Seka X Seka chapter 3 [English], by Tomohiro Kouda

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Tags: comedy
Seka X Seka, english translated, hentai manga, tomohiro kouda

God, I LOVE that picture :twisted:

Here is the 3rd translated chapter of Seka X Seka, by Tomohiro Kouda, all my thanks to H-Clown for telling me it was now available !

This time, this is sex in a tiny cupboard. I have always loved sex in tiny places, this chapter contains one of the hottest pictures I saw for a long time in my opinion (cf the illustration on the left , it took me 2 whole minutes with the gimp ^^;), I bloody love this new chapter :D
The scenario progresses a little bit, the girl craves so much for sex to gather energy for some sort of super powers… I won’t complain if this is just an alibi for more sex.

I also offer a single zip link for all the chapters already translated until today, chapters 1-2-3 (109 pictures). Happpy leeching ! ;)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Tomohiro Kouda’s works on Hentairules)

Open the Complete Pictures gallery (or the backup gallery)

UPDATE : I now share A MORE COMPLETE VERSION, please follow the Redirection Page linked above to find it :)

Honestly, I wonder if there will really be a scenario or not, I’m starting to have doubts, or if Seka X Seka is just going to be a collection of short sex stories with the same small group of characters (the hero, the heroine, their two school friends, his mother, his mother’s boyfriend), with a vague and funny scenario around it… Or if there will be more ! Hard to tell, I don’t even know how many volumes there will be in total for Seka X Seka :-/ Wait and see… :roll:

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