A few offtopic words, I made a new blog + links to firefox

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
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Hello there :)

This post is just to say I made a new blog, without much pretentions, mainly to see if it would catch random clicks on the adsense advertisements inside this – because that’s a non-adult blog, so adsense is OK. That website is simply giving a few indications on how to make money with your blog, from my personal experience, that’s sort of the non-adult equivalent of my “earn money” section, and the links I give contain my referral link so that I am rewarded by the websites, to be honest ;)

here are also links to download firefox with google partnership (their google toolbar). If you don’t use firefox yet, you really should give it a try (the adblock extension itself is enough to make firefox a good choice, you can tune it to see ZERO advertisements on hentairules, like on any other website). And each firefox download from my links, if it’s with the google toolbar and is a first installation, can earn me 1$.
When you pile all the potential firefox downloads and the referral links to other programs (including adsense), I hope that will eventually offer one or two more restaurants with my family :D

If you use IE you should see a vertical “download firefox” banner somewhere around.
The “money maker blog” is located THERE (link).
Feel free to visit, but don’t feel obliged to click the adsense adverts, google would immediately understand the click rate isn’t normal :lol:

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16 years ago

Well, there is not just FF or IE. People use opera/konqueror/safari too, even if it’s not at the same scale.
And for adblock+, I think it’s better not to abuse it. Some websites earn money from ads. Indeed, those with ads that don’t match their subject are most of the time ugly (for instance, casino ads). But if it does, why blocking them?

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin
16 years ago

Well, Yuki, you know, unlike hentairules, made by passion and on which I added adverts to make me an appreciable bonus (as we say here, “mettre du beurre dans les ?pinards” ;) ), that other blog is made ONLY for money.
A simple theory : I spend a day on it, and never edit the pages again, trusting it will generate income through the download firefox links, through the adsense links, through my referal links to adsense and the other programs. Even if it doesn’t generate much, it will still be profitable in the long term, and who knows I may catch a big fish if I convince webmasters whose sites will become big in the future.
In that regard, why bother targetting users who use Konqueror, Safari or Opera ? Both those browsers are better than IE anyway, and I highly doubt they haven’t tried firefox already anyway, and even so, they represent a very small share of the users online. And in market terms, when you can target 55% of the market, that’s better than targetting 3% of it instead ;)