You don’t like a file host, really ? Things aren’t so simple, alas…

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments
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I am grateful for all the useful or interesting (or blatantly flattering) comments you guys are writing, post after post, but there are some other comments about which I’d like to react. What comments ?

– Sharingmatrix sucks
– Megarotic never works for me. (about why I almost never upload to megarotic ? click here)
– Depositfiles never lets me me download files
– Easy-Share imposes me a 5 years delay between each download


A simple explanation : each host has his own business model and will prefer visitors from a country or another, from an ISP or another, with a browser or another (scary addition : it is possible to detect the adblock plugin and adapt the pages behaviour to that, some websites started adapting), marked or not as a regular visitor by a cookie, etcetera. There are certainly other parameters I didn’t even imagine.
Depending on that, the host will let you download easily or not. If you’re a “good visitor” who is likely to “convert well”, there’s no need to impose you too many annoying restrictions (just a few :roll: ). If you’re not likely to convert well, the only solution to turn you into cash is to impose you stronger restrictions, so as to encourage you to purchase a paying membership – or even block you.
(Just an example of how crazy the restrictions can be : in 2007, I had confirmation by a group of polish users that megarotic was blocking downloads from their country 12 hours per day, working fine the second half of the day, WTF I know, WTF.)

There are so many elements that may change how the file hosts will “rate” you, it is close to impossible to tell what restrictions are affecting you or the other visitors.
Even if a host sucks for you, there are other persons for whom it will rock, and others for whom it will work with bearable restrictions. Your personal experience isn’t globally significative for the other visitors.

The restrictions can affect the uploaders too : I don’t know for you, but for me, it has become harder and harder to upload to megarotic. Unless I upload a very small file, I have a very high probability of having a failed upload (various reasons in the browser : connexion lost, connexion reset by peer, or simply the progression bar that stops upgrading, the megaupload uploader doesn’t work any better), and when an upload works, when the file download link works for you guys, sometimes the file will never appear in “my” files, in my uploader profile, which means I won’t be collecting points for it. If megarotic sucked so hard for the rest of the planet, nobody would resort to using them, so something in my profile must be wrong too, you see :-/
(Until this shiet is fixed, I almost gave up on uploading to megarotic, trying from times to times to see if it worked or not)

This is precisely the reason why I’m offering 3 zip mirrors for each download, in case one or two of them fail you, at least there will be a 3rd one working.
Before you suggest rapidshare and mediafire, you may also read that other page : “Why I am not using mediafire, rapidshare or other popular hosts“.

All that to say : I’m sorry if you’re annoyed by a host or another, but there’s no helping it, and you’ll have to deal with it ;)

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Revy 2 Hands
Revy 2 Hands
15 years ago

I’ve been trying to download the Azasuke Wind Collection COMPLETE : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 + Black Lagoon Heroines 1 2 + Black Lagoon Distorted Love and so far all I’ve been able to download is collection 1.

The rest of them take me to Just thought I’d let you know about the dead links. I used to have all of them before but deleted them to free up space. Got a big HD now and would very much like to download the complete collection again.

13 years ago

i still cant download any manga from all the link u gave me.
i have waited for 1 hour, after 1 hour they ask me to wait for another hour. WTH!
i am going to crazy!!!

13 years ago

ok, it's far enough

12 years ago

If there's barely any people willing to comment, why should he change how he posts his hmangas, not to be against Oliver, since I actually like the sites you use :]. And if you're so peeved, why not make an account on one of those sites that he always uses.

11 years ago

Shouldn't things change now that some hosts only allow private storage rather than sharing?
Like filesonic or wupload, they do not allow people to download your files without your login information.