Redirection Page : Inu’s (犬) Works on HentaiRules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Inu that I share on HentaiRules.

hatsu inu english translated complete

That’s not easy to describe the style of Inu. He draws schoolgirls, anal, dildos, very horny female faces… The drawing’s quality isn’t gigantic in absolute terms, but these drawings have such a strong “erotic intensity” that it compensates easily the lack in quality of the drawings, IMHO. Oh, and if you’re interested in knowing THE scene that made me forever a fan of Inu, here it is : a boy sees a school friend standing in the crowded train, she seems to be unwell, he comes closer to ask her what’s with her, she grabs him and he discovers she has a dildo in her pussy, and she makes him fuck her in the ass while she keeps the vibrator inside her. Read that in a manga, see that in a video, and you’re a fan, for-ev-er, I tell you !

Inu also goes by the name “Oouchi Takamichi” (“大内たか道”) and is part of the “Hohhe!! Dan” (“ほっへ!!団”) and Aerodog circles.

Here are the covers of the works by Inu shared on HentaiRules, and next (keep on scrolling down !) are the links to the gallery and download pages :

hatsu inu

If you’re searching for “Black Cat Boogaloo” or “The Captain and I“, they are both now located in the “Lucky Day” tankōbon. :)

Hatsu Inu volume 1 [English, 155 pictures, Uncensored]

Hatsu Inu volume 2 [English, 156 pictures, Uncensored]

Hatsu Inu volume 3 [English, 170 pictures, Uncensored]

Lucky Day [English, 199 pictures, Uncensored]

Hatsu Inu was turned into an h-anime! Click below to get links to it!

hatsu inu
Hatsu Inu Episodes 1 – 2 [Engsubs]

Otomegokoro To Ikkou-sen [English]

 Furueru Kuchiburu (“The Trembling Link”) [English, 204 pictures]

Ryuuguujou To Kumo No Ito [English]

Suruga Play Hana [English]

Ritsuko Play 765 School Jersey [English]

Hotoke No Kao O Shitteiru Ka [English]

Erochika [English]

Atama No Okashii Imouto Wa Gantai Nekomimi De Yattekuru [English]
(“My Fucked-In-The-Head Younger Sister Comes In, Wearing Cat Ears And An Eyepatch”)

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13 years ago

I just came here because i LoLed @ something:

Redirection link to Inu’s works on “The Captain and I” ( hxxp:// ) and not any mention of it here… XD

Gotta Love these distractions, right? It probably happenned when You changed the page to put all the Uncensored versions…

Thx 4 everything though. ;P

C Ya L8r.

13 years ago

LoL!. As a matter of fact, pure coincidence I’m sure, that “The Captain and I” is the only one not uncensored.
Also, There’s a second “Lucky Day” entry that, althought it’s uncensored, it’s on the censored side of the page (right side). Correct on the vertical list though.

Hope to be of any help.

L8r. ;P

13 years ago

Just to follow up F-22's comment, this redir-page is missing a entry/link to your Captain and I share:

(just being anal about completeness!)

12 years ago

Well, "The captain and I" is part of Lucky Day, I suppose Oliver could put in a notice, but I'm sure he's busy.

Jen H
Jen H
9 years ago

Stumbled on this while roaming in my infernal search for Ane Inu volume 2.
If you have any word on this particular manga (if it even exists) Please tell me.
Already have volume 1 & it ended with a clit-blocking cliffhanger (mama needs her frig-fodder!)
Will check out Inu (mangaka) work in mean time.
Love & Kisses.

1 year ago

Oh man, I was really looking forward to re-reading the Hatsu Inu series but the chapters are uploaded in the “older” gallery and many pictures are missing!
Is there any chance you could reupload the Hatsu Inu series on the new gallery?