Souna volume 1 [English], by Izurumi

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
izurumi free hentai manga with an idol fucked

This manga depicts an Idol who, after a photoshoot that turns more sexy than usual, confesses her love to her manager, and they fuck. Period.

When you know the artist, it’s a big improvement ! No insertion, or forced sex, or blackmail, etc… No, a love story instead ! Except for this Nadia hentai doujin (also by the same artist, ending wth the worst cliffhanger in human history >_<), I have the impression that’s almost a first for Izurumi :o

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UPDATE : I now share A MORE COMPLETE VERSION, today as I write it, you can find it ON THAT PAGE ;)

Now that I think of it, I’m asking, just in case.. I mentioned a Nadia (Fushigi no Umi No Nadia, my favorite childhood anime) hentai doujin, Nadia No Yuuwaku [English]. It ends with a killer cliffhanger, I’d kill to read the continuation of it.
Well, does anyone have a continuation of that doujin ? For god’s sake, if you have a link to that, share it in a comment !! :twisted: – thanks ^^

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