250% off topic : the current financial crisis is going to suck big time.

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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You guys really aren’t forced to read this post, to sum it up, it’s a personal rant about how fooked up the economy is going to become, written an evening of dark mood for personal reasons.

I found, in a newspaper article about the last developments of the financial crisis,  a reader’s comment that brilliantly summarizes this crisis : ” the stock exchange is like a helicopter that stays in the air when we believe the propeller is rotating “.

Year after year, capitalism has been cheating with the theorical rules of liberalism (as if they worked, the real world isn’t made of rational individuals seeing in long term and respecting laws with access to unlimited resources), helping the rich get richer and become more and more capable of taking advantage of their wealth to cheat even more with the poorer people and hold control of the media’s orientation. Companies getting bigger and bigger, the personal responsability their members could hold for bad behaviour getting smaller and smaller, less and less morality involved. Individuals, even me if I try to be honest and face facts, hoping the system will last as long as they live, even if currently it produces ecological devastation and terrible pain for people I will never see, and worst than that in the longer term. In the short term, if financial hell breaks loose, everyone is fucked, but if the economy avoids a crash, only the rich aren’t fucked, yay.

And it’s in that fucked up context, with the news finally revealing the European markets are as much contaminated by the financial crisis as the United States, that my company had finally gathered enough courage to make BIG investments (with a part of my own savings !), the kind of investments that either leads you at last to a long-term success (instead of the current average margin over an average sales total, enough to live but not enough to feel at ease), or to a fast “game over” ¬_¬

The most frustrating thing is there’s nobody to shout FUCK YOU at, even when things are getting terribly fucked up, nodody is responsible.
End of the ranting post. Tomorrow, I’ll be smiling again.

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