Yuuwaku No Tobira, by Fuuga [English, 69 pictures] + the complete Japanese version, in another zip

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on No comments
Schoolgirls hentai mangas are cool :)

More Fuuga to share, thanks to Tom Edge who sent me a zip link :)

There’s not really the need for a summary : schoolgirl life, sex at first sight (in the real world it would be love, I guess), and great drawings.

All of Fuuga’s mangas (Yuuuwaku, Door of Fascination, Mako) are interwindled, the characters moving from a story to another, that starts getting interesting :D
(cf the Relationship Chart at the bottom of the post)

Update : this post is outdated, I now share a MORE COMPLETE version, cf the Redirection Page below to find it :)

(For MORE, Cf. The list of ALL Fuuga’s works on Hentairules)

Lastly, look at that Relationship Chart, showing the relations between the characters that appear in more than one manga by Fuuga :o

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