Do YOU have display problems with ?

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Hi guys, I’d like your opinion please :)
Ever since I replaced my old monitor with a wonderful 19′ widescreen monitor (Viewsonic rules !) and changed my DPI to 120 ppi, I’ve had fonts problems with websites, and also with hentairules.
Can you tell me if YOU TOO you have some problems, and which ? All replies in the comments will be highly appreciated, thanks a lot :o

Do you have bugs with ? If yes, what bugs ?
I have no display problem, yay !
the “Open the Complete Post (with explanations) … etc…” line is in TWO lines
The central sidebar isn’t on the right height, it has moved muuuuuch lower at the bottom of the page
All “Random Page” links just load the homepage (with Opera)
Font size in the tables and normal texts in the posts are NOT of the same size
Other bugs, ew ! free polls
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