Panicle Chronicle [English, 144 pages], by Kikkawa Kabao

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kikkawa kabao english translated hentai manga
I can’t find the words to express how much I LUV Kikkawa Kabao’s stories :P
Here’s an old english translated hentai by this artist : Panicle Chronicle. The drawings are nice with superb tits and straight action, despite a regrettable “thin line censorship”. But that’s not the main point. The main point is the scenario : it totally sucks… but, for once, this isn’t a problem, the manga is just too hilarious to care :lol: All the characters are funny, surprising and live highly ridiculous situations; the hero, as for him, is such a sex freak he doesn’t understand that serious shit is going on around him and here’s the center of it… Oh, just read it, ‘K ? :D

(Remember to view the updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao’s works on hentairules)

UPDATE : this was an incomplete version of Panicle Chronicle. I now share the COMPLETE version of this manga on ANOTHER page. Please refer to the Redirection Page, linked just above, to find it :)

Oh, yeah, a BIG side note : be warned, the manga looks like it was abandoned before it was finished. The story has no official ending. That would have been frustrating with another story (I mean, could you imagine Re-Take stopping at volume 3 ? Fuck no !), but given the main point in this manga is humour, I don’t feel too hurt, personally… I hope you won’t mind either !

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