Sailor Moon hentai doujin [English] : Superfly, by Black Dog

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 5 comments
sailor moon free hentai english translated doujin My sincere thanks to Marco and Redbone for telling me the great Phantom had finished translating this new Sailor Moon hentai doujin, by Black Dog :)

The first time a Sailor Senshi wants her rape, heh ;)

(Remember to view The updated list of all Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

UPDATE : Excellent news, this post is obsolete !
I found an ALMOST ENTIRELY UNCENSORED version of Superfly !
You’ll find it on THAT page :)

If you guys are fans of Black Dog, like me, you may be interested in this specialty of this doujin : it’s the first time a Sailor Senshi is frustrated with being teased only, and desperately WANTS her rape. More precisely, she hopes she’ll finally be raped, but “gently“. There’s only in the hentai world, and only in a Black Dog doujin, that you can see those nuances applied to raping :lol:

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15 years ago

hey ive tried to download this a couple times from different mirrors but… it keeps giving me a completely different doujin something about ranma 1/2 could you look into this please?

15 years ago

Apparently feedback was not provided on the problem in this post. The primary zip links in this post and one other mentioned below are messed up. The alternate zip links for most of the posts are fine though.

The primary zip link (Deposit Files in this case) is for a Ranma doujin called Works 3 by Kimigabuchi, instead of Superfly. Luckily 2 of the 3 alternate links are fine.

Out of curiousity I checked the post for Works 3 and the primary zip link is messed up there as well. In that post, the primary is Easy Share and gives a dead link to a Code Geass doujin called Inochi Karagara by DNA Labs. Only the SharingMatrix zip link is still working in that post.

The Inochi Karagara post is relatively fine, just has the same dead Easy Share link, but as one of the alternate zip links instead of the primary.

14 years ago

uh the main download link has the wrong doujin in it and the 2 alternative zip mirrors has it but arent working and the 3 one just plain dosent work but the gallery is okay

13 years ago

All links are broken.