The Glow of the Firefly, by Chiba Toshirou [English]

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 1 comment
chinese dress hentai manga, yummy ! Let us say it clearly : the main character in this manga is the chinese dress :D

Never before had I seen a girl look so sexy in a chinese dress, even Lynn Minmay in her debut didn’t look so good :shock:

If you want more stuff by this artist, Chiba Toshirou also made Acme [169 pictures, English], and Uekano Days [japanese, 200 pictures], take a look ;)

UPDATE : woot ! I now share the COMPLETE and UNCENSORED version of the manga from which this story comes. You will find Dress Select ON THAT PAGE :)

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14 years ago

If I remember correctly, that hentai is Dress Select, a full hentai featuring the chinese dress.

Link: (japanese)