Redirection page : Rate’s works on Hentairules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments
Tags: comedy, glasses

THIS is the page I will keep updated with the list of all the works by Tomohiro Kouda that I share on Hentairules.

The style of Rate is very pleasant in my humble opinion : very straightforward scenarii, never complex, and bloody good extremely hardcore drawings :twisted: The characters are never twisted or complex, the girls and boys are easy-going and always welcome sex. The drawings are well-done, well-contrasted, with plenty of anal, of massive ejaculations, and tons of big tits. Rate draws tons of futanari (dickgirls), but not exclusively, he also realizes excellent heterosexual mangas.

Here are the covers of the works by Rate I share so far on, scroll down for the real download links :

   big bust party 001  english hentai       english hentai   english hentai   milk maid 001         english hentai   english hentai     

Oneechin [English, Anal, Sister Incest, 189 pages]

big bust party 001 big bust party 044 big bust party 136
Japanese Big Bust Party [English, 181 pictures]

english hentai 
Sister Slave 1-7 [English]

P-Total Bio-Chemical Laboratory [English, Futanari, Anal, 180 pages]

english hentai
Rate, Jiru [English, 204 pictures]

english hentai
Ane To Megane To Milk [English, 177 pictures]

milk maid 001
Milk Maid [English, 196 pictures]

Penis Sama’s Powers [English]

Semen Clinic [English, 232 pictures]

Uncensored version of Back To Nee-Chan [English]

  english hentai english hentai    english hentai
Mary Watches Our P chapters 1-4 [English]

english hentai   english hentai   english hentai
Have You Found The Right One [English]

F-Room [English]

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15 years ago

I tried searching for Rate through the HR search plugin and the results were every entry with the rating system. Finally was able to find Rate though the redirection pages.


your site still is the sh…

14 years ago
13 years ago
Reply to  Apathius

wait, chichibomber, lol thats the one.

13 years ago

chichiboom isn't on this page oli. just letting ya know

12 years ago

both redirection page on rate's and tomohiro kouda's have different lists of works…thought that there's a mistake in this description above u wrote there…if it's not…i apologize…btw ur d best n ty 4 all d uploads :)…cheers

11 years ago

yes, finally found this page. . .

Jen H
Jen H
9 years ago

I love RATE – I cannot get enough of his wonderful stuff (I like his manga too! – 8D)
Bit worried about some of his characters though – the princess-type in Milk Maid for example (was she underdeveloped or underAGED???) but he draws in accordance with the KISS* principle which most of the time leaves the damned-blasted-cockeyed-Censors nothing to whack their stupid little black & white bars over!
*Keep It Simple Stupid.
Simple lines, simple stories & simple characters in seriously f@%ked up situations! What is there to hate but the overwhelming feelings of shame & self-loathing at how much you loved it?
I know that RATE is still out there & still drawing, keep it coming as long as you can!
Thanks Oliver – I'll never stop saying it – Thank You!