An annoying news ¬_¬ (updated)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but more and more filesharing websites dealing with hentai mangas have had their download links massively deleted. Movie sharing was hit half a year ago, it seems that now this is manga sharing that is being hit. Their files were placed at various hosts (rapidshare, depositfiles, easy-share, megaupload, megarotic, mediafire, etcetera), but nonetheless, there were massive deletions. I very strongly suspect that this is a new rotten attempt to fight so-called piracy, but the fact is, it seems that some robot-crawling is at work. Some websites had all their links removed, except the links hosted at sharebee, that’s what makes me think this is some robotized crawling.

(updated paragraph, at first I wrote I was going to test, now I take the results into consideration)
To see if it will protect me the day I’m scanned, I tested with a javascript applying it to all the download links. Conclusion : I tested it for 10 hours : the downloads have fallen by 60%, either is rerouting lots of visitors, either the file hosts hate, I’ll have to find something else. Any suggestion, guys ?

If you know of a script able to do that locally (not depending on a 3rd party website, but some php stuff I could copy to my own hosting), you’re more than welcome to share ! The requirements are simple : no “transparent” instantaneous transformation of the URL shown in the adress bar, a temporary landing page just in case, removal of the referral info. A bonus that would be wonderful : if the script could completely rewrite the URLs that contain the download links, in order to hide keywords like “”, to prevent automated crawling…Who knows, maybe that marvel script already exists somewhere ;)

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