Samurai Spirits hentai doujin [English, tentacles – ew !, 49 pictures] : Syoku-Gan, by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
hellabuna free hentai manga with tentacles I won’t boost the number of my downloads with comments like that, but, let’s say it : had it not been drawn by such a great artist, I may have not bothered to share it.The manga starts jolly well, with a totally cute tanned babe with wonderful tits and hips who can’t stop masturbating herself. Next, she’s met by two guys who happily put her on fire. Cheers on my side, woot !
But alas… The second half of the manga shows the girl raped by tentacle monsters :evil:
I know that tentacles made their debut because, unlike penises, the japanese legislators forgot to ban it from being drawn with details, but EW, man, ew ! :(

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Small update and fix : it seems the girl is Mina from Samurai Spirits.

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Hentai Reaper
Hentai Reaper
14 years ago

This hentai is very well done in my opinion, both in art and story. The scenes are pretty nice too ;P

14 years ago

Every easy-share link I have tried lately from this site is dead.