Fabio’s Mother [English, translated so badly it’s hilarious, 189 pictures], by Tamaki Nozomu

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 8 comments
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tamaki nozomu free hentai manga english translated

Imagine a good-hearted person translating a hentai manga into English… With just that *slight* problem : the translator isn’t what you would call fluent in english. Not really. Really not.
The translation of this manga is so horrible it has gone beyond being fucked up, in my eyes it has become a twisted masterpiece I’ll keep preciously :lol:

If you’re into strange translation choices, you should also view this doujinshi by Human Light Film, a must-read for the geeks who don’t like realistic translations :D

(Apart from that, this manga is a good family incest story, and Tamaki Nozomu’s unique drawing style is a pleasure for the eye.)

For future reference, this manga’s real name is Hito Ni Ienai Aidagara, which you can get a REAL translation of right here.

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(30 MB, 189 pictures, English)

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I do not know if YOU laughed as much as me when reading this manga, I guess that’s a question of sensibility.
But, more seriously, if you know where to find other english-translated works by Tamaki Nozomu, besides the wonderful Ne To Ge, I’ll be VERY interested, thanks a lot to share the link in a comment :)

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Holy Shit…This may be kinda odd,but the guy who translated this Manga is from my Country(Brazil) o_O’
I’m not even sure if the Manga title is correct,since Fabio is a common name here,and the guy who translated is just crazy…
It’s a shame,he even put the country flag at the cover(and on some pages)
AND not only he sucks translating,but also sucks at editing ¬¬’
Well,at least this is funny as Hell,even though i’m Brazilian(we speak portuguese here) and my english is not that great,i still laughed a lot at his mistakes =D


Personally I'd like to know if the misstakes will ever be corrected, so that you dont get a headache while trying to read this thing. I had it, but had to get rid of in fear that I'd accidentily read it, trust me its hard trying to read this thing, and not get a head ache.


I thought it was actually pretty funny xD


woot will check this out :D


Its just a very bad rewrite and no tranlsation…


what a mess up doujin, incest aside, that kid bastard not only take the girl virginity by force thus inpregnating her.. he rejected her pure love,scold her, slap her and demand her to abort the baby..
sick bastard…even the so called mom is nothing more than a slutty whore from the beginning…


This has finally been correctly translated. Hito ni Ienai Aidagara was completed by Sandwhale recently.