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Love Manual [English, funny], by Matsumoto Kidichi

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This is a short, simple and very funny hentai story about a “typical loser” who, using a seduction manual, gets to make a rich girl have great sex with him. The conclusion of that manga is very funny, as you will see ;)

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I very much regret the file, as I found it, contained no credits file. If you should know who released it (or even better, if you have a version with the credits file – I hate it when webmasters remove the credits by fear of losing visitors, and alas I know that some hentai webmasters do that <_<), thanks for sharing the info!

By the way… would you know who the hell has drawn it ?? I’d love to know, in order to try to find more works by the artist :D

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you should try to use mediafire to share as well

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, and megaupload, and rapidshare, and divshare, and badongo…
There are plenty of services available, and you know, this is not possible to use one that satisfies everyone. With depositfiles, rapidshare and easy-share, in rotation, I consider myself satisfied :D


it was a cool dojin…looking forward to see more from this artist


Mediafire is pretty satisfiable to everyone, a lot more than depositfiles, that is.


That was a Great addition oliver

i love storrys like that if you can find any more please post them or drop me a line through email

keep it up


I believe this comic was done my Matsumoto Kichidi.