Rika-Chan’s House [English, 216 pictures], by Amanatsu Makoto

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 9 comments
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Here is the complete version of Rika-Chan’s House, a hentai manga by Amanatsu Makoto, english translated by Seinen Manga Translations. Some time ago a friend sent me the last part of the manga, asking for more or for an english version, but at that time I didn’t know… however, here it is, full, and in english :)

The manga is divided in 3, first, Rika-Chan (too young, a waste of paper or megabytes, IMHO), followed by 2 great stories, with an Office Lady wearing sexy lingerie and with a horny inexperienced sister :D

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got it already .. but well .. welcome back XD
hope ya had fun o.O


cute drawings and cute story, i liked it, only unfortunately it is censored, but thanks for this


Welcome back. How was the meeting? I am assuming it went well.


Thank you for this great hentai !
It’s censored but story is quite good .


Thank you so much for the cake. It were delicious :p.

Anyway welcome back Oliver. Good to have you back.


Welcome back and thanks for the great update. Umm the first download did not work. Keep freeze half way though the download. I’m glad you got mirrors to other download sites.

le nuage
le nuage

Rika is so cute.
This kind of manga is better than the rape/gang bang ones like the slave club.

BTW, you should talk about Oniichan to wa Yobitakunai!!
The 2nd (and last chapter) has been translated recently.
Saegusa Kouhaku is a genius (he also made onegai sister and benkyou dokoro ja)


The first 3 chapters are pretty questionnable for my taste, so i was forced to delete them, but keep the last ones.

overall, a nice h-manga in the end…

seems this particular h-artist is female.


hmm as a test, I decided to download this file from all three mirrors. All three work (though I had to wait for a “slot” from sharingmatrix). Megaupload runs at around 250-350 kb/s, Depositfiles at around 100-150 kb/s, and Sharingmatrix at 35-75kb/s. Fairly representative of the speeds I’ve been getting. Ah anyways, this is the last time I’ll mention it >.<;