Borderline [English], by Rakko

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 2 comments
Sister Incest In the hentai world, sisters are cute, they revere their brothers, and they practically force them to fuck their brains out because they’re SO cute. Like here, with Borderline, the sister is a complete archetype of the girl shy in public, super-cute, who reveals to her beloved oniiii-chaaaan her secret perversions.
Or to the contrary, the sisters can be so cheerful and forceful that, anyway, their brother will end up superfucked.I tell you, if I could sell entry tickets to the hentai world, I’d become a millonaire in a few hours :twisted:

For more goodness, please cf. the list of ALL Rakko’s works on Hentairules!

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By Rakko, I also share Ultra Girl Came back [English].

ultra girl

Crazy poll !
OK, let’s imagine I DO sell tickets to the hentai world, who wants one ? ;)
Me, I want one !
I pass, fantasizing about incest is sick
I pass, I already have a ticket ! :D free polls
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12 years ago

the litle sister really so sweet and cute :D
i like the graphic especially the shy expression :D

11 years ago

One would need the mind-set of a Shaolin Abbot (or Buddha himself) to resist such a devastating combo of cuteness and sensuality.