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Black Cat Boogaloo 1 & 2 [English], by Inu

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black cat boogaloo english translated free zip hentai by inu

Update ! : Good news! This is now part of the tank “Lucky Day” and has been reedited using those scans, get that here!

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like usual, i’ll wait for further translations, and then download ’em all in one go! :D:D

le nuage
le nuage

I don’t think there will be new chapters for Black Cat.

But if you’re looking for a new one shot (still not translated), there is “special door”

But I really need my Hatsu Inu fix.
Hatsu Inu is my fav hentai and it seems that there will be new OVA !!!
On getchu they says Hatsu Inu “2” will be available in september.

Now we need to wait for some new translation for the manga (we’re still in the 2nd vol and there is already 3 vol in Japan).


i didn’t know inu released a second chapter. more black cat girl! :D


question: why everyone prefers hatsu inu over this one, because of the romance or the big tits???
well, it seems inu started this as a series, but dropped it and finished with just the second chapter, in my opinion, this plot was more natural to become a s&m/comedy series than hatsu inu… so inu, dont be a prick and continue this series!!!

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, I consider Hatsu Inu is way hotter.

The scene that killed me and left an everlasting memory is the train scene. To summarize : guy meets babe in crowded train, feels a vibrator, girls gives a handjob, girl offers her ass while vibrator is still working below, and she gets a great assfuck.
Or the humour, the competition between a man and a team of vibrators.
Or the titfucks.
Or… I could continue so much longer :twisted:
Hatsu Inu rules :D


The depositfile link is sending you to “hentai pictures pack 24” download link instead of the black cat boogaloo.


Yes the deposit file links as well as the links are now dead for this share.