Sweet Temptation [English], by Shimeta Yarii

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 3 comments
Sweet, Oh Sweet Temptation :D Why bother ourselves with a scenario ? :o

Sweet Temptation is the story of a klutz girl trying her best to seduce a guy : she reads his mangas, eats his food, and dozes off occasionally at his place. Wow. Fortunately, her breasts did the work in the end :roll:

We all know it, to be honest : tits rule this world :D

UPDATE : this was a magazine scan. You may now find the TANK and UNCENSORED version of this share, in the I Love! manga :)

By Shimeta Yarii, I also share Koi Suru Houkago (213 pictures, translated and decensored by Ero-Otoko – bless Ero-O’s decensoring tutorial !)

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13 years ago

something wrong with the first pic of first gallery and second gallery links all to an online movie site

13 years ago

It's so cute. ^_^ More by Shimeta Yarii, please!

And I love the fact that it "lacks" a scenario. I love it when it's normal and believably – so much hotter, then.

Mad Mover
Mad Mover
13 years ago

What do you know; Sweet Temptation a.k.a I Love chapter 4!