Strange Heart Chapter 3 [English], + Strange Heart 1-2-3 in another zip file [English, 62 pictures], by Kumoi Takashi

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Tags: nurse, tanned
nurse in a sexy net and tanned school girl, yummy !

Thanks to Saha, a new chapter of Strange Love has been translated. In this, we discover that when you have heart surgery in Japan, your torso becomes horribly mutilated and you’ve given drugs that make you as horny as a gang of otakus facing a naked real girl for the first time in their lives.

More importantly, something that’s too rare, a girl in a sexy nylon net, a nurse to make it better :twisted:
Happy leeching ;)

Good news! This is now complete! Get the whole thing here!

Now, there’s one thing that I really wonder : will the manga start an adventurous course, with a consistent scenario, the hero’s surgery revealing to be more mysterious than it first looked, his wound being connected with the serie of unbelievable and potentially lethal accidents that threatened his life in the previous chapters ? Or will the manga keep its dull current course, with nothing interesting happening until the end ?
Wait and see :roll:

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