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Maybe You’re a Beast [English], by Yuki Seto

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Yuki Seto English Translated Hentai Manga

This story is the direct continuation of “Maybe I’m A Beast”.

An all-sex session, anal, vaginal, titfuck, huge ejaculations, yummy !

Don’t worry, I also give at the bottom of this post a link to download the two parts together ;)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Yuki Seto’s works on Hentairules)

“Maybe You’re A Beast” has no scenario whatsoever, but it may contain the best drawings ever drawn by Yuki Seto : close to zero censorship, very very hardcore, many positions, quality anal doggystyle, an insatiable man and a girl with a hot body and lingerie…. And hypnotizing eyes :shock: In one of his books, Frank Herbert writes that some women have eyes that let you drown in them, so deeply that after a first glance you could “wake up” to discover you’re already pumping her pussy… The girl here has this kind of eyes :twisted:

UPDATE : This is now completely uncensored!

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This is a great manga from Yuki Seto. You are correct there is no point in the story but the drawings are great, almost perfect.

Samuel Kelly
Samuel Kelly

That set of chapters came from an awesome book called ‘Stretta’, and I wished some could translate that one…

And I could only dream of having a girl like that to have carnal fun with.

It’ll be the perfect excuse to come home no matter what the situation may be. (or to STAY home…:D)


salut oliver,
il y a quelque jours que j’ai trouvé un anime de maybe youre a beast, s’appellant stretta. malheureusement en japonais, mais quand meme superbe matériel. je l’ai téléchargé d’un board allemand, je ne crois pas que le lien sera utile pour toi, mais je suis sur que tu as tes propre sources. je voulait seulement te le dire, parceque maybe youre a beast est un des plus belles hentais j’ai lu. j’espere que ca t’aidait.


the sharingmatrix link is dead




Definitely one of my top favorites. Thanks Oliver.