Huge Breast Hunting Tutor (“Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari”) [English, Very funny, 170 pages], by Yoshifumi Yamamoto

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 8 comments
bakunyuu free hentai english translated manga with free zip

I’m starting to become a fan of Yamamoto Yoshifumi, never before had I seen an artist able to associate a quality scenario with arousing G-cup girls :lol:

This is a very funny hentai manga, full of surprises and great characters. If you ever felt annoyed with stupid girls fanatically following the latest fashion craze, I highly suggest you read this manga – you’ll want to behave like the main character ;)
Apart from the quality scenario, well, what to say? Very huge tits, duos and threesomes, normal sex drawn old-school, good dope too :o

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00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 001 00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 024 123 922lo 00Kateikyoushi Bakunyuu Kari 165 123 892lo

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15 years ago

What is the password for this hentai?

13 years ago

May I say that the and links are dead? :)

12 years ago

when is volume 2 going to come out!?

11 years ago

vol 2 is out but only 1 chapter was translated