘body’ in your stylesheet, do not expect them to apply to table contents. Dumb.

Work around this problem by setting your default font definitions on ‘body, td, th’ or ‘body, table *’, but this should be resolved as of IE7. Should, they say.

Better yet, don’t use tables to accomplish simple layout tricks like that. Instead, apply a class “float-left” or “float-right” to a ‘div’ tag, and wrap the image in that. Since ‘img’ acts a little flaky between browsers, wrapping in a ‘div’ gives consistent access to ‘margin’, ‘padding’, ‘border’, and other essential rendering model properties, including ‘float’ and ‘position’.

Use “position: relative;” and “float: left;” or “float: right;” on your image wrapper to accomplish the same effect. If you’re worried about the floating image doing strange things in short posts, finish each with a ‘hr’ tag with style “clear: both;”, which will push below any hanging elements.

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

That means IE REALLY is stupid, it isn’t even fixed in IE7 oO

Thanks a bunch for the explanation, now I understand why it was so fooked up. My thanks and gratitude to you, Anonymous :)

Time to learn how to apply that floating inside my texts, I guess… It was already a nightmare to CSSize it, and now it continues :D

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Sigh, and now I discover that aligning vertically text with css style is another nightmare.

There are dozens of methods, none simple or working when you don’t know in advance how big your text will be.

If someone has an idea as to what improvement to bring to that code, you are most welcome to share…

<div style=”float: left”> <img
src=”” alt=”Hatsu
Inu 2 Hentai Episode English” height=”285″ width=”200″
<div style=”display: table-cell; vertical-align:
middle”>This is the text that should be on the right part,
inside a div</div>
<div style=”clear: both”></div>

Mind you, the comments are in html, so what I actually wrote was
&lt;div style=”float: left”&gt; &lt;img
The source code to show such characters can be easily obtained with the editor nvu, or you can just insert spaces before and after the < and > tags, so that this isn’t recognized as html ^^

anonymous stranger
anonymous stranger

Since I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to accomplish with the vertical align rule, I can’t really advise you there. In order to layout that post with the main image left and the three smaller images below the text, I’d do it like so:


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anonymous stranger
anonymous stranger

You’ll have to check the HTML for the post to see what I’m talking about…


Essaie déjà de rendre ton site valide XHTML avec celui-ci:
Ca devrait aider un peu.

Et juste un truc pour ton upload de fichiers, essaie mediafire: 100Mo max par fichier, téléchargements simultanés possibles, compatibilité avec la plupart des accélérateurs et pas de temps d’attente (si je me souviens bien). Ce sera bien mieux que cacaupload et rapidmerde (et deposit files buggue à mort). ;)

Et merci encore pour tous ces hentai, tu devrais aller faire un tour du côté des teams de scantrads FR telles que HHH, oasis, iscariote… (quoique le dernier n’est pas un site hentai, mais en traduit quelques uns dont des shiwasu no okina).

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, anonymous stranger, the comment’s body contained no html at all, so I guess it sort of bugged away :/

Yuki : je suis passé de 480 erreurs à 35 erreurs, c’est impossible de faire mieux :D
– le HTML de mes sponsors est buggy mais c’est LEUR code, j’y touche une virgule, ils le voient, je suis kické
– wordpress a un micro-bug dans le “template” des blog notes, ça impose dans la “sortie html” pour l’affichage chez les visiteurs un < p > au début et un < /p > à la fin, donc forcément le validator n’aime pas du tout des < p > à l’intérieur d’une autre balise < p > – alors qu’il n’y a pas le choix, c’est comme ça !
– mon template a un /div en trop à la fin, selon le W3C, ce qui génère des erreurs en cascade dans l’analyse… mais si je corrige ça le template bugge à fond, va comprendre :D

Bref, je plafonne net à 35 erreurs, un énorme effort ferait tomber ça à 30, et pas moyen de faire mieux.

Je doute que ça soit la cause :/


just wanted to ask if the bug is fixed because i gues its your css :P and i put our website in www so just check it and if it is not fixed il fix it for you for free :P

just mail to [email protected]


hey sucks!!!try opera..opera is the best explorer that I have used..even betther than the mozilla
p.s:sorry by the english..