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Why I am not using mediafire or rapidshare, or other popular hosts

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The question comes back very often in the comments on hentairules, so I think it will be useful to make a post about it : the next time I am asked, I’ll only have to give a link to here :D

I may as well start with a clarification, do you think rapidshare and mediafire are so cool because they love you ? They’re proffit-targeted companies, just like all companies in the world.
All file hosts work the same way : you are displayed advertisements during the download process, and the download is made harder for you unless you purchase a paying membership. Rapidshare and mediafire impose very little restrictions, they count on big traffic with a small earning per visitor. Other companies like depositfiles impose more advertisements and more annoying or more frequent restrictions, that makes them bigger cash machines. And to convince webmasters to use them, they share with the uploaders a part of their revenue.

The fact is, I am often suggested to use popular hosts like rapidshare, mediafire, divshare, badongo, etcetera. Before you reply “yes, but one of your hosts never works for me”, please read this page : “You don’t like a file host ? Alas, things aren’t so simple…
On my side, I use other hosts instead : depositfiles, sharingmatrix, easy-share, megarotic.

There’s a big difference between them : the second ones are paying hosts, the hosts that share with the uploaders a part of the income generated. I do earn money with them.

I am not running hentairules for money. Given I am running my own company, co-founded with other family members, I would earn much more bucks if the time spent on hentairules became additional time spent for my company. Nevertheless, considering the time I spend on hentairules daily, I consider it natural that hentairules is generating a small revenue. I see it as a compensation and as a reward, and an incitement to continue sharing quality hentai on a regular basis.

The largest part of the total site earnings (hosts + ads) pays my server fees (the domain costs nearly nothing, but I had to aim BIG to find a simple hosting capable of handling more than 50k daily visitors and accepting porn websites), and the rest of it is a bonus that is most welcome :)
I currently spend it with my family, using it to play – or should I write pay – a bigger role in the family activities. More precisely, ATM, I use that money to treat my closest family members (my wife, my two sons, the stepmother, the stepfather, sometimes a stepbrother) at an italian restaurant we love, and every time, I wonder if I should explain my stepmother that her salmon and tagliatelli was paid by dozens of thousands of ejaculations XD
Recently, I also spent the last remains to commission hentai translations from scanlators, when there was enough left.

I hope you aren’t annoyed by the fact I make money with hentairules, and if you are annoyed, don’t make a rant, remember how big the internet is, I don’t ask you to stay, I won’t blame you either.

OK, end of the long discussion, that is the reason why I am not going to use non-paying hosts, even if they are easier for you guys ;)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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“I wonder if I should explain my stepmother that her salmon and tagliatelli was paid by dozens of thousands of ejaculations XD”

i lol’d


Not a good reply there. I can’t download any manga from depositshit ever since!


Not only was this quite elightening, it was pretty funny too… just as much of the personal thoughts you share.
I’ve a regular to this site for some time now and I always wondered, beyond the little “why depositfiles, yada yada…” how could a family man, who also seems like a smart, educated, funny guy, could possibly run such a site, at such an amazing speed…
My thanks to you for your awesome work here, and my best wishes to you, your family and the wank-payed tagliatellis XD


lol… i will suggest megapupload since it seems to be the only site that has lifetime membership LOL


I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter to me if you make money out of this. If have to say anything about it, I'd say I'm glad you do. :D
It's takes a lot of work to keep Hentai Rules going so well and up-to-date as you so wonderfully do. And it doesn't cost me anything to download your shares. I get what I like for free and you get paid for it, a win-win situation to me :p
I looked up a lot of other hentai blogs but I think this one's the best I've found since I lost my favourite years ago (hentai ground-zero), because (1) It has only the good quality stuff, and (2) It's well organised and easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for (Except when you post new releases in the "Just Talking" category).
So, keep up the good work and I'll be sure to keep downlaoding XD




Wat. Considering he states that literary on every post, how?