AFK for a week of holidays, YAY ! :)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Starting tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a well-deserved week of holidays on my beloved sea coast, where the Channel ends and where the Northern sea starts. If I manage to prepare some posts this evening (I sort of miss time, honestly, I can’t promise) there will be automatic posts the next days. I never tested blog posts programmed in advance, I hope it will work !

Wish me good luck, seven days without broadband connexion (heck, there is no computer at all in there !), without my beloved brand new 22′ monitor, missing the newest hentai releases, I really wonder if I’ll make it, with just the sea, the beach, the girls in bikini, the countryside and it marvelous cliffs, my wife and my two kids to kill time ^^

Have fun guys in the meanwhile :)

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