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THIS is the page I will update with the list of all the works by Human Light Film that I share on Hentairules.

Human Light Film’s drawings are really excellent, very hardcore (sperm showers are a specialty of the hosue), with extremely beautiful faces and bodies. Regrettably, most of the time, this talent is wasted – in my eyes – in scenarii pointlessly displaying extreme humiliation of women. Not all his works are like this, and maybe YOU like that genre :o

Here are the covers of the works by Human Light Film shared on hentairules, and below them are the links to the gallery and download pages.
There are MANY covers, don’t forget to scroll down for the real links ;)

      4chan hentai lol  english hentai           

free zip english hentai human light film

June 2012 : I made a COMPLETE PACK, with ALL the English-translated works by Human High-Light films to this date.

Shares posted after this date aren’t in this pack of course, but, hey, it’s a good starting basis.

The English volumes present in this pack are:
– Ashe,
– Asuka Mari Rei,
– Eureka Land,
– Hitomi,
– Hitomi Xtreme,
– Human High-light Film Gamma,
– Jill Valentine,
– Naishono Makinami,
– Naisho No Ayanami,
– Rebecca Chambers,
– Reiko,
– Saya Rei,
– Tifa (the hilarious rewrite),
– Tifa (the real translation),
– Tifa Lockhart Materia Aka,
– Tifa Lockhart Materia Midori,
– Yuna

3 doujinshi by Human Light Film [in English]

– Dead Or Alive, Hitomi [English]
– Final Fantasy X, Yuna [English]
– Resident Evil, Jill Valentine [English]

4chan hentai lol
L33t parody of FF7 Advent Children [English]

free zip english hentai human light film
Big pack of doujinshi by Human Light Film

– Hitomi Xtreme (DOA),
Ashe (FF12),
Tifa (FF7 Advent Children, the real translation, not the parodic rewrite),
Human High-light Film Gamma (FFX),
– Reiko
(Rumble Rose.)

Eureka Land [English], an Eureka 7 doujin

Rebecca Chambers [English], a Resident Evil doujin

english hentai 
Naishono Makinami [English]

Iinari Asuka [English]

Pack of 3 works in English:
– Asuka Mari Rei
– Naisho No Ayanami
– Tifa Lockhart Materia Aka

Saya Rei [English]

Pack of 2 works in English:
– Tifa Lockhart Materia Midori
– Yuna


Saeko [English]

Ayanami α + Ayanami β [English]

Makinami Ni Chikan Shitemiru [English]

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