Sweet Pitfall [English, Anal], by Kitani Sai

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
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Pitfall is a nice anal hentai short story.

The scenario is simple but lovely, a cute girl (not too thin, or should I write “famelic”, that’s even better IMO), who is a fan of anal sex, tries to seduce a man by hiding anal porn magazines and making sure he reads them and becomes addicted too :lol:
The drawings are nice too, I only wish the story was much longer :D

<– On your left, ladies and gentlemen, the #1 library fantasm ;)

– UPDATE  the download links are dead. But, fear not, you can now find Sweet Pitfall on THIS page, repacked with other works by Kitani Sai :)

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13 years ago

did she come out her asshole on page 12….?

12 years ago

I love stories with girls who love anal, as opposed to anal being a freaky sign or punishment. My second favorite anal character next to the girl in Kaiten Sommelier's stories.

Thanks for the upload.