Can you help me ? I try to track a bug on

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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Hi guys,
The “random page” link is a real mistery to me, linked to more misteries. On my computer, it seems to work only with Firefox on Chrome, otherwise it will instead load the contents of, and not the sub-page required.
Loading any sub-page written like the “random page” links, such as or the “pure by definition” randomized link is affected in the same way.
Can YOU do the test, and tell me your results, in what browsers it fails in your case ? I need to know, to help trying to solve this weird problem.
Thanks if you can test that :)

The “random page” link does NOT work for me (multiple replies are possible) :
With Internet Explorer 6
With Internet Explorer 7
With Internet Explorer 8
With Opera
With Firefox 2
With Firefox 3 free polls
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