Redirection page : Yamamoto Yoshifumi’s (山本よし文) works on HentaiRules

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 8 comments

THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Yamamoto Yoshifumi that I share on HentaiRules.

Yamamoto Yoshifumi (also know as Yamamoto J.K) draws old-school style hentai mangas : there is censorship, pubic hair… and, his specialty, very big tits :D You’ll never read him drawing forced sex, to the contrary ! All of the girls he draws are sex fiends, most eager to fuck. Somewhat unusual too with this artist : even if the girls are mad about sex, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re just brain-dead stupid chicks only good at being screwed, most of them are, at least, as intelligent as the males, if not smarter – a good change :)

Here are the covers of the works by Yamamoto Yoshifumi shared on HentaiRules, next are the links to the gallery and download pages :

        00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 001 


Note: If you’re looking for Yuna Yuna Panic it is now part of the Ane Plus tank.

Jukiniki Kanin [English, 173 pictures]

Kyonyuu Wakazuma Nakadashi Club [English, 181 pictures]

Ane Plus [English, 192 pictures]
(This manga contains the “Yuna Yuna Panic” story)

G-Cup Keacher Reiko [English, 177 pictures]

Hitozuma Lovers [English, 164 pictures, Uncensored version]

Horny Apartment [English, 188 pictures]

00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 001 00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 024 123 922lo 00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 165 123 892lo
Huge Breast Hunting Tutor [English, 170 pictures]
(In Japanese: “Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari”)

My Cream Pie Diary [English, 202 pictures]

Sex Toy Sales Division [English, 196 pictures]

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14 years ago

Definitely he is one of the best hentai artist that I ever saw!

14 years ago
Reply to  shinab

Actually, artist is a she…that's right! Female hentai artist IMO tend to have some of the hottest women in their works and this even includes non-hentai female artist, like the one who did Sekirei. And I'm actually referring to those works that are aimed towards the male population! It seems like women knows what men wants better than we men do! God, we need more female artist like her!!!

13 years ago

howcome there havent been any new works in this department, any old scanelatiobns have been taken down you know.

13 years ago

I would like to request Boku no Nakadashi Nikki

12 years ago

Hey is there a possiblity that you can translate "Please Come Inside me" By the same author, I love the drawings since it brings back a sense of old school like you said lol

11 years ago

i believe Tadonohito is in the process of sharing "my creampie diary" by Yoshifumi.

8 years ago

This autor really love creampie , big boobs and hairy pussy ! This s the best ! ^_^^_^^_^
We wants ahegao and this is perfect !!! ;)