Rapidshare mirrors added for the Re-Take serie, the greatest Evangelion doujin EVER

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
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You may have seen (well, I hope you already did) that I share Re-Take 1-2-3-0-4-After [English], yep, six volumes, the greatest evangelion Hentai doujin ever. I found it, had a total crush on it because (a) it was great hentai scenes (asuka “red head bitch” deserves her reputation) and (b) that story is a rewrite of how the real Evangelion story evolves and moves toward an and and, unlike the real Evangelion (the serie and the two movies), it bloody makes sense ! And brings a great, moving, touching, true ending !
So far, the only download links were hosted at depositfiles, and later after my sharing of the doujin, depositfiles started sucking more and more, making downloads of big huge files nearly impossible.

Well, I added rapidshare mirrors, a bulletproof host (only requiring a file to be reuploaded every 3 months in average <_<), and a FAST host. This way nobody will have an excuse not to have read the great Re-Take serie :twisted:

Trust me, anyone who has watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and felt scammed by Gainax’s sucking scenario and nightmarish ending OUGHT to read Re-Take :)

Here is the link ! :D

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16 years ago

Cool, another one of my favorite artists!
This remedies my problem of having only the first two.

Thanks for yet another great post!

16 years ago

>’Trust me, anyone who has watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and felt scammed by Gainax?s sucking scenario and nightmarish ending OUGHT to read Re-Take’

I agree with you 100%. I’ve tried hard to understand Evangelion (looking for info every were I could, reading translations of official explanations…) and I’ve given up. I feel some affection/sympathy towards the characters in Evangelion but the story is way too complicated with metaphysical and psychological stuff all put together, making no sense and with holes in the plot. (Sorry for the guys who think Evangelion is the best anime ever)

I’ve read the first chapters of two Evangelion Mangas authorized by Gainax with a alternative storylines and I like them much more than the original. In both mangas the story becomes more the typical childhood friend-tomboyish girl in a love-hate relationship with a weak guy but, what the heck! It’s much more funny this way even if it’s so typical and both re-makes make more sense than the original Evangelion –at least the chapters I’ve read–.

Thank you for sharing this Re-Take.