Inshokushinka [Japanese], by Funabori Nariaki

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 4 comments

color uncensored hentai

If you like big boobs, very hardcore duo or group hentai sex, uncensored pictures and fullcolor hentai, you found the good hentai manga ;)
Enjoy :D

By the same artist, I also share Inbaku Byoutou (212 pictures, Uncensored, and manually retouched), Himitsu Ni Shite Ne (240 pictures), Otto Ga Totsuzen Seiheki Wo Kokuhaku Shite Kitan Desu Ga, S&M University (146 pictures) and Konya No Okazu Wa.

color hentai manga color hentai manga color hentai manga

Found it, thanks Tutalang!

Download the Zipped Version
(53 MB, 30 pictures, Japanese)

Or you can use the Alternative Zip :
Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2

I always nursed a soft spot for hentai stories containing uncensored double penetration, and for stories in which a nun reveals splendid blond hair and irresistible lust, I must say that I’ve been happy to read that manga here :P

I’m just wondering, do you know if Funagibori Nariaki has made other splendid works like these, with such high quality color pictures ? The current manga was downloaded from usenet, and it was the only by this artist…
If you know other works by him of similar quality, don’t hesitate, post the links in a comment ;)

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16 years ago

From the recognizable art, I’m sure that you made a spelling mistake and the last name is Funabori, not Funabogiri. Probably that’s why you cannot find his other works. Most famous is S&M University that officially translated to English. Not really color though.

Please please find more about his works and post.

Maiko Sriyani
Maiko Sriyani
15 years ago

Noriaki Funabori is the one who draw “Inbaku Gakuen” or SM University in english

If you’re looking for his work with many colorized picture like this, well i’m not sure if there’s any. Given that this is his newest h-manga. But if you’re looking for the his regular h-manga I’m sure you’ll find it. i have one his work released before SM University

13 years ago

Here's the link for this hentai manga…

Hope that helps!

13 years ago

Thanks for the new link!!