Redirection page : Tuna Empire’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 8 comments

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Tuna Empire (also known as Maguro Teikoku) that I share on Hentairules.

Tuna Empire’s style is excessively hardcore. All girls in his comics enjoy groupsex, anal sex, double penetrations, need no foreplay and enjoy a powerful orgasm 0.65 nanoseconds after a dick enters any or their holes. All girls are, basically, mentally dead pieces of meat used as fuck holes by all male living creatures passing around. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it, and that’s sad, because the drawing style is great, neat and incredibly hardcore.

Here are the covers of all the works I share by Tuna Empire, the links to the pages where I share it come just after.

tuna after 001  

Viva Freedom [English, HILARIOUS, 200 pictures]

Dorei Tsuma (“Slave Wife”) [English, 232 pictures]

The Spirit Of Capitalism [English, 150 pictures], by Tuna Empire

tuna after 001 tuna after 016
After School Sex Slave Club [English, Uncensored, 198 pictures], by Tuna Empire

After School Sex Slave Club Second Lesson [English, 191 pictures]

Houkago Dorei Club +1 (“After-School Sex Slave Club +1”) [English, 203 pictures]

Island Volume 1 [English, 186 pictures]

Island Volume 2 [English]

Family Circumstances CFE [English]

Pack of 2 works [English]
– Sotsugyou
– Nasty Pair

After School Sex Slave –
Houkago Dorei Kurabu +1 – Takahashi Hiromi, take 2 [English]

Every Day Is wonderful [English]

Pack of 2 works [English]
– Charity
– Maintenance

Beyond The Rainbow [English]

A pack of 3 works [English]
– After School Sex Slave Club Plus 1 Ito Sanae Take 2,
– After School Sex Slave Club Sakurai Tomoko’s Valentine’s Day,
– Bittersweet

After School Sex Slave Club : Tsudanuma Satomi [English]

Missionary Position [English]

Imprizonment [English]

HUGE pack of hentai mangas by Tuna Empire

March 2015 update : this pack has been cropped and updated with a chainsaw, as most of its contents are now obsolete and available elsewhere. What remains and is valid in this pack is :
– Family Circumstances (190 pictures, English version)
– Family Circumstances (Spanish version)
– Die Wissenschast die Jungensellen (Japanese version)
– Imonatsu (Japanese version)
– Shiri Chichi (Japanese version)
– Hatsu Date (Japanese version)
– Minna To Issho (Japanese version)

Osanpo [English]

A chapter from Imonatsu [English, incest]

Family Circumstances Event Chapter [English]

Derenuki volumes 1-2 [English]

Derenuki 2 [English, Colorized version]

Ingrid Lucky Hole [English]

Secret Promise [English]

Ren + Rengoku [English], a pack of 2 works

Rengoku Gakuen Choukyou (“Rengoku School Discipline”) [English]

Kinuyo-chan To LoveHo [English]
(“Love Hotel with Kinuyo-chan”)

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16 years ago

link to two Tuna empire comics not listed here:

also this site is amazing check it out

15 years ago

I just released the first chapter of Imonatsu, hopefully you can post it here.

You can grab the file over at my translation blog:

15 years ago

I ve got Family Circumstances in English mail me if you want an Up of it

12 years ago
Reply to  Yoven


14 years ago

Anyone have Viva Freedom in English?

14 years ago

Hey, Can u fix the link for family circumstances in english? I really want to read it.

14 years ago

Hatsu Date links are broken

13 years ago

I fuckin luv the drawing style n all but i hate the group sex parts(gang bang,cum dump,etc). Along with the confusing story line of some.