Poll : is hentairules.net too “heavy” for your connexion ?

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Hello guys,

My connexion sucked so hard, yesterday (connexion losses, low bandwith), and to my surprise that made hentairules.net/ impossible to load correctly, there were never all the pictures, for instance.
And I suddenly wondered if this slowness to load and impossibility to show every picture wasn’t the case for everyone not having, like me a 20 MB connexion (when it works well ¬_¬).

I thought that, maybe, I could change the presentation of the posts. I would keep the BIG preview picture (you know, the one between 300 and 400 pixels of height) on top, but move down the 3 smaller preview pictures, moving them after the “open the complete post (with explanations, download links, etc…”, so that you would load them and see them only if you click to open that precise post.

Another solution would be to reduce the number of posts shown per page, currently this is 9 posts.

So : is hentairules.net too “heavy” for you, so that all pictures can’t be loaded or loading takes too long for you ? If “yes”, do you have a preference between the solutions I considered ? Or do you have other suggestions ?

Do not vote in this poll if hentairules.net works fine for you ! ;)

Regarding the ”heavyness” of Hentairules.net (multiple answers allowed, don’t vote for both replies 3 and 4, please)
Is Hentairules.net too ”heavy” for you ?
Are ALL pictures loaded when you open the homepage ?
Should the 3 small preview pictures be moved AFTER the ‘read complete post’ link ?
Or instead, should there be only 5 posts per page instead of 9

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