Redirection page : Celluloid Acme/Chiba Toshirou’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 5 comments
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Slow. Hot. Intense. AWESOME !

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Celluloid Acme (also previously called Runners High, and Nas-On-Ch even before) that I share on Hentairules.

To make things more complicated, I owe you that precision, Celluloid Acme will also be found under the other pen name Chiba Toshirou. From what I’ve seen, Celluloid Acme is used on doujinshi, and Chiba Toshirou on mangas not parodiating an existing serie.

Here are the covers of the works I share on, scroll down to see the links ;)

    hentai english hentai  english hentai                      

The style of the artist has evolved quite a lot from his earlier works to his latest ones, and to make it more complicated, even if between circle Celluloid Acme there is more than one artist, this is always the same drawer in popular works, and from seeing a progressive evolution from manga to manga, I can see it started with Runners High / Nas-On-Cf indeed. Anyway, honestly, I’d be in big trouble if I had to make a description of his style. A fast summary is that it began with very thin teenagers, while now the style is more oriented towards plentiful girls, most of the time heroines from popular anime series (like Ghost In The Shell, or Naruto). I’ll let you make your own idea ;)

Dress Select [English, Uncensored High Resolution version, 208 pictures]

Animal Assort [English, 226 pictures]

Koushoku Glamorous [English, 188 pictures]

Tsuya Hime [English, 190 pictures]

Acme [English version, 169 pictures]

Uekano Days [English, 210 pictures, Uncensored version]

Oshikake Riot [English, 212 pictures]

Candy House [English, Uncensored, 207 pictures]

Paradise [English, 202 pictures, Uncensored]

Kuchikiki Majo No Angelika [English, 190 pictures]
(“Mediator Witch Angelika”)
This is a high resolution but censored version

Kuchikiki Majo No Angelika [English, 180 pictures, Uncensored version]
(“Mediator Witch Angelika”)
This is an uncensored but low resolution version
Big pack by Celluloid Acme : Black Lagoon, Naruto, Jubei-Chan, Ghost In The Shell, 6 doujins, mostly in English

These works are :
– Ghost In The Shell [English]
– Jubei-Chan Limited Edition Final [English]
– Harlem Jets [English]
– Loop Loop [english]
– SpitFire [Japanese]
– Issues [Japanese]

english hentai  
Chaos Step, Guilty Gear hentai doujin [English], by Celluloid Acme

What’s Up Baby [English]

Tokage 3Gou [English]

Crazy For You [English] + Spitfire [English]

Ma No Midara [English]

Near-Distance Relationship [English, Uncensored]

My Day [English], by Celluloid Acme 
The Secret [English], by Celluloid Acme

In Full Bloom [English, Uncensored]

Pack of 4 works by Celluloid Acme [English]

These works are :
– Issues
– Strobolights
– A Certain Witch’s Sex Life volume 2
– Day After Day

Inmu 1/3 [English] 
Hi-Sics 01 [English]

english hentai
Hi Sics 03 [English]

Hi-Sics 04 [English]

english hentai
Hi Sics 05, A Certain Witch’s Sex Life [English], by Celluloid Acme

Hi Sics 07 [English]

M+M [English]

Poppin’ Girls [English]

Re_ Incarnation [English, 254 pictures]

Snack Kankaku De H Shiyo [English]

Maybe He’ll Know [English]

Slowly You Will Be Loved [English]

Black Witches volumes 1 and 2 [English]

Devil’s Knot [English, Uncensored]

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14 years ago

This is nice, but the big packs are ones that require Seekmo to dl

14 years ago

Hey, here is an other (non-translated) work by chiba toshirou (I call him acme celluloid, that’s much more simple ^^).
There are lots of bondage and some forced sex (well, I didn’t understand a single word, but it seemed pretty obvious to me) but it’s still good dope.
And there is also something you MUST see: the cutest bondage girl ever, drawn without any doubt by naomi nekomataya (great news! bondage can be cute!) at the very end of this manga. Hope you will appreciate it.

Here is the link:

14 years ago

last work link is dead
^ that url is invalid

11 years ago

It's not just the beach ball boobs I like, it's the relationship dynamic that gets thrown in with CT works. A little humor, some seriousness, and then like an old R&B song, make up to break up sex.

Thanks for the upload.